Just when you think there’s nothing more to come from any of the big football brands – adidas show they have one last trick up their sleeve.


Adidas are on the brink of releasing their final ad for the World Cup – The Quest.

The Quest has been described as the culmination of the last year of the ‘Every Team Needs’ series.

The ‘Every Team Needs’ series has been a favourite here around Footy-Boots, starting last year with Lionel Messi as ‘The Spark’ in the adidas f50i, and coming full circle with the penultimate ad – ‘Fast vs. Fast’ starring David ‘the Blaze’ Villa alongside Messi’s Spark advertising the adidas f50 adiZero.

Along the way, the series has promoted adidas’ latest generation of football boots, including the Predator_X with Beckham and the adiPure III with Kaka

adidas' latest World cup ad - The Quest

The ad features all the stars you’ve seen in adidas’ ads – and more!

There’s a player from each of the 32 teams involved in the FIFA World Cup this summer, and adidas wants to know : Who will lead his team to victory?

Cryptically, the ad also says: “You Decide” – so we’re guessing that along with the ad, adidas will also be releasing some sort of interactive element to ‘The Quest’ over at their Facebook page.

What do you think it will be?

What’s your opinion on the ad – how does it stack up to the Nike Write the Future ad? Or Puma’s Love = Football campaign?

Let us know with a comment!

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  1. says: Russell Johnson

    Adidas ads are more cinematic but I find that Nike ads really embody what football and sports are about.

    1. says: kyle

      Good shout Russell – great comment!

      Just out of interest, why do you think Nike ads really capture football’s essence? Personally I think it’s the sense of humour – football is a ‘Funny Old Game’ and I think it’s important to include that.

      And as for capturing the spirit of football – I don’t think anyone’s done a better job of really expressing that spirit of this summer’s World Cup than Puma!

  2. says: zizou wannabe

    intriguing… its me telling a story… haha… but the fast paced action of Nike still catches my eye more… while yes I would agree Puma captures the African spirit best!

  3. says: Lucho

    Okay now im a hardcore adidas fan and theyve always impressed me. Im not saying that the video is crappy becasue in reality its not, its just a bit too sci-fi., i think that Jose +10 was amazing last WC and i just dont think that this one is up tot the same par. I thnk out of the WC ads the Nike video really took it this year, it was much more uhmm entertaining isnt the word maybe just alot more fun to watch. Props to nike for their video and adidas just maybe needed to take a look at their success with the last WC and Euro 2004 ads and keep it along those lines, fun and entertaining.


  4. says: ricardo7

    Funny that other than Messi every one of those players is not the best player on his national team. So they won’t be leading anybody to victory. Sure David Villa and Kaka are forces to be reckoned with and maybe major stars but they aren’t the true elite.

  5. says: jambo

    by the looks of it, adidas has something else going for the wc … the poster on the main page nav (at footyboots) says “June 8th and facebook” + the video says “you decide/quest goes live”. haven’t seen anything on their page yet, maybe just delayed, but looks like it’s counting down for something to happen on their page. i dunno, guess we’ll see when the wc starts.

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