Italy’s Giuseppe Rossi has been banging in the goals at the Confederations Cup whilst at the same time proving that not every modern day footballer wants up to the minute technology on his feet.

Rossi prefers the Lotto Vento Diablo KL and while it seems to suit him, it does give us the perfect opportunity to shoe you the updated model, the Vento Diablo KL Due, which will be on sale from early July.

It may be at the lower end of the Lotto scale, but it boasts a whole heap of technology (some of it wonderfully jargonistic) along with a very individual graphic scheme.

Vento Diablo KL Due

Vento Diablo KL Due Football Boots

Aimed at the player who wants innovation without sacrificing natural materials, the Vento Diablo Due KL gets off to a good start with its kangaroo leather upper, water repellent of course, and asymmetric lacing.

The shoe is characterised by 3-S (Side Stability Support) technology, offering the foot stability in lateral movements. The removable anatomic insole maximises comfort on the entire sole of the foot with a Shock-Absorber insert in the heel zone.

It also boasts the BFC (Biomechanical Foot Control) technology, an assembly insole that assists and controls the natural flexibility of the foot, supporting both the arch and the elastic return of the forefoot.

Lotto vento diablo kl due blue white

Lotto designers are also fiercely proud of the thermoplastic material of the Adapto counter. The more rigid part supports the heel, while the softer part flexibly accommodates the shape of the heel, preventing potential inflammation of the tendon.

The sole is sewn onto the upper to ensure increased durability.

Available in SG and FG, the Vento Diablo Due KL also comes in 2 colourways, Black / White and White / Olympic Blue which is the boot Lotto’s contracted players will be wearing next season.

Price: £59.99

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  1. says: Splinter09

    It might not be a top of the range but that is the kinda football boot I like and to be honest it looks better than most of the top branch ones. I had a pair of lotto’s for nearly two years and they are still going strong. Tried a pair of Mercurial Vapor’s IV and all that gives me is blisters every time I play.

  2. says: rene

    I play a pair of Diablo KL FG One and I have to say they are just excellent. The leather adapts to your foot and they even look better when broken in. To me the new model looks even better, but still I like the white/red a lot.

    Twist’n’go doesn’t work but who cares (the stud gets stuck soon from dirt).

    The assymmetric lacing is a great feature, really improves fit and comfort.

    But what is even on top is the biomechanics of these cleats.
    Your feet line up better and the outsole works like a spring! So it makes running and accelerating easier indeed.

    Because of the very smooth and round traditional-style tip corners and passes are very smooth and exact!

    I compared with my Puma V1.08 KL FG and I have to say I prefer the Diablos by far!
    (I hate the V1.08’s plastic front end and their soft sole, which dissipates my energy.)

    These shoes combine sensible materials (roo in the front part), innovative features (Punto Flex etc.), excellent quality (stitched outsole, pro shape), comfort (roo) and perfect usability (great sensitivity when passing) for a ridiculous price.

    However, they are maybe not the first choice for very sleek and fast strikers or for very shallow grass surface.

    Thanks to Lotto to stick to that outstandingly useful model without changing its great substance and even giving it a kick-ass new colour!!

  3. says: Zmooreorless15

    these are my favorite pairs of cleats…. but iv blown through two pairs of them. i go through cleats like a crack head goes through needles

  4. says: liapet

    These are the most comfortable cleats that i have purcased.They fit the wide foot perfectly.These have been my choice of cleats for the past two seosons.They break in only after a week.I will be looking to top up on thes cleats before they become to rare to find.I can understand why Guisseppe Rossi still wears these cleats for training even though they came out three years ago.

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