It was perhaps a little early to put these two heavyweights of the football boot world up against each other.

footy boots debate f50ifooty boots debate vapor v

Despite a hugely successful launch, some wonderfully orchestrated adidas PR not to mention a few high profile goals from the likes of Lionel Messi (F30i) in the Champions League final and Jozy Altidore for the USA in their shock win against Spain at the Confederations Cup, the F50i was probably lacking from some game time.

The Mercurial Vapor V has been around for a few more months and that showed in the poll with the Nike product taking 2,682 votes (60%) with the F50i coming in with 1,778 votes (40%).

nike mercurial vapor v

Aside from the voting itself, some of your comments proved interesting.

Of the themes discussed, a number of you stated that the Nike footwear caused blisters however others were of the opinion that the Vapor V offered a much more reliable and responsive touch.'  Punters batting for the adidas product thought it was more robust and was better value for money.

Whatever your particular favourite, the debate certainly prompted a frenzy of action with 4,460 of you voting in just 7 days – a new Footy Boots record.

vapor v black yellow

Watch out for our next vote and drop us a line below if you have a topic you’d like to suggest for our next debate.

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    1. says: real 7

      nike mercurial vapor is the best football boot on the market its much better than the f50i plus f50s give you blisters in the heel cause of the bumpy bits but thats only with f50.8/9 so maybe adidas might have fixed that aswell as the leaking through the studs

      but this is just what i think so…. i guess i dosnt really matter if u think im an absolute prat who doesnt know anything about football. bye

  1. says: matt

    The predator works well but since I broke the lace strap on my power swerve and have been playing with the tongue up and laces exposed I haven’t noticed a difference in my game, also the rubber’s purpose is beyond me.

  2. says: crazyhouselouce

    dont like the vapour 5 its ugly . the f50 looks good but the vapour is lighter. nike is dissapointing me with there ugly boots so i swith to adidas

  3. says: martincillo

    agree with aussie ! that is the principal reason the vapor win !

    and i disagree with charlie talking about the preds !

  4. says: David18

    I don’t see any major changes to the f50i other than the so-called ‘revolutionary’ and ‘innovative’ features which are hardly revolutionary or innovative at all. The Vapor V takes everything from the great MV IV and adds flywire tech to it. thats why I voted for the MV V

  5. says: lfc fan

    As a brand i am stuck between adidas quality and nikes looks

    i have vapours and the quality is crap. My vapous r the expensive ones and after a while the top part of the inner ankle looks as if it has been “sanded off”

    But the touch on the vapour is nice for me however the adidas f50i looks beautiful and i like the tunit system

  6. says: Liverpool fan

    The F50i owns the Vapor V.The Vapors are so popular because their endorsed by the best players (Ribery, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, C Ronaldo etc)& they look good. They don’t have good quality and they are plastic for gods sake!

    The f50i is a quality boot and the Vapor V is crap

  7. says: Theo

    I thought of Adidas Predator Powerswerve v Nike T90 Laser II for next as well.

    And as for this result, I think the brands’ marketing take part in this showdown.

    For example, altho I love the total 90 laser athletes and their campaign, I predict powerswerve winning the next showdown because more people actually have used the boot ever since it came out.

    In this case, nike clearly won due to the popularity and the favor of look of the boots. The “Spark” looks good enough but I think it wasn’t fair for everyone to see the other colour ways come out, like the white, green, and other colour ways.

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