Already available on pre-order in the USA, the first models in the initial range of football boot from Under Armour will be released in Europe later this summer.

Under Armour was founded in 1995 and is probably best known for the introduction of form-fitting, moisture-wicking performance apparel specifically designed to be worn under sportswear.

The new range of Under Armour football boots have been produced following the company’s forays in to other sports such as American Football, baseball and athletics.


Under Armour Create Pro football boots


Upper: Perforated premium level microfibre is lightweight, durable and helps manage moisture. Exoskeletal FootFrame adds support, while an external heel counter provides stability. UA Total Contact insole reduces stud pressure and increases stability and comfort.

Outsole: Molded TPU for use on firm, natural surfaces. N.B. Soft ground version also available.


Colourways: Black / Neon Yellow & White / Red

Weight: 280g

Price: FG $160 / SG $170

More on the Under Armour Create Pro

Under Armour Dominate Pro football boots

Under Armour Dominate Pro

High performance K-Leather upper with Hydrology from Dupont, a highly water resistant leather treatment that provides exceptional touch and feel. Modular Protection Zone (MPZ) supports the metatarsal and enhances power.

UA Total Contact Insole reduces stud pressure for increased stability and comfort
Molded TPU outsole for firm, natural surfaces. N.B. Soft ground version also available.

External heel counter provides stability for increased explosiveness.


Colourways: Black / White 7 White / Black

Weight:’  332g

Price: FG $190 / SG $200

More on the Under Armour Dominate Pro

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  1. says: Fenboy

    Always good to see new stuff coming on to the market.

    The Create Pro boots look to have certain attributes of an American Football shoe. Interesting.

  2. says: Jed

    Why are they launching in the US first? Due to the sales volume in the UK, you’d think they’d be out there at least at the same time as the US.

  3. says: Sir Prance Alot

    “External heel counter provides stability for increased explosiveness”

    Does anyone proof read this crap before posting it?

  4. says: Arsenal wins it all

    lets see let me think about a few people who thimk nike is good… oh ya Cristiano Ronaldo, Ronaldo, Ronaldinho, Robinho, Zlatan, Wayne Rooney,Torres,I believe the list goes way way longer.

    1. says: Ian

      Em, so they don’t GET PAID to wear that rubbish. In fact if you were involved in the football world you would be aware that many pro’s actually wear Puma King’s with their own sponsors logo sewn on.

  5. I think these are quite interesting as the first entry from UA. I like the fact they have into’d two pro line boots. They are not bad looking, and the technology seems OK.

    Until you guys get them and test them, I’ll be on the fence as a serious market contender.

  6. says: Aussie Lad

    It definitely doesn’t have much of an advantage on the market with many people already writing off these boots as awful, most probably without touching or trying them. Hopefully they can persevere through the rough early stages and establish themselves as serious boot makers.

  7. says: MGR

    Saw Bobby Zamora wearing these a few weeks ago for Fulham. Nice design, but not sure about the technology compared to Nike and Adidas boots

    1. says: samateh

      what MGR said is true because I my self haven’t seen a football boot which is more quality than Adidas and Nike but Adidas is the best of all. Adidas lead and others follow. In my we call it Dasa

  8. says: kevin

    Haha.. Are you serious about the nike part “workout planet”.. Only definately the biggest company in the world of sports. The shoes are not so bad. Im from the U.S. and hopefully someone I know has these that way I can really make a decision on these..

  9. says: martincillo

    :S i dont know what to say about them, they look like american football cleats, they are expensive ($160) comparing to the puma king or the adipures, i wont wear them.

  10. says: Connor

    My coach is very close to someone working for under armour and my team has been training with some of these boots for a couple of months now.

    I like how the create feels, but i would still prefer a vapor. The boots are ok but i doubt they will be able to compete with NIKE/ADIDAS.

  11. says: snolly

    obviously can’t say anything about performance, but they look nice. clean, not as clownish as the vapors or lasers.

    i would expect they’re meant to compete with adipures/ legends/ etc.

    pricey though.

  12. says: Mims

    I am American and whoever forgot nike is a UA company needs go back to school. Under Armour does their research and comes out with quality gear. They will survive based on young new american footballers but I have a feeling they wont get much exposure on a higher level pitch.
    Give them a few years and a couple new models and they will have something as common as vapors and preds

  13. says: slick Rick

    Bobby Zamora has worn under armor boots for quite a while now.
    There ok i fink one of them voots you like but would never by urself if yas no wat a mean.
    And for those people at the top who dont even know what under armor is need a new hobby!
    over and out!

  14. says: ChelseaFC

    They remind me of some of UA’s current American football cleats that r popular here in the states. I don’t know about the quality of the boots but it seems like whenever UA releases something new, it sells like crazy. I thought they could be a bit more creative, but at least they arnt as rediculous as Nike Vapors!

  15. says: shoedog

    UA makes good apparel but as far as footear goes they are a marketing company that happens to sell nike knock off cleats. These are obviously based on the total 90 concept. The last and molded vamp give it away. They do the same thing with there american football boots.
    They should have named this boot “Total Knockoff”

  16. says: Greg Z

    OK, I’ve seen these on Zamora. The technology is good, i like the support and I like the design. And I’ve been invited to actually try them on next thursday (they are out in the USA). What I don’t understand is why we can’t see anything about them on the website, unless i’m looking in the wrong place. I’m nervous about under armour launching their first boot and expecting me to buy it, but until they are on my feet i’m not going to talk more. IF someone’s worn them can they email me [email protected].

  17. says: jpl

    I think its ridiculous the way people are constantly going on about how great nike are (mainly americans). Nike are all about marketing. Put it this way, after all they spend on paying their players to wear the boots how much are they going to have left over for the supposed ‘technology’.
    I would much rather have a pair of diadora’s, umbro’s, kelme’s etc. Or adidas – very reliable, but NOT NIKE!!!
    N these boots look alrite

  18. says: KC Cougar

    About Nike – I’ve been wearing Legend II’s for at least a year and six months. They’re terrific. They haven’t lost their shape and their studs haven’t worn down. I’ve never had a blister or even a hotspot. I haven’t worn them in the rain, so I can’t speak to how they’ll hold up in rough weather. And they’re the only Nike cleats I’ve owned, so I can’t vouch for the rest of their line. But I’ve been very happy with my pair of Nikes.

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