After the massive reaction to the new Nike5 range last month, is here to bring you the skinny on the new Umbro Vs. range!

New Umbro Vs. Range

Looking firstly at the 5-a-side specific football boots, Umbro reckon they’ve got the small-sided game locked up with their 5v5 performance shoe, and it’s pretty hard to argue with that!

Looking firstly at the big details, Umbro have gifted the 5v5 with a specially designed toe-area that enhances control on the ball, whilst remaining highly-flexible for comfort and manoeuvrability.

The ‘main’ section if the boot is no slouch either, with subtly asymmetric laces and  pass control zones on the instep the 5v5 is designed to help you get the ball under and slide a pass out ASAP.

The real magic is in the details, though, with the lacing area featuring a special guard to stop rubber-crumb pellets and sand getting into the shoe and putting you off your game – all the while remaining breathable thanks to a highly-ventilated tongue.

The Umbro Vs. range isn’t just about the football boots, mind you. Umbro have been up to all sorts of tailoring exploits like the new England Kit recently, and they’ve carried over some of that knowledge into their Vs. apparel range.

New Umbro Vs. Range

This sleek ribbed track jacket is definitely our favourite of the apparel collection, with it’s asymmetrical detailing and subtle yellow trim, and is pretty affordable at £34.99.

New Umbro Vs. Range,

Or if you’re after something with a little more colour to it, this tri-colour tee is spattered with white dots across the whole of the fabric, that Umbro say are inspired by the rubber pellets that are common at most 5-a-side centres nowadays. Also available in a bold yellow, RRP’s £14.99

New Umbro Vs. Range

And for the truly functional among you, these sleek shin-pads are available as part of the range too.

Featuring a two-strap system, these shinnies will keep a snug fit on your leg even if you’re the most active of 5-a-side players.

What do you think of the new Umbro range? Let us know in the comments section underneath!

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  1. says: BiyiAdetunji

    Umbro have been releasing sooo many things latley, even when it comes to 5-a-side, with a new range is it REALLY necessary to release all this and expect EVERYTHING to fly off the shelves?

  2. says: E@zy

    Biyi, they are riding on the Nike hype wave. They might like it but when they get to the shop and see decent cheaper alternative’s, Umbro’s hits the jackpot! My suspcisions anyway

  3. says: channo

    i would love to try one of these, the rubber-crumb protection thingie sounds great!
    i mean, we all hate those pesky little rubbers. still, it seems that no one would do something about it!

    more details on the shoes when it’s released please 🙂

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