Umbro’s Super-Powered Velocita Launch Video: #GloryForAll

Umbro's Super-Powered Velocita Launch Video - #GloryForAll

As the speed boot is still rocking from the launch of the Umbro Velocita, the Double-Diamond of Manchester are demonstrating the capabilities of their new release with their ‘Glory for All’ launch video.

As with their last campaign – For the Love of Boots for the UX-1 – Umbro once again seem to be taking a slightly tongue-in-cheek approach to advertising their new football boots.

You can find out what we mean, here:

As you can seem players are blowing up left and right, the ground is exploding, the ball is on fire…then exploding – it’s all gleefully over-the-top stuff from the Umbro boys, and we love it.

As for the boots themselves, a pair of the Umbro Velocita has indeed landed at HQ and we’ll be putting out bags of exclusive content on them in the coming weeks.

If that sounds like something you’re in to – watch this space.

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