Umbro UX1 Ad | “For the Love of Boots”

Umbro UX1 Ad - For the Love of Boots

Umbro have often been prone to the subversive; whilst other brands focus on their million-quid-a-season athletes, Umbro tend to find the fun and passion in the nooks and crannies of the game. See: the 2010 World Cup ad that wasn’t an ad.

Now, they’re at it again with a fun look at the boot geek in all of us (or, in our case the boot geek that is us) in this spot for the Umbro UX1.

Following the morning of a young man who has just come into possession of a special pair of footy boots, the ad shows the lengths that some of us go to for their boots.

From excessive maintenance routines to making sure our feet are worthy of such technological marvels.

It’s a good effort from Umbro, but quite frankly we feel is hit a bit too close to home and we’d like it if they were a little more sensitive next time out, thanks.

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  1. says: AleSuperfly

    I have a question: on a famous on-line store, there is the ‘UX1 Concept’ (wich is the one seen in the ad) at 185euros, and the ‘UX1 Pro’ at 148euros..the difference watching the photos is the upper you know wich material is used on the Pro? It seems a sort of kanga-lite..

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