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Umbro UX Accuro football Boots

Deadly comfort unleashed. The combination of a sleek design, along with a range of new features, shows just how high Umbro’s technology can reach.

Ask anyone, whether it be a top level pro or just your average Sunday league Joe. You can have the most stylish pair of boots on the market, but when it comes down to it, comfort takes top spot.

This is what the Umbro UX Accuro Pro lives for. Their new all comfort approach means that the player is always performing at their best, as well as maintaining full control in any conditions.

Umbro UX Accuro

Comfort however, isn’t the only thing Umbro have added. The Accuro Pro comes with a host of new features such as dedicated touch and strike zones, which provide players with full control and power throughout their game. This is something that has been around recently, especially in new boots. However Umbro have produced the UX Accuro Pro with the care to not let all the touch technology hamper the comfort of the boot.


The Upper

. Wraparound tongue which provides a larger strike area for those unstoppable shots.

. Lightweight microfibre synthetic upper.

. Dedicated touch zones on the instep that puts the player in full control in any weather condition.

. Smooth strike zones in the forefoot that delivers that pinpoint accuracy.


The Soleplate

. Unique ‘pro stance’ stud configuration that aids traction.

Umbro Football Boots UX ACCURO

The Comfort Boot

Umbro have marketed this boot firmly as the comfort boot, but from what we have seen this boot offers a great deal more.

If it is as comfortable as Umbro say it is, then Umbro could be on to a winner with the UX Accuro Pro.

Colourways: Grenadine / Black / White, Black / White / Grenadine

Sizes: 6-12

Retail Price: £145 FG / £150 SG

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