Umbro UX-2 review

Built for comfort and control, the UX-2 is an underrated football boot. Building on the success of the original UX, the UX 2 has been refined and improved. With that, we couldn’t wait to get them on our feet…

It’s been labelled as the boot packed with tech. A 3D printed vamp, an embossed passing pad, conical and bladed studs, loads more too.

Armed with his trusty camera, Josue set off to find out whether this boot was all talk, or whether it could walk the walk…

Comfort and Fit – 5/5 

We kick things off with a huge full quota for the comfort.

Out of the box the UX-2 upper feels stiff and bulky, but after a couple of hours use it loosens up nicely.

The UX-2 provides a great lock down feel due to Umbro’s A-Frame. The tongue is padded and when you fasten up the laces you feel the A-Frame and cushioned tongue working together to offer great comfort and fit.

More on the underside further below, suffice to say at this stage that the stud configuration also plays a big part in the comfort of the UX-2.

Umbro UX-2 Football Boots

Feel and Touch – 3/5

The fit offered a tight feel on the ball, especially as the upper is so thin, you can really feel the ball.

However, the passing pads and 3D control zones are not particularly effective, although they are noticeable. Some people prefer this, they don’t like features to be too noticeable. If that’s you, then the upper tech will really work for you.

The bulky shape of the upper also felt a little awkward, but not restrictive.

Umbro UX-2 Football Boots

Looks 3/5

The UX-2 is not going to win any beauty contests. It is a functional looking shoe, highlighting the tech that is crammed in.

Our favourite colourway of the UX-2 is the shocking orange version, which somehow seems to bring out the best in the boot.

Umbro UX 2 orange

Maintenance – 3/5

Having tested the boots on hard, firm and artificial turf, the boots stood up really well. It’s not uncommon for such hard surface use to create separation to the materials, but the UX-2 stood up to the task well, with no signs of stress marks.

Due to the mesh and 3D zones, keeping the UX-2 clean is not an easy task. Wet mud is hard to completely clean out due to all the little nooks and crannies.

Umbro UX 2 Review

Performance – 4/5

Shooting with the UX-2 is an absolute delight! I mentioned the bulky upper earlier, the benefit to this is that when shooting the nasty sting you sometimes get with a thin upper was not noticeable.

Contact with the playing surface introduces one of the most aggressive stud patterns we’ve tested in some time, you’ll see there is no shortage of studs on the UX 2. The mixture of conical and bladed studs felt very good, cutting and turning was a breeze, whilst the balanced pressure distribution meant there were no issues with pain post use.

Umbro UX 2 Review

Value – 4/5

Umbro always price their boots competitively. Whilst the UX-2 retails above the £100 point, for a performance shoe it compares very well against the competition.

Umbro UX-2

Overall – 22/30

Ideal for shooting in and a great soleplate are the stand out features on the UX-2. Whilst the bulky upper lets the UX-2 down, when you consider the price, the UX-2 is well worth considering as a boot of choice.

Review Colourway: White/ Black/ Safety Yellow

Sizes: 6-12

Retail Price: £120

Shop: Visit Umbro Direct

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