Umbro UX-1 | Review

Umbro UX-1 - Review

Umbro’s big flagship release for this season is the UX-1 – debuting at the World Cup, we dubbed the UX-1 Concept a technical monster when it first landed.

A boot of contrasts, Umbro have recalled some of their past successes and reconfigured them for the modern footballer, with the A-Frame Cradle from the Geometra II, the Rubber Webbing from the SX series and the soleplate from the Stealth Pro all given fresh-feeling updates on the UX-I Concept.

It can often be the case that boots with lots of inspirations like this can feel inconsistent and lacking fluidity, so how does the Umbro UX-1 perform on the pitch?

Well, it’s fair to say Umbro have created a boot of contrasts, but in the best possible way. The UX-1 is a rugged, hard wearing football boot that never compromises touch.

Mostly to thank for that is the ArmourTex Fabric. This unusual feeling material is actually stronger than kevlar, but proves wonderfully malleable for a great touch and feel on the ball, it even holds up well on a wet pitch and hot days – pretty special if you ask us.

Augmenting that is the sleek touch compound webbing across the lateral and medial sides of the boot which adds a very subtle level of grip to the boot, as well as reenforcing the eyelets of the lacing system to improve durability.

In fact, just about everything in the UX-1 has been designed to pull a double shift. The A-Frame Cradle – which on previous Umbro football boots was about locking the foot into the soleplate and improving stability – not only does all that, but it bunches up the upper material to create a pass pad.

The soleplate has a great level of mechanical flex, allowing hard cuts and plants thanks to the responsive ride, but the PORON VRD Inserts in the sock liner and the tongue mean there’s no comfort sacrificed.

Umbro’s last for the UX-1 means these football boots are good to go out of the box, with a snug fit that feels great for striking and passing.

Bottom line is, it’s hard to find fault with the Umbro UX-1. But, admittedly, they don’t feel the lightest on your feet. Tricky wingers and forwards might appreciate the soft touch, but might not find the traction aggressive enough.

However, if you’re a defender that’s sick of constantly being recommended the Copa or Tiempo, the Umbro UX-1 offers a technical, modern boot that’s more than happy to help you put the foot in during tackles or find that key pass that starts a counterattack for your team

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