Umbro UX-1 Concept | White / Black / Buttercup

Umbro UX-1 Concept - White / Black / Buttercup

After some day-glo, Miami Vice-esque colourways in January, Umbro are bringing back their statement football boots for a round of secondary colourways as we head into February – all of which are a little more understated.

Case in point, the Umbro UX-1 Concept – White / Black / Buttercup – a classic mix of a white and black football boot, with a fresh yellow pop detail in the heel and studs.

Umbro UX-1 Concept - White / Black / Buttercup - Instep

If you’re not up on what the UX-1 brings to the table, then you’re missing out on one of the most technically interesting football boots on the market right now.

Umbro have created an outstanding all around cleat, with an emphasis on control, comfort, power and – perhaps most intriguingly, protection.

The upper on the UX-1 Concept is made of Armortex, a material which has similar strength to military kevlar, but is more flexible like a traditional textile.

Umbro UX-1 Concept - White / Black / Buttercup - Upper

This means the UX-1 is more capable of dispersing impact from any rogue studs when riding challenges, whilst keeping the boot soft enough to let you pick the ball out of the air with deft skill.

Layered up on top of that is the touch control rubber webbing, that gives a Predator/T90 Laser level of grip on the ball for extra control, and some additional spin and swerve thanks to the friction boost.

Complimenting all that is the A-Frame cradle. Picked out here on the Umbro UX-1 Concept – White / Black / Buttercup in Yellow, the A-Frame works with the lacing system to lock in the top part of the foot to the heel of the boot.

Umbro UX-1 Concept - White / Black / Buttercup - Soleplate

This results in improved comfort, thanks to less in-boot foot movement, and a more assured touch and feel on the ball as the upper is pulled closer to the foot.

A ten-stud outsole completes that package, with a mix of conical and bladed studs for support and freedom of movement.

Vibing off the Umbro UX-1 Concept – White / Black / Buttercup?

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