' Fox or Chicken?

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Let’s get the obvious joke out the way: Talk about a Fox in the Box!!' 

That’s the question Umbro are posing to players up and down the country for their new Umbro Stealth football boots.


In this, surreal, bonkers and – at times – quite frankly, terrifying' new series of ads, Umbro are asking players what they think they are on the pitch:-

Are you The Fox? A cunning player who knows how to chase the game, hunt the opposition and strike from anywhere.

Or are you The Chicken? A Headless Chicken.

I know which one I’d rather be (though I’m all too aware I play like a headless chicken).


Umbro also sent us over this picture of a rather splendid new colourway, that may even prove to be more popular than the eye-catching Red & Blue that we’ve seen already.

Here’s what Umbro have to say about the new Umbro Stealth:

' “The new Umbro Stealth boot is designed for players who take the lead on the pitch. A streamlined last and two lateral studs in the middle of the boot offer increased speed, while the carbon fibre shank and heel counter provide the power you need. Combined with cushioned insoles offering comfort, Umbro Stealth has all the assets that a player will need to outfox the opposition.”

At your own risk here’s the new viral video for the Umbro Stealth – but be warned – if people in animal masks freak you out as much as they do me, this will give you nightmares!!

Watch the Video Here

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  1. says: Ivan

    You can start seeing the Nike marketing in this video, it reminded me of the “take it to the next level” commercials.

  2. says: kuuku

    Lol that video. it’s like a mini horror movie. It’s feaky how they imply that the fox killed the chickens and tore of their heads and the fox breathing menacingly at the end was quite unsettling. Tribal music enhances this tenfold.

    Interesting marketing strategy but the boots themselves look spec in form and function when on the foot.

  3. says: fuzzy

    Who will wear these boots? I’m guessing Darren Bent will be one of the first, before his move to Umbro he was a Nike Mercurial Vapor III man.

  4. says: Theo

    Like the advert… not sure if it works on print. the colour of the boot is interesting as well… probably for darren bent

  5. says: channo

    although stealth are assumed as a speed boot earlier, i’ve commented earlier on footy boots 2010 power poll: the stealth pro doesn’t looked really fast to me, it has the appearance of a tough looking boot instead…

    i also read this from umbro’s blog:
    “Here’s the new boot from Umbro: Stealth. It’s designed for the smarter player, one who knows what to do on the pitch: how to hunt down the opposition, evade tackles and leave other players cowering in their wake.”

    drawing a short conclusion from those minor faqs:
    1. umbro doesn’t position the stealth in the same market with the earlier traditional speed/power/heritage boots aren’t they?
    2. i see it instead as a more “badass” version of CTR360: cunning players who dictates the flow of the game.

    i’ll just wait and see what’s in store for the stealth in the near future 😉

  6. says: Kyle

    Channo – Good shout! I think the Stealth looks like a fantastic all-around boot, the White/Red colourway has made me completely change my mind on it!

    It’ll be interesting to see where Umbro go next, because if they only have this and the Speciali for a while, it really supports your theory; but if they bring out a ‘power’ boot, it’ll be assumed that because of it’s carbon-fibre sole-elements, that it’s a speed boot.

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