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Umbro Speciali Eternal Boot Review

The new Speciali oozes class and pedigree and has been really well received since its reveal in July. For the past few weeks we’ve been putting the boot through its paces to let you know how it will perform on pitch.

Umbro’s classic boot The Speciali has been with us for over 23 years and we’ve been big fans of the classy shoe. So when we heard that Umbro had fine tuned a new version for the modern game, our review team couldn’t wait to lace them up and let you know what we thought of them.

Josue was the lucky Footy Boots man to deliver you our latest review.

Comfort and Fit – 4/5 

Umbro have a knack of producing comfortable boots and this Speciali Eternal is no exception.

As you would expect, the more time spent in the boot, the more comfortable it becomes. This is one of the advantages of wearing a boot made from quality leather.

Within a couple of hours you will start feeling the benefits of the leather as the upper softens and the boot begins moulding to the shape of your foot.

The thick insoles give you extra shock absorption when the boot strikes the ground and the heel is held comfortably inside the heel counter.

Full marks for comfort were only missed due to a bit of rubbing I had on my heel when I first used the boot and because I did feel movement in the shoe, despite tightening the laces. Harsh maybe as I was testing on hard ground and once the leather has finished stretching and moulding, it should prefer an improved lock down feel.

Umbro-Speciali-Eternal-boot Review-1

Feel and Touch – 4/5

One word – great!

The leather comes to the fore again. It provided a ‘pillow like’ sensation when controlling the ball. all over the foot.

I also appreciate the fold over tongue, I like it as it eliminates distractions when you control, or strike the ball on the lace line.

Speciali Eternal

Looks 5/5

We’re fans of the classic look so this section was always going to score well.

The traditional leather and shape has something majestic about it and the foldover tongue can only be matched in looks by the old Tiempo.

The stitched leather finishes the Speciali Eternal off beautifully.


Maintenance – 5/5

These boots were used on both firm ground and an artificial surface. They had minor signs of wear, but overall stayed in great condition.

Cleaning a leather boot can involve a bit of extra work as you need to nourish the skin to make it last and keep it soft, but that apart there is nothing too awkward about cleaning the boot.

This is a tough boot and incredibly durable, I fully expect to get great service out of the shoe.

Umbro Speciali Eternal

Performance – 4/5

Due to the great touch you get with the padded upper, dribbling and controlling with the Speciali is excellent.

Shooting is good and the leather prevents you feeling any pain no matter how hard you strike the ball.

Already mentioned is the foldover tongue which covers the laces so striking on this zone is true and causes no issues.

The conical studs provide a really comfortable sensation when pushing off and great maneuverability when changing directions, twisting and turning.

The Wishbone in the soleplate does a great job of keeping your foot rigid, but at first it lacks flexibility and causes a bit of stud pressure. Two weeks into using the boot and the soleplate breaks-in and you have the flexibility in the forefoot that I personally really like.

Umbro Speciali Eternal

Value – 4/5

The Speciali Eternal costs £90 which is great value when you compare it to the rest of the market.

This is an elite level boot and is built to last. So not only are you able to buy a top quality boot for less than £100, it’s also going to give you plenty of game time.

Overall – 26/30

The Umbro Speciali Eternal is a really good boot.

The upper is really comfortable especially after breaking it in. The durability is incredible and if you’re like me, you’ll love the classic look.

The boots have some negative aspects but nothing major and remember, they cost £90!


Player: Pepe


Black / White / Clematis Blue

White / Black / Clematis Blue

First Wear: Pepe will give the Speciali Eternal its on field debut on 18th July 2015 in the pre-season friendly against AS Roma in Melbourne, Australia.

Availability: On sale from 1st July 2015

Sizes: 6-12

Retail Price: £90

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