We’ve been big supporters of the Umbro Speciali since it’s re-launch nearly 2 years ago here at; we’re suckers for the classic design, soft leather upper'  and gimmick-free ethos.

Umbro Speciali Elite

In fact, the thing we love most about it is that it did away with all the nonsense that plagued the Speciali in the pre-Nike Umbro and brought the design of these football boots back to basics.

Well, it seems that Umbro are cutting loose a little bit and enhancing the Speciali’s classic design with a couple of little tweaks to create the Speciali Elite.

Umbro Speciali Elite

Whereas the current Speciali has a K-Leather Forefoot and Calf leather medial sections, the Umbro Speciali Elite is constructed from 100% Italian Kangaroo Leather (insert your own ‘Kangroos in Italy?’ joke here…) for a superior touch on the ball and comfort when flexing the foot.

These classy football boots also feature a re-engineered toe-box to give to boot a lower profile. What this means is that it’s a little easier to get under the ball to apply spin and loft to crosses and shots for the wearer, without compromising any of that highly-regarded Speciali comfort.

Umbro Speciali Elite

The Umbro Speciali Elite also bring across everything that we’ve come to love about the Speciali, including the fit-enhancing A-Frame across the upper and highly flexible midfoot.

Here’s the full list of what’s what on the Umbro Speciali Elite:

– Soft, original Italian K-leather upper

– A-Frame cradle for improved stability and reduced discomfort

– Covered lacing for increases surface area for contact with the ball

– Pre-formed, contoured external heel counter for a more comfortable, stable boot

– Newly engineered toe box gives more feel on the ball

– Flex grooves in the midsole for a greater freedom of movement and quicker acceleration.

Umbro Speciali Elite is available in HG or SG Stud configurations.

The pinnacle of Umbro’s heritage range of football boots; the Umbro Speciali Elite will be around for a limited time only at selected retailers for an RRP of £120.

Umbro Speciali Elite

Umbro haven’t confirmed whether any of their top-flight players will be making the switch to the Elite to promote them, but you can be sure that will be the first to spot them if they do!

As for details, the Speciali Elite is available right now in Black/White/Gold, with this White/Black colourway starting to ship from mid-January 2011

What do you think of these clean-looking football boots? Use the boot-o-meter below to have your say!

UMBRO SPECIALI ELITE, 3.5 out of 10 based on 23 ratings

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  1. says: sam

    too much stitching for me, but each to his own………

    I much prefer my old Legends for a leather boot, in Black/White/Volt

  2. says: andy

    My experience with these boots is that the uppers are great, but the studs are positioned very narrowly and the back studs are placed too far forward. They are not very stable side to side and it’s easy to fall back on your heals. I’d love to see Umbro fix this because it’s a super boot otherwise.

  3. says: Zpucks

    @andy: These sole on the boots are definately made for mixed hard ground sufaces. Like patchy fields etc. I think the configuration is made to make you feel closer to the ground on these surfaces (And not because you’ll be fallin on ur @!$%ss he he lol). Its a different feeling from the usual soles of other boots but trust me, it comes of use on HG surfaces
    @sam: All that stiching makes for awsome flexibility and touch while it keeps the leather from over-stretching and loosing its form with the weekly wear and tears

    This is definately for the player who prefers comfort and perfomance over gimmicks. These are my boots of choice for matches on mixed HG surfaces. I love them!!

  4. says: Zpucks

    ..I am worried because it seems to me that the studs on this new speciali seem to be longer than the Speciali Statement which I own n love. THis mite be a prob in my opinion because that might conflict with its sole configuration and really work against its HG purpose and function…I dunno

  5. says: Fifinho

    @andy: i couldn’t agree with you more

    and @Zpucks: i occasionally play on a very patchy, hard surface but i feel the studs don’t do much to compensate that.

    also as a side note on the “regular” Speciali’s i thought the insoles/stud combination didn’t provide me with enough cushioning for use on Hard Ground as advertised but they are fantastic boot nonetheless

  6. says: LR

    The new specialis aren’t even leather! They’re some kind of ‘kanga-touch” material similar to ctrs. Whats up with companies ruining great boots?

  7. says: Ciaran_clarke77

    Just got a pair of speciali elite, only have them 3 weeks and played one game plus 3 or 4 training sessions and the tongue has ripped! Not happy – its the part of the tongue that has the velcro square to hold the tongue down, I feel that this should be stronger and not have ripped.  Hopefully can get a full refund!…

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