After the June reveal of the new Umbro Geometra, Umbro are readying the release of two brand new colourways for their new control football boots – including this unusual Silver/Yellow/Black version!

Umbro Geometra - Football Boots - Silver/Yellow/Black

In a colourscheme that you rarely see (though strikingly close to the new GT Pro colourway) the new Umbro Geometra – Silver/Yellow/Black will definitely bring a unique look to Umbro’s new midfielder-focused football boots when they release in August.

Whilst we see plenty of Silver football boots here at, we rarely see any chrome-coloured-cleats combined with yellow and black. Whilst we’re sure that this new' Umbro Geometra – Silver/Yellow/Black will split opinion, we reckon the metallic silver is definitely a good choice by Umbro in a retro-cool sort of way.

Umbro Geometra - Football Boots - Silver/Yellow/Black

Umbro have also opted to keep their CTR360-esque 360-degree stud on the sole a contrast colour to the rest of the boot – in this case red – which really highlights the use of this technology, which ,according to Umbro, was inspired by squash shoes .

Umbro Geometra - Football Boots - Silver/Yellow/Black

The sole’s trim employs a black plastic to tie the rest of the uppers colours to the bottom of the boot – which is definitely a smart move by Umbro’s design guys as it breaks up the two main colours to make these football boots a little easier on the eye.

All in all, we think it’s another strong showing from Umbro and a great addition to the' Umbro Geometra line, especially for those players who are looking for something a little different in their football boots.

Umbro Geometra - Football Boots - Silver/Yellow/Black

As for the Geometra itself, we’ve seen a number of players make the switch to Umbro’s latest football boots in various summer tournaments and pre-season friendlies – so expect to see this colourway on many professionals as they start the new season!

What do you think to the Umbro Geometra – Silver/Yellow/Black?

Let us know in the comments!

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  1. says: Fifinho5

    i really liked the look of these boots when they first came out but i have to say that this colourway just makes them seem a little cheap/tacky in my opinion :/

  2. says: Ahmed Raisi

    all of you whining about this boot because its Umbro. If there was a swoosh or three-stripes, you would go gaga over it

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