Ultimate Shin Sleeve - Updated

Now, if there’s ever been a footballing gadget that has come through the office that we thought didn’t need tweaking – it would be the Ultimate Shin Pad Sleeve.

Versatile and practical, we’ve been using the Ultimate Shin Pad Sleeve to keep our shinnies in check since getting them in for testing over 18 months ago – and they’re still going strong!

But, what do you know? The team behind the product have given them a tweak ahead of the new season to make them better than ever!

Ultimate Shin Sleeve - Comparison


Side-by-side – the older model (pink) meets the updated version (white)

For those not familiar with the concept behind the Ultimate Shin Pad Sleeve – it’s not a complex one: reduce the need for tape and eliminate the distraction of ‘slip-in’ shinpads.

Worn under the socks and either on top of or underneath a shinpad, the’¬†Ultimate Shin Pad Sleeve uses elastic and a shaped design to lock the pad in place.

We were definitely pleased with how they performed during testing, and are definitely excited by the upgrade they’ve received with this new style.

Ultimate Shin Sleeve - Elastic Comparison

For starters, the elastic is far wider, something that we feel will give compatibility with a greater variety of shin-pads on the market.

You’ll also notice that the stitching has been flattened and reduced, for a more seamless fit.

Ultimate Shin Sleeve - Material Comparison

And whilst we found the material on the Ultimate Shin Pad Sleeve’¬†to be perfectly breathable, the new material is more like you’d find on an American football jersey.

Additionally, the creators say this edition is far stronger than it’s predecessor and less susceptible to wear and tear.

Ultimate Shin Sleeve - Worn Outside

The more contoured fit also makes it more comfortable when reversed. Depending on the style of your shinpads, you can either slip your guard into the elastic for improved ventilation, or wear it inside the sleeve (see the header image) for a more secure fit for bigger shinnies.

One thing we’ve found them most useful for is squeezing a little extra life out of aging shin pads – when elastic straps start to fail, having a pair of Shin Sleeves on hands can keep them going practically indefinitely.

If they sound like your kind of thing, be sure to check them out at hotshotgels.com

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  1. says: Jimbobbarrett

    The best sleeve ever was the old quaser pro pad plus. I have, since you can’t get them made my own on the same template. The above ones look a good effort

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