There seem to be two very distinct schools of thought when it comes to Under Armour football boots.

There are those who are willing to give the American brand a chance although perhaps by adopting lower prices and there are others whose reaction has been along the lines of: “not for me, I’ll stick to my adidas / Nike / insert other brand name here.”

dominate pro test

Most of this opinion has been based on looks alone. But now, Footy Boots can provide you with an informed choice after UA agreed to our request for a week long trial of their Dominate Pro boots.

From the Sole writer and Footy Boots tester Kyle takes up the story..

Footy Boots test – Under Armour Dominate Pro

A few weeks ago I posted a From the Sole Piece on how, in my opinion, Under Armour’s foray into the world of football boots was either superbly calculated or blindly misguided. So, you can imagine that, when given the chance to play test the Dominate Pro’s for the first time, I approached the task with a mixture of excitement and trepidation.

Excitement, as these boots are the start of a company’s new range – a possible cornerstone in which we could see some new ideas built for the Baselayer giants. Trepidation as I simply didn’t think there was much to these boots!


dominate pro boot test

One thing that the Dominate Pro has going for it is comfort. Take everything you know about Mercurial Vapor’s blistering your heels, or v1.08’s crushing your little toes and forget about it. The team behind these boots has clearly worked closely with athletes on giving them a superior fit; the heel counter especially is almost unreasonably comfortable.

The plastic of the heel counter is shaped so as to ‘pinch’ around your heel and lower Achilles tendon, which seems to prevent your heels slipping around in the boot thus stopping any blisters. The rest of the boot is surprisingly wide – which again adds to the comfort but does make them feel particularly large on your feet – mine were a size 10, which certainly felt like a large size 10 if not an 11 when compared to my adiPure’s.'  Should you be considering some for yourself I can’t recommend trying on a pair first enough, it would seem they are quite big sizes.


dominate pro footy boots test

Another touted feature is the idea of ‘Water Intelligent Leather’. Whilst it’s open to debate how ‘intelligent’ a piece of cow hide can really be, Under Armour seem to have created a system that keeps the water out impressively well. One thing that differentiates the Dominate Pro from many other boots on the market (and helps with the waterproofing) is the lack of any visible ventilation on the boots, even the small patches of mesh that adorn the tongues of the Tiempo Legend and adiPure Lines have been sacrificed in the name of keeping feet dry.

The boot also seems to be well put together, whilst there’s only so much a week of testing can tell you in this area, my only concern would be the Metatarsal Protection Zone, which sits stitched in between the toe of the boot and the main section of the upper – rather than on top of the boot’s upper like I expected; leaving an area that could be liable to come unstitched.

Speaking of the ‘MPZ’, it’s refreshing to see a brand take such an active stance on protecting your feet, but I’m not entirely sold on this feature. The strip of rubber is only as thick as the leather that surrounds it (aside from a millimetres wide spine that runs through the main section), so it arguably gives only as much protection as the rest of the upper.


dominate pro boot test shot

The Dominate Pro was an interesting boot to play in; on one hand the aforementioned ‘large’ feel of the boot on my foot made controlling high balls a breeze and gave a really satisfying feel to smashing a clearance into the oppositions half. On the other, they never felt light on my feet and the size made them feel a just little cumbersome.

Passing in the boots was surprisingly smooth – after a few wayward ‘sighters’ I enjoyed the side-offset lacing; which gave a nice big sweet-spot for cross-field balls and longer passes – which was surprising as I anticipated the rubber Metatarsal Protection Zone that runs towards the toe-end of the instep might get in the way.

One thing that let the feel of the boot down for me was the ‘laces’ of the boot – by that I mean the area of the boot that runs along the top-central area – which was dominated by the rubber MPZ, which seemed too low down the boot to be any use for shooting like, say the Concave’s Concave or the Shotshield on the Nike T90 Laser, but still sits there partitioning the otherwise nice area created by the side-offset lacing and the rest of the top of the boot. That added to the loose fit of the boot towards the toe area also made it difficult to get a proper contact between the top of the foot and the ball.


footy boots test dominate pro

Under Armour’s first boot makes a strong, solid debut. Whilst not doing anything flashy or hugely innovative, their focus on the basics, like fit and waterproofing certainly pays off. It was never going to be a boot that appealed to pacey wingers, overlapping wing-backs or supersonic-centre forwards, but I’d have no trouble recommending the Dominate Pro to goalkeepers, centre-backs or defensive midfielders who like to get the ball at their feet and spray passes around, as well as hammer clearances to safety and get stuck into an opponent’s feet.

Another recommendation would be for a solid pair of winter boots, I could see the lack of vents and solid leather upper being very warm for a 90 minute summer game – but the comfort and waterproof qualities would make them a week-in, week-out winner for a Sunday league player who has to put up with getting out on the field in a downpour.

kyle footy boots test dominate pro

Colourways: Black / White / White / Black

Weight: 332g

Price: UK – FG 119.99 / SG – 129.99 / US – FG $190 / SG $200

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Find out more about the Dominate Pro and Under Armours other boot, the Create Pro.


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  1. says: ill-d

    i agree w/ fenboy, good review! not ass-kissing like some others…

    i think perhaps the author would like the boots better if they were a half size down.

    so why arn’t there more football boots tests write ups like these? keep doing them! footy boots should be doing an unbiased week long test review like this for every boot!

  2. says: Sam

    I am English but live in the Maryland area of the USA where UA is from. I work for one of the 24 retailers across the US that gets to sell these and have a pair myself.

    There has been a lot of hype about these boots, especially with the MPZ and the Waterproof leather. But what about the inner sole? Surely that is something worth writing about? It’s called the ArmourFoam and what it does is custom molds to your foot and stops you from moving around in the boot. It is a great feature to the shoe. Super comfy too!

    I am a huge Laser fan myself, but I was given a pair of these by Under Armour. I was skeptical at first but I have to say, I have converted and these are some of the nicest boots I’ve worn. I don’t think I will wear anything else again! (Unless the new Predator blows me away in October :))

    1. says: Adam Tosic

      apparently the new predator is set to blow everyone away in what will be there 10th edition and ability to curl the ball around any wall 🙂 I cant wait for the 1st pictures…..

      I would like a job like this getting paid to wear football boots…

  3. says: Jed

    Missed this yesterday.

    I’d like to read and hear more about Under Armour on footy boots. It’s a lot to shell out over £100 on a pair of boots, so i’ll keep my options open in the hope we hear more.

    Also agree its refreshing to read a quality review, not just the marketing hype that you get everywhere else.

  4. says: Kyle

    Hey guys,

    Thanks for the great feedback on the article! It’s something a little different from the usual From the Sole piece!

    As a lot of you are saying – there’s not many places where you can get reviews on boots, so hopefully we can help fill that gap – seems as gooder time as any as boots only seem to be getting more expensive (I’m looking at you, Superfly).

    Sam – great to hear from the States! What’s the marketing been like over there for UA? I bet it’s been pretty intense with UA being a huge brand over your side of the Atlantic.

  5. says: Alastair

    The authour is definately correct with regards to v1.08s- they crush your toes, are made from laughably cheap plastic, and are very tight on the top of your foot. Also, if there’s even light rain, your feet are immediately soaked.
    As for these- a bit pricey maybe, if I was gonna spent 100 quid on a pair of boots i’d head straight for Nike Tiempo’s on NikeID. If I could wait 4 weeks for delivery.

  6. says: Eddie

    Hey guys I’m from the United States and to be honest if I didn’t follow this website I would have never heard of these boots. It is great to hear a review that is not just a brown nose marketing ploy for the first time. I’m actually pretty interested in these boots and would like to hear more on the armour foam if possible. Great article though.

  7. says: Kyle

    Hi there Eddie – just a little further info on the Armour Foam tech – as far as I can tell it’s only used on the insole of the boot. It makes for a nice comfortable base for your feet, and has a ‘grooved’ top to stop your feet moving about inside the boot. As I’ve worn the boots more I’ve really appreciated this part of the boot – it moulds around the base of your foot and adds to the comfort.

    Thanks a lot to everyone else that’s commented, it’s great to have such great feedback on my first review and hopefully it’ll pave the way for more to come!

  8. says: Alex

    Hi folks, I saw some notes about the ArmourForm and as I work with the web team at Under Armour I asked them to provide some more info.

    This comes from Alex Chater at Under Armour:

    ArmourForm information:

    Top layer custom moulds to the foot. The top layer is finely tuned textured pattern that decreases in boot slippage, increasing traction.
    Allows foot to sit in the sockliner increasing lateral stability. It permanently forms to the foot and is not a memory foam. It is also anti-microbial.

    Bottom layer is extremely responsive cushioning agent that drecreases underfoot pressure and helps reduce stud pressure.

    cool review.

    alex sass

  9. says: agger

    Im Daniel Agger and i love this shoe!!
    It is very comfortable and it gives u a great strike.
    Although now i am playing in the nike CTR360.

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