Whether it’s been whilst striking a free-kick on a muddy pitch, or making a quick inside cut on an indoor court – feeling your foot slip inside your football boots is just one of those universal truths for players at any level.

Aaron Lennon in Trusox

But, aside from wearing the right-size boots, what can we do to help combat foot-slippage?

There was very little to go at before, but now it seems Premier League stars up and down the country have found a unique product to help them feel more secure under foot.

Known as Trusox, players like Emmanuel Adebayor, Aaron Lennon, James McClean, Cheik Tiote and dozens more have been spotted playing in these unique pieces of footballing footwear – distinguishable thanks to an unusual patch of black squares on the heel.

Cheik Tiote in Trusox

We’ve seen professional athletes adopt any method they can to gain an advantage – mental or otherwise (Power Balance, anyone?) but what has made this sock so quick on the uptake?

Developed by a former North American professional and coach, the Trusox is a relatively simplistic solution to a long-term problem (as all good products are!).

The idea behind them is simple; modern football boots often employ a synthetic liner to reduce weight and improve comfort – but this also reduces friction. In order to deal with moisture effectively, most football socks are now synthetic materials, too – reducing friction even further and increasing the amount of foot-slippage.

Everton's Marouane Fellaini in Trusox

By using non-slip applications (the distinctive squares you see) that run through the sock, the Trusox effectively anchor the bare skin to the insole, giving you that ‘one-to-one’ feeling between your foot and your boot.

The result is – in theory – reduced blisters, improved traction and increased acceleration. Whilst we’d be happy with just reducing blisters – we certainly won’t complain about the other two benefits!

As Trusox continue to expand into the Premier League, we’ll – of course – be at the vanguard of footwear innovation, and already have a pair on the way for an official test!

Emmanueal Adebayor in Trusox

So, if you’re interested in whether Trusox are the real deal, or just another trend – watch this space!

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  • Hi Kyle…really interested in your test results as been trying to get hold of a pair of these for the last few weeks..sadly trusox do not ship to UK or infact internationally and i havent been able to pick up a pair anywear online..anyone help?

    • They do ship to the uk. Have just bought 2 pairs to try out. Shipped on Friday last week. They told me they were getting distributors sorted for uk as we speak. If you email them they will reply. i paid $7.50 for postage which is not bad from the US. Also they do two thicknesses of the mid ankle sock, (the one they told me the prem footballers are wearing), thin and comfort. Just put what type you want. Hope this helps

      • Cheers Jon..i actually realised after posting on this that they do now ship to uk so put an order in for a medium and large pair of the mid-length calf socks..didnt know about the different thicknesses though…guess ones a thinner sock for over football socks and ones a thicker sport style hoping my ones that arrive will be the thicker sport sock style as i wear cut of football socks like Cheik Tiote(above).really interested in trying these out as i test a wide range of boots..i will post my feedback when i have tested them :) 

  • I actually own a pair (I work at a football specific sporting goods store in the States). My boss gave them to me to try out and I must say they work pretty well, although, I do wear my boots quite small for a closer feel to the ball. I am not really sure how he got them but I will be buying more pairs.

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