Chances are that when Wayne Rooney meets up with the Nike hierarchy in Manchester today, the American brand’s PR guys will have one just one thing to say to him. Simply put: ”Good timing Wayne, good timing.”

Although the Total 90 Laser III’s have been ‘out there’ for over a month now, it’s safe to say that the take up by professional players hasn’t been as prolific as might have been expected.

The boot was launched well enough with Fernando Torres at the fore but it probably didn’t help the cause that after a handful of games, the Spanish international switched back to his Laser II’s for a while. Additionally, such was the seeming overnight success of the CTR360 Maestri, that the performance all new Nike boots will now surely be measured against them.

However, Saturday’s game at Old Trafford between Manchester United and Hull City might change all that.

Rooney will be centre stage in Manchester today as Nike stages its official launch of the Total 90 Laser III and coming on the back of his four goals at the weekend, those concerned couldn’t have picked a better day. For the record, Rooney has now scored 19 times in the top flight this season and his virtuoso performance put his side back on top of the table.

wayne rooney total 90 laser iii

Footy Boots will of course be covering the event. You can keep in touch with what’s going on via our Footy Boots Twitter account and we’ll have a full round up and images on the web site over the next day or so. It’ll certainly be interesting to see how Nike goes about positioning the boots in the current market place, if nothing else, to silence the doubters who have suggested that the Total 90 range has possibly come to the end of its useful life.

total 90 laser iii second colourway

Meanwhile, it may have been a great weekend for Rooney but not so for his United team mate Michael Owen.

The former England hit man was wearing his new Umbro Speciali ‘Eat my Goooaaal’ limited edition boots but his finishing, as described in much of the national press, was well short of what is required at the top level.

owen umbro speciali eat my goal

However, he received some welcome support from manager Sir Alex Ferguson who praised his hunger and link up play with Rooney.

Today though will all be about Rooney and the Total 90 Laser III.

rooney total 90 laser iii

So, if you’re one of those who’s not yet sold on the boots then make sure you check back in with Footy Boots via our Twitter account or the web site for our exclusive report from Manchester, a Q and A with Wayne and the latest from Nike Football+.

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  1. says: Aussie Lad

    I always liked the idea of lasers solely for the purpose of the straight lace shot. The shot shield looked a good idea. Alas, they have gone for a predator approach which makes me feel as though they would rather compete directly instead of coming up with their own innovative boot. I’m not totally sold on the lll’s.

  2. says: LFCRed

    Really liked the idea for the Twitter feed from the event, but didn’t get much info. Was there a media blackout on what was actually discussed? New colorway release date yet? Does Roo like the synthetic upper vs the k-leather upper? Hope to see the continuation of the Twitter feeds, just with more info!

  3. says: MisterBroom12

    Ze bobbo, the ones Babel was wearing were the green ones, just blacked out. He is wearing the green ones in practice now without blacking them out and my only guess as to why is that he has had some sponsorship problems. He always used to wear Vapors which are a Nike shoe, but against Blackburn, he was wearing the iTunit. Maybe Nike had dropped him as a sponsored athlete and when he went to try the new Laser III, he didn’t want to give Nike the marketing they would get if he kept them green. All of that is strictly a guess though, I do like the shoe though with one solid color apart from the pods.

  4. says: Daniel de Rooney Jr.

    Says : I’ve always loved the T90 Lasers. Maybe because it fits my foot as my foot is wide-shaped and maybe Wayne Rooney is my “NUMBER 1” idol as well. But I came to realize that every year, the creations and designs of every new T90’s gets better and better, with the technologies being improved every single time they make new T90’s. Especially the comfort of the boots, how does it fit your legs and also the interesting colors they come up with. Honestly, I’ve not tried the new T90 Laser III, but I will soon try it and update it here.

    P/S: Its not only Ryan Babel that has been wearing the “BLACK” colored T90 Laser III, but Wayne Rooney as been using it as well during training. So yeah! I’m not surprised about it. And speaking about Babel being dropped by the sponsorship from Nike. I don’t even think he is being sponsored by Nike. (Maybe). Some professional players, like me, we are given an amount of money to get the boots that we want to use and the ones that suits us. Here you go. Maybe this will be an information for you guys to be updated with.


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