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Few can doubt the sheer natural talent of Fernando Torres.

Or his pace, attitude, skill, accuracy and so on!

But if there’s one thing that you could knock Torres for, it’s his patchy fitness record.

In a desperate bid to finally put an end to his chronic knee troubles, the Spanish international has ended his Liverpool season prematurely, and will have an operation as soon as possible.

“On Friday afternoon in Liverpool the scan I had cleared up the doubts and made us see that I would almost definitely have to have an operation.” said the Total 90 Laser III posterboy.

However, some fans have been quick to judge El Nino, saying that the reason he’s having the operation today in Barcelona, is to increase his chances of being 100% for Spain in the World Cup.

Torres, however, has been quick to quell these rumours, telling his personal website:

“The meniscus was affected and the doctors said they had to operate.

“What’s more, the injury happened in the second minute of the game (Europa League quarter-final second leg) against Benfica at Anfield and I played injured for 85 minutes.

If I had been thinking about the World Cup and Spain I would have asked for a change (substitution).”

“It wasn’t like that, I wanted to get to the final of the Europa League with my team.”

Torres will also miss the Europa League' clash with his former club Athletico Madrid.

Where do you think Liverpool will go from here?

Is the criticism aimed at Torres fair? If you were in his football boots, what would you do?

ad unit T90 laser 3

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  1. says: leva

    i think it would be completely understandable if he was wanting to be tip-top shape for the world cup. its kinda a big deal and spain has a chance of winning

  2. says: bpurvis

    his comment about playing 85 minutes injured makes sense. He wanted to help his team reach the finals, regardless of how much pain he could have been in. If the World Cup had been on his mind, he would have called for a sub immediately or even at half-time. Torres is a true selfless team player!

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