As we hurtle head long in to another decade in the midst of the most exciting Premier League title race for a few years and with a keen sense of anticipation for next summer’s events in South Africa, Footy Boots has decided to take stock and look back at the past 10 years, and in particular, to our ‘top twenty football boots of the decade’.

From next Tuesday and throughout the Festive period, we’ll list our particular favourites, culminating in the top 5 which we will reveal on New Years Day.

Top 20 football boots

Before that though, we thought this would be the perfect opportunity to get your choices as well (as it has been know for visitors to this site to venture an opinion or two!) There are some ground rules though.

The boots must have been released between 2000 and 2009, you can choose a maximum of 4 boots from your favourite brand and 3 from all others. And you can only select 1 boot from any range. So, sending us a list which includes the adiPure I, II and III or five different colourways of the Vapor IV just won’t cut it.

adipure top 20 football boots of the decade

If you pick the adiPure I, then you can’t also choose the II or III

As well as listing your top 20 please also tell us why you think they qualify. What is it about them that makes them stand out from the rest and get your vote?

You need to get your selections to us before close of play on Monday 21st and we’ll then put up our choices of boots 20 – 16 on Tuesday 22nd. On Xmas Day and Boxing Day it’ll be numbers 15 – 11, then 10 – 6 on Tuesday 29th December, culminating with 5 – 1 on the first day of the New Year.

We look forward to seeing what football boots you come up with, if any trends start to appear and of course, how your selections compare with our own.

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  1. says: zc

    1. Adidas Predator powerswerve
    The most popular and best designed predator made
    2. Nike Mercurial Vapor IV
    Has stood test of time and abest seller
    3. Adidas Copa Mundials
    Really has stood test of time
    4. Nike T90 II
    An improvement on the wonderful first boot
    5. Puma v1.08
    Beautiful design, underated boot
    6. F50.7
    Best f50 made, wonderful shape
    7. Concave PT
    An innovation that works
    8. Nomis NXGEN Spark
    Good contact area
    8. Adipure II
    Best designed adipure
    9. Puma King XL
    A wonderful boot – good touch
    10. Underarmour Create Pro
    Good design
    11. Nike Tiempo iii/Nike Ronaldinho Dois
    Sorry, couldn’t split them; both offer wonderful touch and control
    12. Lotto Zhero Gravity Tre
    Nicee, sleek design
    13. Reebok Valde Pro
    A good underated boot
    14. Umbro Speciali
    The names says it all, a special all-round boot
    15. Lotto Vento Diablo KL Due
    A good value, classy, underated boot offering brilliant control
    16. Mizuno Wave Shinken II
    Does what Mizuno says,- gives power, accuracy and control
    17. Puma v-Konstrukt II
    Nice shape and design, allows for perffect kicking
    18. Nomis Glove
    Perfect comfort and control
    19. Lotto StadioFuoriclasse
    A minimalist boot with loads of details
    20. Nomis Black Pearl
    Wonderful control, touch and feel

  2. says: 06gtaylo

    1. Adidas Mania
    2. Adidas Predator Absolute
    3. Adidas Predator Powerswerve
    4. Nike Mecurial Vapor 4
    5. Nike Air Legend 1
    6. Nike Air legend 2
    7. Adidas adipure 1
    8. Puma V6.01 K-leather
    9. Puma v8.01 K-leather
    10. Total 90 Laser 1
    11. Nike Vapor 3
    12. Nike Vapor Sl Carbon Fibre (grey and pink)
    13. Lotto Zhero
    14. Adidas Aviero
    15. Adidas F50 2
    16. Adidas F50i Messi edition
    17. Adidas F50.09
    18. Adidas F50.07
    19. Nike Total 90 2
    20. Adidas Adipure 2

  3. says: Paul

    06gtayo = read the rules first mate,

    4 from your favourite brand, 3 from all other brands (i.e. you can have MAX 4 adidas, 3 nike, 3 puma, etc)

    And one from each range, so having the Nike Vapor 3 means you cannot also pick the Nike Vapor Sl Carbon Fibre


  4. says: fizz

    Personally here are my two favorite boots:

    -Puma v1.06
    Incredibly lightweight (lighter than the superfly), with a good touch and traction, and it really transformed the speed boot market from an one-horse-race (nike mercurial) to a market where many brands could compete in.

    -Nike T90 Supremacy
    Unlike today’s Laser’s, the Supremacy was light, and had a great first tough, along with decent protection, durability, and traction. Don’t get me wrong, the Laser’s are a great boot, but the Supremacy is more of a control boot. You could say the CTR360 is a modern-day version of the older Supremacy.

  5. says: EeDd

    These are my 15. first… Got to think a bit more on the last five. The first one: Nike T90 Laser I, is just the best shoe i ever had…Hope the III is even better ^^
    1.Nike T90 Laser I
    2.Nike CTR 360 Maestri
    3.Adidas +F50 iTunit
    4.Puma V.1.08
    5.Adidas AdiPure
    6.Adidas Predator Powerswerve
    6.Nike Mercurial Vapor III
    8.Puma V-Konstrukt III
    9.Umbro Speciali
    10.Nomis NXGEN Spark
    11.Lotto Zhero Gravity III
    12.Reebok Sprintfit
    13.Reebok Valde Pro
    14.Puma King XL
    15.Concave PT

  6. says: adam93

    20.Puma V-Konstrukt III
    19.puma V1.06 blue/white
    18.umbro speciali adny reids white and green
    17.reebok spint pro
    16.adidas F50.8 yelloe/blavk
    15.Reebok Valde Pro
    14.Nomis NXGEN Spark
    13.Concave PT
    Lotto Zhero Gravity Tre
    12.Nomis NXGEN Spark
    11.Puma King XL
    10.Lotto Zhero Gravity Tre
    9.adidas adipure 2 rome
    8.under armour dominate pro
    7.Puma v8.01 K-leather
    6.Under Armour white/red
    5.Nike air legend 2 white out
    4.Nike t90 II yellow/black
    3.adidas powerswerve olimpics eedition
    2.Nike Vapour IV euro 08 edition
    1.Nike superfly white/black/pink

  7. says: Kurve

    1. Nike Mercurial Vapor SL (Carbon/Pink)
    2. Nike Mercurial Match
    Pure Stealth.
    3. Nike Mercurial Vapor IV
    A clean look.
    4. Nike Ronaldhino Tiempo R10
    5. Puma V1.06
    Grass colored boots? Great stuff.
    6. Adidas Adipure II
    7. Puma King XL
    A good retro feel.
    8. Adidas Predator Mania
    The last of the unfussy predators.
    9. Adidas F50 (the original one)
    Simple yet effective, Tunit ruined things.
    10. Puma V1.8
    A natural evolution, Pink Panther ad was great.
    11. Reebok Baleni III
    Understated by Reebok’s standards now.
    12. Mizuno Wave Ghost
    Just for the stripe down the center.
    13. Reebok Sprintfit Lite
    Not bad for Reeboks attempt to muscle in on the ‘speed boot’ market
    14. Lotto Zhero Gravity
    No laces, great idea.
    15. Concave PT
    Interesting point of view. Not bad looking either.
    16. Lotto Stadio
    Italian Style at its best.
    17. Valsport Era
    Ahead of its time style wise.
    18. Asics Testimonial
    Massive tongues.
    19. Umbro X II
    An interesting balance of style and function.
    20. Kelme Triburon
    Shark skin, say no more.

  8. says: T-Payne

    1. Adidas Copa Mundial.
    The longest lasting boot for a reason, nothing wrong with it on any level. Just brilliant.
    2. Nike Mercurial Vapor 1.
    The best vapor of the lot, but people tend to forget, they wouldn’t have carried on the vapor series if it hadn’t been good, and I remember it was only 196g which compared to vapors now is lighter.
    3. Adidas Predator Accelerator.
    By far the best predator, their best looking, the most comfortable, proved by the fact they are selling on ebay for over £200 now. Revolutionised the game and the preadtors.
    4. Nike Air Legend 1.
    Comfortable, stylish, and in lots of colours for the flashy types. Get a really great touch/feel for the ball in these.
    5. Puma King
    Like the copa mundial, been around for years, comfy, traditional, and definitely durable.
    6. Nike CTR 360.
    New, but hugs the foot nicely, and some nice technology.
    7. Adidas Adipure 1.
    Again the first series I consider the best, light, durable, relatively comfy and you get a nice feel on the ball.

    Can’t wait to see the final outcome footy-boots.

  9. says: Me

    1-Nike Mercurial 3
    2-Adidas Predator Powerserve
    3-Nike Tiempo 1
    4-Umbro Speciali
    5-Puma v1.06
    7-Adipure 2
    8-Puma V-Konstruct 3
    9-Under Armour Create
    10-Nike T-90 3
    11-Reebok Sprintfit
    12-Nike CTR360
    13-Puma King XL
    14-Mizuno Wave Shinken
    15-Umbro X 400
    16-Lotto Vento
    17-Asics Testimonial
    18-Under Armour Dominate
    19-Concave PT
    20-Nomis Glove

  10. says: aaronlennon7

    TOP 15:
    1.Nike Mercurial Vapor III (Brazil Edition)
    2.Nike Mercurial Superfly
    3.Puma Ferrari
    5.Lotto Zhero Gravity
    6.Adidas Adipure I
    7.Adidas Predator X
    8.Nike Air legend II
    9.Puma v1.06
    10.Nike CTR Maestri
    11.Concave PT
    12.Adidas Tunit f50.8
    13.Adidas Copa Mundial
    14.Puma King XL
    15.Umbro speciali

  11. says: MisterBroom12

    1 – Nike Vapor Superfly
    2 – adidas Predator Mania
    3 – Nike AZT90 II K
    4 – Nike CTR360 Maestri
    5 – adidas Adipure II
    6 – Nike Air Legend
    7 – adidas F50 iTUNIT
    8 – Puma King Exec
    9 – Puma V1.06
    10 – Valsport Era
    11 – Pantofola d’Oro Dream
    12 – Puma Cellerator Zero K
    13 – Puma v-Konstruct II
    14 – Umbro XAI
    15 – Lotto Vento
    16 – Lotto Zhero Gravity
    17 – Diadora Totti 10 Pro
    18 – Reebok Baleni II
    19 – Reebok Sprintfit
    20 – Concave PT-1

  12. says: Hugh

    top 5:
    1: adidas predator mania: Iconic
    2: adidas adipure 1: despite not being as good as adipure 2 it is a great boot and the leather was so soft, the first of many…
    3: Nike vapor 3: Lightweight, comfortablish and was the best vapor, gone downhill since those.
    4: Puma V1.08: stunning looks, extremely light, great colours
    5: adidas F50 Spider: great boot with good looks and pure quality.

  13. says: Liverpool fan

    1 – Adidas AdiPure II
    2 – Nike T90 supremacy
    3 – Adidas Predator Accelerator
    4 – Puma V1.08
    5 – Nike CTR360 Maestri
    6 – Adidas F50i TUNIT
    7 – Umbro Speciali
    8 – Lotto Zhero Tre
    9 – Nomis Glove
    10 – Nomis Black Pearl
    11 – Nike Air Legend III
    12 – Puma King XL
    13 – Puma V-Konstruct
    14 – Reebok Valde Pro
    15 – Reebok Sprint Pro
    16 – Under Armour Dominate Pro
    17 – Concave PT
    18 – Under Armour Create
    19 – Lotto Stadio
    20 – Mizuno Wave Shinkin

  14. says: Eric

    1. Adidas Predator Mania (Lunar) – I hate to leave out the PowerSwerves, but these are the most effective and stylish boots ever made

    2. Nike Mercurial SL – extremely lightweight and made of carbon fiber!

    3. Adidas F50.7 – so comfortable and far from the .6s in all ways

    4. Nike Total 90 III – simply put an all-you-need boot for a typical youth player

    5. Umbro SX Valor – best boots from a non-Adidas/Nike brand

    6. Nike Air Legend II (Black/Neon) – classic boot with a revamped, stylish colorway

    7. Adidas adiPURE II (Black/Gold) – see #6

    8. Puma v1.06 K – combo of speed boots with K-Leather. I love it.

    9. Nike Ronaldinho Dois (gold) – I’m a sucker for the gold boots.

    10. Puma King XL (gold) – see #9

    that’s all i got. i can’t really decide on any others because i don’t know much about them. i figured ten was good number.

  15. says: Ben Novak

    1. Nike Mercurial Vapor III
    The only reason that this isn’t on the top of everyones list, is because they didn’t wear them. This was the best boot to date, in my opinion.

    2. Nike Total 90 II
    Obviuosly im biased to the way that nike makes boots but theses are very comfortable and supportive.

    3. Nike Legend 2
    They are the quintessential classic boot. They are comfortable and take nothing away from your shot, while maintaining great touch and feel.

    honestly beyond that i haven’t worn too many boots, the Vapor line is really all i wear.

    i think that the
    V1.08’s looked very nice
    and the
    Puma King’s seemed very comfortable.

    My opinions

  16. says: murat

    Adipure 2(black-met gold preferred): classy looks, extremely comfortable, brings back memories, the Number 10 days

    Puma King XL (gold preferred): Classy looks, nice color, havent tried them on but ought to be good

    Nike Tiempo 3 (white blue preferred): they are likeable, worn by one of my favorite footballer Harry ‘Daddy Cool’ Kewell, no ”touch pads” or anything else that doesnt seem natural, nice touch, great control

    Umbro Speciali: Classic, classy looks, gimmick-free and simply simple

    Powerswerve Rome: Awesome looks, worn by Xavi (thats a good reason to wear it all alone)

  17. says: Andrew

    My top few
    1. Nike Mercurial Vapor III
    2. Concave PT (saved me from a couple of injuries)
    3. Adidas AdiPure II
    4. Nike CTR360 Masetri
    5. Adidas Predator Pulse (Still use them in training)
    6. Puma v1.08
    7. Mizuno Wave Shinken

  18. says: James

    1. Adidas Copa Mundial – can’t do much better than a solid pair of these.
    2. Nike Air Legend – great boots.
    3. Adidas Predator Mania – unbelievable
    4. Adidas f50+ – great looking boot.
    5. Nike laser I – surprisingly comfortable.
    6. Puma King XL – comfort defined.
    7. Adidas adipure – unbelievable touch control
    8. Nike Vapor IV – (pine green colour makes me drool)
    9. Concave PT – fun innovation.
    10. Lotto Zero G – no laces!
    11. Nomis glove – good nomud.
    12. Mizuno wave.
    13. Pima v.108
    14. Reebok valde pro
    15. Umbro SX valor
    16. Nomis black pearl
    17. Puma konstrukt-II
    18. Pantafola d’oro dream
    19. Valsport pro
    20. Under armour create

  19. says: Rvuk14

    1) Nike mercurial vapor cause they were simple light and perfect, no blister pads or flywire
    2) Nike tiempo III- a simple k leather boot with the necessary technology to be comfortable
    3) predator pulse- best predator I’ve ever owned, light weight and comfortable
    4) copa mundial- always a great boot for a great price
    5) adidas adipure I – k leather light weight and very under rated

  20. says: js

    My favorite Top 20 Boots.
    1. Adidas f50i Tunit
    2. Adidas ADI Pure II
    3. Adidas Predator Power Swerve
    4. Lotto Zero Gravity
    5. Nike Air Legend II
    6. Nike Mercurial Vapor IV
    7. Puma V1.08
    8. Nike Laser 1
    9. Adidas f50.8
    10. Umbro Speciali
    11. Nike Mercurial Vapor III
    12. Diadora LX K Pro
    13. Lotto Zhero Leggenda Due
    14. concave pt
    15. Adidas f50.7
    16. Umbro SX Valor
    17. Puma Konstrukt-II
    18. Adidas Copa Mundial
    19. Nike CTR360 Masetri
    20. Puma King XL

  21. says: paragon

    1. Adidas Predator Mania
    2. Adidas Adipure 2
    3. Nike Mercurial Vapor 3
    4. Puma v 1.06
    5. Adidas F50+
    6. Umbro Speciali
    7. Nike Legend 1
    8. Adidas Copa Mundial
    9. Mizuno Wave Shinken
    10.Puma King XL

  22. says: Lorenzo von Metternich

    20)Concave pt+
    19) NIke CTR360
    18)PUMA King Classic
    17)Umbro Sx-Valor
    16)Lotto Zhero Leggenda
    14)Lotto Zhero Gravity
    13)Adidas Adipure II
    12)NIke AIr Legend
    11)Umbro Speciali
    10)Adidas F50.7
    9)Nike Laser I
    8)Adidas Adipure I
    7)Adidas Predator Powerswerve
    6)Nike Vapor V
    5)Adidas F50i
    4)Nike Superfly
    3)Copa Mundial
    2)Nike Vapor III
    1)NIke Vapor SL

  23. says: kuhn

    1.Nike Mercurial Vapor III
    2.Lotto Zhero Gravity
    3.Nike Air Legend I
    4.Adidas Predator Absolute
    5.Puma v1.08
    6.Adidas Adipure I
    7.Mizuno Wave Ghost
    8.Adidas F50+
    9.Joma Total Fit
    10.Diadora Brasil
    11.Puma v-Konstrukt II
    12.Umbro SX Ultra

    Have to think about the others

  24. says: demar

    1) lotto zhero gravity
    2) f-50 (originals)
    3) vapors
    4) puma v 1.08 k’s
    5) adipures
    6) predator manias
    7) legends
    8) kelme masters
    9) mizuno wave
    10) umbro X’s

  25. says: PJ

    Adidas adipure II (just a simple great comfy boot – no frills accepted.)
    Adidas Predator Mania (Dogfight between these and Absolutes. electrifying touch, comfort, looks, especially in red, monumental. They don’t hold their price for nothing.)
    Adidas F50+ (Embrace your foot, cuddle it, hold it like a glove…)
    Puma v1.06 (hyper-light, huge strike zone, feel weightless)
    Puma King XL (comfy, love the toe-box, and look great! Not to mention the first touch…)
    Puma Cellerator Shudoh II (grow more and more under-appreciated as time passes… they do everything well)
    Nike CTR360 (pleasant surprise! Superb touch with these boots)
    Nike Mercurial Vapor III (So much better than Vapors IV and V. Hard to describe the feeling of playing in these. And I’m a K-leather diehard!)
    Nike Tiempo Premier (love Legends but these cannot be denied. Can you say Cantona and World Cup ’94?)
    Nike Air Zoom Total 90 Supremacy (strangely, very similar to CTRs. Have an airy feeling about them. Very, very under-rated)
    Reebok Sprintfit Lite Pro (One-trick pony. Brilliant trick, though.)
    Reebok Balnei IV (Ditto)
    Reebok Instante (Once more, ditto.)
    Lotto Zhero Gravity Tre (v1.06’s soul-mate. Feels like you’re playing barefoot, but such great power thanks to the monumental strikezone.)
    Pantafola d’Oro Dream (Not much to say here. If you loves you the leather, your life is not complete with-out these “golden slippers”)
    Diadora Brasil (Modern classic, very unique)
    Diadira LX K Pro (A great boot. You settle into them like the Nomis. And look great in Blue/Gold!)
    Umbro Speciali (I loves me the leather 🙂
    Nomis The Spark (Superb soleplate. So comfy, they let you relax while you play)
    Bikkembergs Tirosegno (look fantastic (especially the logo), great studs and soleplate, the rest is gigantic strike-zone. More people should know about this boot.)

    Boot of the decade: Predator Mania

    Show: F50+

    Place: v1.06

  26. says: timmy

    1.predator powerswerve
    2.adipure II’s
    3.Mercurial vapour IV’s 90 laser II’s
    5.Puma v1.10
    6.Umbro speciali itempo legends II
    8.adidas F50i
    9.Loto Zero G
    10.Reebok Valde pro

  27. says: Snoro

    Only have 3 boot that i want or already have and i cant decide between those 3 which one is the best so three way tie at top1
    Nike ronaldhino dois sg
    Lotto zero gravity
    Puma v1.06 k-leather sg
    I just like k-leather boot or boot with very little presence of lace( or lack of it in the case of the lotto)

  28. says: Brice

    1. Puma King XL (Gold/Black colorway)- Simply put the greatest football boot of all time. Great touch, stunning comfort, and no gimmicks. Just pure performance that allow your skill to shine through and dazzle.

  29. says: ill-d

    “4 boots from your favourite brand and 3 from all others”

    wouldn’t that make a list of 7 boots? lol i guess people can’t read. or maybe im missing something, anywho…

    7. UA dominate pro
    6. adidas predator powerswerve
    5. nike air legend 2
    4. nike tiempo 94 (or tiempo premier)
    3. nike ronaldinho dois
    2. nike vapor E8 euro
    1. adidas predator mania

  30. says: John

    In terms of a boot actually bringing in new innovation, there are only two that would make my list.

    1. Nomis (Wet Control)
    2. Concave

  31. says: Adam

    1 Nike Tiempo
    2 Adidas pred
    3 Nike vapor
    4 Umbro clasic shearer 1
    5 Copa
    6 Nike lasers
    7 adidas adipure
    8 lotto zero gravity
    9 puma xl
    10 puma king
    11 under armor
    12 nike vapor sl carbon
    13 mizumo clasic
    14 Nike ctr 360
    15 Puma cell
    16 nomis spark
    17 nomis glove
    18 adidas world cups
    19 reebok sprint fit
    20 Umbor valor

  32. says: Aaron

    1-Nike Mercurial Vapor III
    2-Adidas F50.7
    3-Adidas F50.8
    4-Nike Mercurial Vapor IV
    5-Nike T90 Laser II
    6-Puma v1.08
    7-Nike Mercurial Vapor Superfly
    8-Adidas Predator PowerSwerve
    9-Adidas AdiPure
    10-Adidas F50.6
    11-Nike Tiempo
    12-Adidas F50i
    13-Nike Ronaldinho 10R Dois
    14-Nike Air Zoom T90 Supremacy
    15-Adidas AdiPure II

  33. says: Derek

    1 Adidas Predator PowerSwerve
    2 Diadora Maximus
    3 Nike Vapour Superfly
    4 Adidas Adipure I
    5 Adidas Copa Munidial
    6 Nike Laser 2
    7 Lotto Vento Diablo Due
    8 Umbro Speciali Anatomical
    9 Umbro SX Valour Ultimate
    10 Adidas F50i (leather)
    11 Nike Ronaldhino Dois
    12 Puma V1.08
    13 Puma Konstrukt III
    14 Puma King XL
    15 Nike Air Legend

  34. says: yml

    For my personal stuff:
    1 Nike Air zoom total 90 II
    2 Adidas predator power swerve Copa confederation 2009
    Don’t need to try others just I live in heaven with them…

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