#ThrowbackThursday | Top 5 Nike Footy Ads Ever!

Best Nike Football Video

In 1971, Nike released their first ever football boot. It was the first Nike shoe to feature the Nike tick.

Today, more than forty years later, Nike have become intertwined with football. Just try watching a professional game without seeing a Nike football boot, shirt or hoarding .

One of the reasons for their rapid rise to the top of football is undoubtedly their marketing prowess. Typifying their astuteness in making their products appeal has been their video ad’s.

And as we tip our baseball cap to Nike, here are our Top 5 Nike Video Ad’s, Ever!

5. Ronaldinho Crossbar

The video that had viewers asking, Is that for real or not?

One of YouTube’s first viral hits. We watch as Ronaldinho repeatedly rebounds the ball off of the crossbar.

4. Kick It

With a tub thumping tune (performed by A Tribe Called Quest), man of the moment Ian Wright of Arsenal highlighted global football culture.

3. Secret Tournament (AKA The Cage)

24 football superstars featured in The Cage, playing 3 on 3 football.

This ad was rumoured to have cost $100M and saw Eric Cantona make a comeback as the ref and Elvis with the theme tune.

2. Take it to the Next Level

Viewed as the first person, this ad follows the journey of a young football player from his beginnings in non-league football through to competing at the highest level for his country. Directed by Lock Stock’s Guy Ritchie.

1. Airport 98

The most memorable and the best in our opinion is Airport 98.

Set at Rio de Janeiro airport, the ball pings from player to player, as we see the most skillful team of Brazilians owning the ball in a way only Brazilians can.

Have you got a favourite not on our list? Let us know below.


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