We work hard here at to bring you the best news on football boots, shirts and the like. But when we’re killing time round the office between articles, you’ll usually find a few of us exchanging the best footy-virals from the week gone by.

So rather than keep them all to ourselves (really, how selfish would that be?), we’re bringing them to you to help your weekend that little bit more enjoyable!

Holding up a banner or chanting is one way to intimidate your opponents, but when the fans turn an entire stand into the image of a giant lion’s head with glowing read eyes like the Moroccan fans did here, you know you’re in for a long 90 minutes.


El Hadji Diouf takes a tumble whilst playing for Rangers, internet people with way too much time on their hands photoshop (videoshop?) him into a series of unlikely scenarios, hilarity ensues.

Easter Egg from PES2012. Custom celebration 91 is the legendary Michael Jackson Moonwalk and Smooth Criminal lean. Virtual Messi manages to pull it off to a tee, despite the obvious disadvantage of wearing football boots


Cristiano Ronaldo proves he can score, even with his eyes effectively shut. Taken from the excellent ‘Tested to the Limit’ documentary from CastrolEDGE.

REVEALED: What Carlos Tevez really thinks about being dropped from the Manchester City squad. Hint: it involves mad rhymz.

Finishing with something far more sublime than ridiculous, TalkSport round up the best goals you probably missed from the international break. Truly a noble service to footballkind.

Any fun virals you’d like to share? Let us know on our Facebook page, and we’ll be sure to feature them in next week’s edition!

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