We love a good list here at Footy Boots – so, when we saw the sales figures for printed ‘Hero Shirts’, we couldn’t resist sharing them with you.

It’s always pretty revealing to see who fans want on the back of their shirts, especially for teams like Chelsea and Manchester City who are chock full of stars. So, without further delay – onto the shirts!

10. Carlos Tevez – Manchester City

Official English Premier League Football Shirts

Carlos Tevez is an ideal player to have printed on your shirt – his infectious work rate and never-say-die attitude mean you’ll rarely be ashamed to have the stocky Argentine adorning your Jersey!

9. Jaime Carragher – Liverpool

Official English Premier League Football Shirts Top 10

Probably something of a surprise entry, we think the reason JC is so popular is that Carragher is a one-club man, meaning you’re not going to buy his shirt in August, only to have him leave you in the lurch in the January Transfer window!

8. Michael Owen – Manchester United

Official English Premier League Football Shirts Top 10

Definitely a shocker to be in the top ten, we can only speculate that there was a surge in Owen jerseys when he joined last summer, and another surge when he bagged the winner against Manchester City, because he’s not featured much since then!

7. Didier Drogba – Chelsea

Official English Premier League Football Shirts

The powerful frontman ranks well in the shirt sales top ten. Whilst he might be bemoaned by every other club in the country, Blues fans love their striker and his knack of scoring spectacular goals!

6. Frank Lampard – Chelsea

Official English Premier League Football Shirts

Just edging out his colleague, Lampard takes the mantle of most popular Chelsea player’s shirt. Lampard was on unparalleled form last season which will likely have boosted his popularity across the country.

5.'  Andre Arshavin – Arsenal

Official English Premier League Football Shirts Top 10

Again, something of a shock to see ahead of the likes of Lampard, Arsenal fans are clearly fond of their diminutive Russian. Whilst his goal-scoring and game-changing passes are well worth worshipping with a shirt in his name, we like to think that thrifty Arsenal fans simply like to get their money’s worth by picking the player with the longest name!

4. Cesc Fabregas – Arsenal

Official English Premier League Football Shirts

The Arsenal Captain was another player in fine form last year, and his heroics against Barcelona in the Champions League will undoubtedly be recognised by the fans – however, will constant speculation over his future damage his shirt sales this year?

3. Wayne Rooney – Manchester United

Official English Premier League Football Shirts

Manchester United’s talismanic striker was narrowly pipped to the golden boot by Drogba last season, but the Liverpool native can take heart in ranking 4 places higher than the Ivorian in the shirt sales stakes!

2. Steven Gerrard – Liverpool

Official English Premier League Football Shirts

Last season won’t go down as one of the most glittering in Gerrard’s career, but ‘Stevie G’ is still loved by the Kop faithful. Their captain might not have hit his best last year, but fans know that he was feeling everything on the pitch that they were in the stands.

1. Fernando Torres – Liverpool

Official English Premier League Football Shirts

Torres was marred by injury for a big patch of the 2009-2010 season, but that didn’t stop Liverpool fans making him the top selling shirt in all of the Premier League.

Have you bought a Hero Shirt for the coming season? If so, let us know who you’ve got on your back!

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  1. says: Jack

    This brings up a few questions i want to ask people and maybe footy-boots can even do a survey about jerseys.

    1. Half the people i know only buy jerseys with names on them, the other half just the team(eg. Rooney vs Man U). There is also a stereotype that people who wear jerseys with names on them are usually crap at actually playing. What do you prefer?

    2. Do you prefer long sleeve or short sleeve? Personally I think long sleeves look way better than short sleeves but that’s cause I like to wear my long sleeve jerseys out and never for playing/sweating in. Which brings me to the 3rd question:

    3. Do you wear your jerseys out/on game days(watching) or actually play with them on? If you do both, which one more?

  2. says: Henry

    SOLSKJAER… even though he’s already retired. To answer some of Jack’s questions… 1) i have three man utd jerseys only 1 has name… im pretty good 2) theyre all short sleeved and i play in them 3) i play in them and watch games in them… on TV

  3. says: Colin

    1) 6 man utd jerseys, none with names, i’m considered to be really good in canada for what that’s worth lol
    2) I find the short sleeve fit nicer, I have a couple long sleeve but the majority are short sleeved
    3) I tend not to play in them and I wear them almost every day of the week, game day or not

  4. says: ricardo7

    Of these players none had a good World Cup minus the ones who weren’t even picked for it. who wasn’t in it. Torres was a sub, so was Fabregas, Rooney played bad, so did Gerrard, Drogba got hurt, and Tevez actually had a decent Cup, though Argentina should have started Diego Milito, the king of UEFA, above him.

  5. says: Man Utd

    1) 5 Man Utd Jerseys. 1 Man Utd training kit. none of them have names
    2) Short-sleeves. im from Singapore and there is no point buying a long-sleeve one here. besides, they are more expensive here and are harder to find.
    3) i never play in them.only watch matches in them

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