Too Big For Your Football Boots

Where buy large football boots


Finding a pair of football boots that fit your feet shouldn’t be a struggle, here’s a handy list of stores that regularly stock large sized football boots.


Large sized football boots
Stores are now acknowledging the need for big football boots.

Top Stores for Large Sized football boots

1. Walk Tall – Specialist in Big Size shoes and clothes. Visit Now

2. Lovell Soccer – Click to go straight to Size 12Size 13Size 14

3. Kitbag – Regularly stock large sizes including 1/2 sizes – Visit Now

4. Adidas Direct – Stocking adidas boots up to size 14 – Visit Now

Large Sized Football Boots

A 13 and a 14 year old from South Yorkshire may have to curtail their potential of professional football as their feet are too big.

Centre half Aynsley (14) and goalkeeper Asher (13), both play for Rotherham Boys Under 15’s and want to turn professional. However their future in the game is in doubt because they cannot buy football boots big enough for their feet.

Big Football Boots

Aynsley, who is 6′ 3″, currently wears size 14’s, but his 8 month old football boots are falling apart. Asher, who is 6′ wear size 13, but his football boots are now too tight.

The boys’ parents have been searching for large sized football boots, but without success. They have been told that UK manufacturers only make football boots up to size 13. Such was their desperation, they contacted Peter Crouch to find out where he buys his football boots.

The result was not the news they were looking for either, as Crouch receives specially made football boots costing at least £90 more than the regular price.

** Footy Boots researchers have tracked down shops selling footwear online for those with larger feet.

Where buy large football boots


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