Too Big For Your Football Boots

Where buy large football boots


Finding a pair of football boots that fit your feet shouldn’t be a struggle, here’s a handy list of stores that regularly stock large sized football boots.


Large sized football boots
Stores are now acknowledging the need for big football boots.

Top Stores for Large Sized football boots

1. Walktall – Specialist in Big Size shoes and clothes. Visit Now

2. Lovell Soccer – Click to go straight to Size 12Size 13Size 14

3. Kitbag – Regularly stock large sizes including 1/2 sizes – Visit Now

4. Adidas Direct – Stocking adidas boots up to size 14 – Visit Now

Large Sized Football Boots

A 13 and a 14 year old from South Yorkshire may have to curtail their potential of professional football as their feet are too big.

Centre half Aynsley (14) and goalkeeper Asher (13), both play for Rotherham Boys Under 15’s and want to turn professional. However their future in the game is in doubt because they cannot buy football boots big enough for their feet.

Big Football Boots

Aynsley, who is 6′ 3″, currently wears size 14’s, but his 8 month old football boots are falling apart. Asher, who is 6′ wear size 13, but his football boots are now too tight.

The boys’ parents have been searching for large sized football boots, but without success. They have been told that UK manufacturers only make football boots up to size 13. Such was their desperation, they contacted Peter Crouch to find out where he buys his football boots.

The result was not the news they were looking for either, as Crouch receives specially made football boots costing at least £90 more than the regular price.

** Footy Boots researchers have tracked down shops selling footwear online for those with larger feet.

Where buy large football boots

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  1. says: Alex Pearson

    You boys aren’t the only ones looking for big boots. Since I was a teenager I had big feet, the largest size I could find were 13 and that was the limit.
    Ive tried so many different ways of finding size 15 boots, but still with no luck.

    I’m currently in China and have tried a lot of top brand names, like Nike and Adidas but they mainly export the boots, and they don’t want to make a size 15 pair of boots. They quoted me like 670 pounds for one pair, and it was just an estimate.
    I remember Nwankwo Kanu had size 15 feet as well, and he wore Nike boots.

    If anyone has any luck, please post a comment.
    Good luck

    1. says: Edric Hobbs

      Hi just looked on the net size 14 are available in the USA Nike and Adidas do them. Try sports

    2. says: ahmed

      how did you go with the a size 16.cant find anything.asic make a size 15. i have a brand new pair if intrestead

      1. says: Andrew

        Hi mate! i am 26yrs old and 6’8″ (205cm) tall and i too take a UK size 16 football boot and I am having extreme difficulty trying to find anyone anywhere able to supply me with a pair! any help you can offer me will be much obliged! xxxx

  2. says: Martin

    Adidas offer Mi-adidas boots which are customised and do go to longer and wider lengths then traditional sizes. You can choose colours and styles as well. Costs around $360 (Australian).

    1. says: Dutch

      Thanks for this Tom

      The Nike site is great. Good range, you can design your own styles. I found some Futsal boots in size 13. Just what I was looking for.

  3. says: Rich

    I feel for you guys too.
    Since i’ve always had big feet and been around 6’5″ since i was 13 and my feet were a size 14-15 from 14 years old.
    I’m also from Rotherham and was playing in adult leagues from the age of 13 as i wanted to player a higher level than with my own age groups.

    Unfortunately I had to give up on football and then ice hockey as a career due injuries and then my feet growing over size 15 when i tried to make a come-back in 2000.
    If you think football boots are expensive to get oversized, try $22,000+ canadian for a pair of goalie skates due to the one off protection moulding lol.

    I’d suggest getting hold of Portsmouth FC and trying to get a pair of Kanu’s pro returns or even if they’d accomodate ordering a pair of his boots for your purchase. Some teams are very willing to help players.
    I’m surprised Liverpool FC didn’t offer something similar.

    When i had trials i was lucky enough to get a pair of Nike size 14 3/4 boots moulded to my feet for free through a contact as stock sizes weren’t an option.

  4. says: ash

    I bought some size 14 soft ground boots from (£50 including postage) and there were some more for sale last time i checked. i bough my size 14 indoor boots from (based in skegness, £35 including postage) but they seemed to be running out of stock a couple of months ago. i have been told that (based in bradford) may have some larger sizes after xmas – jjb have plenty of stock of upto size 13 but its size 14 and above that is difficult to find.

  5. says: Robert Dawes

    Adidas seem to have the Adidas Copa Mundial Moulded Football boot up to size 15. They have it at

    Finding some astro boots in that size would be a miracle.

    1. says: Jennifer

      Can anybody suggest any site for my 16 year old son to get size 15 football Boots.
      He’s desperate to play footy again but is unable due to not having Boots. He also needs them for college as he’s training to become a football coach

  6. says: Ian

    I’m 6″3 with size 14 feet. I also tried using rugby boots but found that every time I tried to shoot, the ball would fly about fifty feet up in the air(perhaps my fault). However, after some more use they actually moulded to my feet fairly well and played like football boots. I would advise getting Mizuno rugby boots if you have to resort to this as they tend to be more like the football boots and the studs can be easily changed. I also used but their range seems to be getting smaller. Brantano is often a great place for buying football boots up to size 14 but they currently appear to have no large sizes in stock, although the likelihood is that this is due to the season coming to a close. If anyone else knows of any other good sites for buying football boots then it would be appreciated.

  7. says: mick

    we have a 12 year old at 6ft5 and a size fourteen hes a keeper for the under 13s local team but we are really struggling to find boots big enough any help would be great thank you.

    1. says: Vikki

      My 14 yr old son has uk size 17 feet. Poor boy only owns 3 pairs of shoes. He needs football boots for school as well as school shoes. Goodness knows where I’m going to get them from! If anyone knows of any websites please let me know.

  8. says: Alec

    I’m having so much trouble. I love football, live and breathe it. I’m only 13 and my feet are size 12 and still growing, I know my case isn’t as bad as anyone else here, but my feet are still growing pretty rapidly. I don’t know what to do. I don’t want to pay too much on boots as I’ll probably grow out of the soon. Help!


  9. says: Michael Wing

    Try www. they have big nike and adidas boots. Fairly cheap as well i just got size 15 Adidas F10+ for £35

  10. says: Tom the Earth-Lover

    Ever since I was 12 I struggled with this and couldn’t find rugby boots for my size 15’s. I am now 18, 6ft 9 and wear size 18. I sympathise.

  11. says: Curtis

    Its absolute bull that Nike and Adidas dont make up to at least 15 just to be safe even if they only make 10-15 pairs the boots you wont you cant get..
    Is it possible to get boots specially made in Australia?? Plzz let me know if ya can

  12. says: Michael Cook

    I am size 15 in football boots and have just found a purchased some adidas copa mundial football boots size 15. They are the only ones they sell and only come in moulded studs in that size. Hope this is useful…

  13. says: Liam Smith

    Adidas are mainly the brand that i have been wearing (i am a size 13) but the thing you are best of doing is contacting your local stores and tell them to keep your details and whenever they get big shoe sizes in tell them to put them to keep them so you can check them out

  14. says: Tony H

    I thought i had problems trying to find size 10’s in stock at most places. I would also advise getting in touch with portsmouth and asking where Kanu got his boots from. Even try everton as i believe Marouane Fellaini is about a size 13 so maybe ask them for a pair of his used boots. If you live in Liverpool try High and Mighty just off Victoria street in the city centre as they might be able to order them for you

  15. says: nick evans

    I am 15 years old, 6’5 and size 16 feet, i have had to quit rugby because my feet are so big, i have been looking for boots for a year and still no luck

  16. says: Vanessa Wem

    My 6’8″ son has trouble finding size 15 boots, just purchased some from Walktall … now need size 15 bladed boots for hard ground …. Any one help?

  17. says: Jay Fuller

    I have a 17 year old son that is also looking for a size 17 football boot. he has not been able to play for about three years because of this and now wanting to get back into football as a part of his keep fit regime. Can anyone tell me where to get them from?

  18. says: Marie Wake

    My son is 14 and needs a size 16 rugby boot. He’s made do with football boots but now he’s made vice captain of the school team, I have to find something more suitable. Any ideas? Have looked around but any stockists seems to be out of stock.

  19. says: scott keeper

    hi im 15 yrs old and 6ft 2 currently sittin at a size 14 but feet are still growing and im really struggling to get new boots as my old ones are gettin reallly tight now any help ???

  20. says: Greg Burrows

    Ebay and search for whatever your size is,I’m a size 16-17 depending on make and width and have found lots of footwear on there but also www if you don’t mind getting ripped off by this country with taxes!!!

  21. says: kurtis

    Its ridiculous if you are a size 14! you can’t even buy soft ground boots believe me, i’ve been up looking for6hours its now 6:45am

    if you are a size 14uk you can get a limited selection of moulds from football

    if you are a 13 you are laughing you can pretty much buy any boot in the world within reason!

    the 14’s are difficult, i’m a central midfielder, i’m 6ft4 and can only really get a hold of moulds …and its very rare at the least

    1. says: Natasha Evans

      I’m in the uk and unless I want to pay £269 for a pair of Nikes size 13 I’m stuffed …. My boy is 15 and wants to play for his team … yet at £269 I will have to say I can’t afford it .. Addidas are always to slim fitting for him

  22. says: bridgette reck

    I have a son who is 12 years old 5ft 11 ins size 15 shoe and ready for a size 16 and having trouble finding the size

  23. says: david

    im 15 6’3″ and i take a size 16 boot theres a place on the quay in dublin ireland that does up to size 16 every thing formal shoes football boots and even vans and converse i cant quite remember the name but their very good and well priced

  24. says: miss lydia smith

    Having just come across your site looking for big football boots,i read your story about the boys looking and not having much luck aswell,so i thought ive found somewhere at last,went on to look at the boots typed in my sons size [14]and what do you think happened…absolutely nothing available in any make in my size,im well disapointed.

  25. says: chris

    hi, i’m 23 and 6’8″ with size 15 feet. the only sites you’ll be able to get boots in this size are walktall
    i’ve tried emailing nike and addidas trying to get some astro boots, if anyone can find any astro boots in size 15 please post it up here

  26. says: alex garnham

    hi there all i am alex and i a struggling to find a size 17 us boot for rugby union in new zealand can anyone help me?

  27. says: Harry

    I’m a size 16 and currently play in American Football boots imported from the states, however you can now get custom boots from Puma – they’re beyond pricey but it’s better than sitting on the sidelines and watching!

    The other options up to size 15 are – great selection and Asics (under rugby section) or mi Adidas

  28. says: dawn tait son is 12 and in a size 14. nike ID are the only footy boots i have found to fit him…i found a shop in Great Yarmouth that sell reboks up to size 16 woop woop!!! they also sell ” school shoes” up to size 15..they look good as well. don’t know name of shop but is on the main street from the beach to the town…

  29. says: Pete

    I’m size 15 and i struggle to find all-weather footy boots (walktall only go up to 14s) , studs are easy to find @walktall etc. Nike sell size 14 on their website and will custom make designs for you as nikeID but they’re not very broad. If anyone can find all-weather 15s – let me know!!!

  30. says: BigDobbo

    Try XBlades they are an australian company…. very very comfy hard ground boot…. all the Rugby and NRL players wear them… reasonably priced too

  31. says: Phil

    My son who is 14 and 6ft 4 and is in a size 17 basketball boot courtesy of Nike.

    He desperately requires a 16/17 Rugby/Football boot for a school match next week, and his boots from last year just will not fit!!

    Does anyone have any other suggestions of a website selling suitable boots of this size?

  32. says: SHARON GEORGE

    hi i have a 17 years old twin boys and they want to play rugby the foot size is size 17 uk and and size 18 uk can anyone help..

  33. says: James Coggins

    i know the feeling i’m 13 and have size 13 football boots and i can’t find a pair of size 14 boots anywhere!

    Does anyone know where to get some?

    Is so please post.

    Thank You

  34. says: Tkevern

    i know how you all feeel im 17 and 6ft 7 size 18 feeet and start rugby again in 2 months and i have no luck :/

  35. says: Gregcooldude2009

    im 13 and im 6 foot 2 and i take size 13 football boots and i play rugby does anyone have any websites where i can get size 14’s for next season 

  36. says: Will Hudson

    Im 6’3 and i take size 14 and have had little success fing boots but there is a site that does size 12 and above called “walktall” hope it is of any use

    1. says: Mandyeden

      Just google size 15 football boots, I have had some success, also try sports direct regularly as they seem to stock the occassional pair.

  37. says: Dawntait

    my son is 13yrs old 6″ 5 and size 15/16 shoe….found rugby boots Puma Esiito XL SG  on lovellrugby…..these might be ok for footy…thats what he is going to be wearing anyway LOL..just change front studs..

  38. says: Dawntait

    my son is 13yrs old 6″ 5 and size 15/16 shoe….found rugby boots Puma Esiito XL SG  on lovellrugby…..these might be ok for footy…thats what he is going to be wearing anyway LOL..just change front studs..

  39. says: Denise Beach

    Try ebay they have lots of boots in big sizes up to 15 shame that my son is now a 16 so that is a whole different challenge

  40. says: Mammone

    My son is 19 years of age and his size 15`s are giving him blisters. He is 6ft 4 and needs size 16`s. Hey shoe manufacturers LOOK AT ALL THESE comments under here and START MAKING BIGGER BOOTS!!!!!

    1. says: Jinty McGinty

      I know this was posted 3 years ago but did you ever find a stockist? My son is a size 16/17 and cannot find football/rugby boots anywhere.

  41. says: Mr Keith Galligan.

    I have a 6′ 5″, 15 year old who love’s  rugby. He now need a mens size 15 low cut pair of boots preferally blades. Can anybody help ? PLEASE. The season starts soon and I’ve had no luck anywhere

  42. says: William

    Im 16, 6’7 and i have a size US 16 foot, I desperately need a new pair of boots as my 15’s are too small, does anybody at all know a website that sell a US 16 sized rugby boots with preferably metal studs

  43. says: Kev

    HI Guys, I can see this is an old post, but a lot of people have obviously posted their concerns here. I am a UK 15 ( US16) and have played football ( Soccer) most of my life and at semi-pro level, have always struggled to get boots that fit me, and unfortunately have suffered from scrunched up toes from wearing too small(er) shoes( cleats).

    Being an entrepreneur, I am currently working with my partner to come up with a new brand of boot(Cleat) that is target towards BIgFooted people, such as myself, and majority of those whom have posted here.

    We are already in the process of designing the boots (cleats) and are gearing towards comfort of course, using high quality materials, but also keeping the cost to something that is competitive to other brands and affordable.

    The only boot that does a UK15 ( US16) I can find and currently wear, is the Adidas Mundial. Best boot I have used,hands down, but i was shocked to see how quick it fell apart in a matter of weeks.

    I will be looking at starting a kickstarter project in the next couple weeks and could potentially have a boot available early summer.

    Size ranges from UK13 to UK 17.
    Depending on the funding i can raise will depend on how many styles and colours I can manufacture.
    I currently live in Beijing ( I’m an actors here) and play for my local team and probably in my final couple years ( 34 now 🙂

    Hope to get some feedback,

    All the best

  44. says: Dave

    So frustrating …

    My son is 16 (only 6’1″) and wears a size 14 shoe. He WILL NOT play any other sport but soccer. Plays High School and Club and would love to continue to play in College. Of course he only likes the high-end ones all his friends are wearing, so I have to keep dishing out $300 every half-season on 13’s that don’t last because the lace holes eventually rupture.

    I would be willing to pay more to have Nike or Adidas custom make them! Called them multiple times, asked to speak with supervisors. No luck. They simply keep reiterating that they only have larger sizes in the Nike Tiempo or Adidas Mundial (neither of which he likes of course).


  45. says: Rene Kippola

    My son is 14 years old, 6’4 and wearing a size 16 here in Michigan. We have done so much online shopping and research to find soccer cleats (boots) but have not been able to find anything worth getting excited about.
    Our current club coach asked around for us. He said that we can get a pair of (american) football cleats and shave off the first two toe cleats so that the shoe will be leagal on the soccer field for games.
    I’d love to hear others opinions on this. We realize that a football cleat will not fit the same; many have a higher profile. This seems to be one easy enough solution to our problem but not 100% sure if it’s going to work.

  46. says: Amanda Brown

    Are there any updates? I can’t find “indoor” or “turf” soccer shoes for my son… We had to buy expensive kangaroo leather Copas (men’s US 14) for outdoor, because it’s all that fit (didn’t pinch, had the length). Now we need indoor shoes and I can’t find any! I am trying the various, old links listed in the comments above. Nothing.

    P.S. If you are a shoe/boot manufacturer/retailer/web designer, please add a Search by Size. I don’t have the luxury to search by color or style… we just need shoes that fit!

    Thank you for any thoughts. Concerned US soccer mom, of a 13 year old…

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