Way back in April 2008, Footy Boots received a number of enquiries about the new Nike Super Ligera.

order ligera nowAt the time, Nike was keeping quiet about the football boot and information was scarce bar a few unofficial pictures on the web.

Six months on, the good news is that the release of the Super Ligera is imminent, and you should be able to get your hands on them from the back end of October or certainly, early November.

Nike Tiempo Super Ligera

Never backwards at coming forwards, Nike’s take on the new boot is “Light on touch, heavy in class.” And indeed, the Nike Super Ligera boots, with a kangaroo upper and TPU outsole, are 25% lighter than the Tiempo Legend football boots.

However, don’t think that the durability of the Nike Tiempo Super Ligera will be in any way affected by their lightness.

Tiempo Super Ligera

Nike say nothing will be compromised in that area and have even given the boot a rubberised coating around the toe area to emphasise the point.

Still relying on the classic styling of old, the football boot offers a comfortable fit and excellent touch and feel.

Super Ligera

The Super Ligera will be available in both hard ground and soft ground versions and is expected to retail at around 90 GBP.

Order your Super Ligera’s order ligera now

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  1. says: Sion

    A tidy looking boot from Nike imho. What I don’t get is where it sits with their other boots. Any ideas? Who’s going to wear it?

  2. says: Panda

    This is like a hybrid of the Tiempo Legend II and the Ronaldinho dois. Nothing special if you ask me and at 90 quid, pretty expensive too.

  3. says: Jay

    I’m glad that nike have made these boots, i usually wear nike mercurial vapors but the new vapors are so uncomfortable, the legends too heavy and the r10’s are simply rubbish. Hopefully these new boots will fit the bill as a light and snug ball players boot. I look forward to my pair and hopefully some other color ways will be coming soon!!!

    i think these boots will be worn by Andrea Pirlo, just to add my 10 pence worth.

  4. says: ernesto

    I got ‘m.. the boots I had before where the previeous total 90’s and the other tiempo’s and all I can say is that these are the most comfortable boots I have bought in years. the leather is so fine and the whole shoe is a god’s gift so i’m certain that every pro who has the old tiempo will switch to the super ligera. #1 boot

  5. says: noyou

    These shoes are simply amazing, until they break. I had mine for less than 2 monthes and they were simply the best shoes I have ever worn. They were extremely comfortable, no blisters. They actually molded to the shape of your foot. This was the first boot to actually have advertised this and actually have it do exactly as advertised. I used these boots everyday for a month at a football camp and guess what? The sole actually came off. Unless you can afford to get a new pair every 2 monthes, I would say stay away from these boots. They are pretty expensive for a cheap boot. They were really light though. You decide. If you use them like 3 times a week they might last you 6 monthes to a year. If you play everyda, don’t bother.

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