Thierry Henry’s New Football Boots – Reebok Sprintfits

Thierry Henry in New Reebok Sprintfit Football Boots And New Colourway News!

With all the talk of Thierry Henry‘s impending transfer to Barcelona, which may or may not be happening, the Reebok player must be in the mood to let his hair down a bit and relax amongst friends, while others decide his footballing future, be it at Arsenal or Barcelona.

Thierry Henry Football Boots - YouTubeRecently Thierry Henry was in the Far East on a promotional tour with Reebok and we finally got to see the Arsenal striker in the new football boots that he will be wearing from next season. By the look of him, Thierry has been enjoying his break from football, as he looks a bit chunkier than we remember – but even with the extra pounds, the magic is still there and the new Reebok Sprintfits look impressive! In the video, Thierry Henry, shows off his skills and we get a couple of nice close ups of the Reebok Sprintfit as well against “limited” opposition.

Henry seems to genuinely enjoy joining in the fun, even will all the bizarre things happening around him during the show. As Reebok are footing the bill Henry seems happy to go along and gurn for the cameras at appropriate intervals. Unfortunately our Korean is a little rusty, so any help with translation would be appreciated by any Footy-Boots visitors!

View Thierry Henry in the Reebok Sprintfits on YouTube.

Reebok Sprintfit – A New Red Colourway?

Red reebok sprintfitsEarlier Henry had given an interview on ESPN which was remarkable not in what was said, but what was behind the interview – a pair of RED Reebok Sprintfits! A new colourway to add to the white and black, but was this a marketing slip-up or a deliberate tease to ensure speculation and interest? Whatever the reason – we like the red colourway!

View the ESPN Thierry Henry Video here.

Order Thierry Henry’s new football boots, the Reebok Sprintfits from here.

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