Thierry Henry – Reebok Football Boots

14th August Update: Reebok Football Boots – Thierry Henry

Thierry Henry has played his first game in Reebok football boots.

Thierry Henry flew back from a holiday in the USA, to take part in Dennis Bergkamp’s testimonial at Arsenal’s new Emirates Stadium. Henry, who scored in the game, was wearing a pair of Reebok football boots for the first time.

It was thought that he was under contract with Nike until August, when his new 9 million pound contract with Reebok ‘kicked in’. However, playing in his first game at the new Emirates Stadium, Henry was wearing a pair of all white, Reebok football boots.

You can view the Reebok Pro Rage – Football Boots here and order the Reebok Pro Rage football boots here.

Henry Reebok football boots

Recent Video – Thierry Henry – Me and My Game

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  1. says: Kalumbu

    I think they look nice and the reason why he’s changing is because of his achilles heel injury which keeps troubling him, and vapors don’t really help with heels so he chose a more comfortable boot.
    kalumbu 14 wirral

  2. says: Saro

    He is switching to Reebok for one main reason…Reebok’s new campaign is an anti-racism one and as all should know…Henry is strongly a part of anti-racism in soccer…it wasnt about the money or having his own boot which is nice to have…he is trying to get a point across to the world that….black, white, yellow, or green…u should not be judged by your skin…and only by the way u act and portray yourself…

  3. says: Rob

    Henry should have his own boots he is argueable the best player in the world and if ronaldinho can get his own boots so should Henry because he is just as good if not better. Saro is also right about the main reason about the racism.

  4. says: Babs

    I love the boots, cant wait to buy them. of course thierry should have his own boots, other players who are not nearly as good as him have so why shouldn’t he? Thierry henry is king

  5. says: roly

    It’s a pity Henry is changing football boots, because I only wore the Vapours because of him and I’ve taking a liking to them as well. Now I am to model myself on Cristiano Ronaldo when I am much more like Henry and I prefer him, but Reebok will always for me be a second rate firm, so I wont be trying his new boots, although I am totally in agreement wiht the anti racist campain.

    1. says: Greg

      That’s stupid. You only wore the boots because your favourite player wore them. Fancy boots don’t effect how well you play football, and you are stupid to get taken in by the brands. You should buy boots that fit you well and are comfortable to play in.

  6. says: Jacques Le Bon

    Henry has switched to Reebok because of the NINE MILLION POUNDS involved! Nike would never have offered him that kind of deal and at the end of it all if Henry was wearing a pair of black lace up shoes he would still be the best striker in the world.

  7. says: matt

    Henry’s new boots look nice i think the Merrcurials were a bit boring, thats why he changed. I’m happy for him everyone thinks that Nike and Adidas are the best brands, Henry will prove them wrong.

  8. says: Gooner

    Henry with a new deal. It is simple. 9 million and a better more suited advertising campaign. When you’re that good any company would design a boot for your requirements.

  9. says: ray

    Reebok don’t suit him.. it’s cheap and Adidas own the company now.. he’s been a Nike man from day 1.. the best player in the world is wearing the worst boots in the world.. go back?to Nike .

  10. says: Douglas

    Vapors are the sexiest boots and should only be worn by the silkiest players. Nike should get rid of the vapor if it isnt modelled on Henry anymore. Reebok, i agree, are a 2nd rate firm and they dont do justice to how good the player is!

  11. says: Michael

    I think Henry Should stay with Reebok. Nike was good but maybe they should find another player that wants 2 sign a contract with you.

  12. says: Charles 7 year old Gooner

    My Dad bought me Vapour like boots in a size 1, two sizes too big for me. They are magic boots and they make me feel like the man himself. Please produce the new Reebok football boots in my size, i am now a size 13.

  13. says: Arsenal man

    Henry should have stayed with Nike and they should have given him his own football boot, because loads of players often copy his boots.

  14. says: Gunner

    No matter what boots Thierry wears, he is the best player in the world. I think new football boots will not have a negative influence .
    I must admit that Nike Mercurial Vapors are quite good, but the new Reebok ones are not ugly at all.

  15. says: dylan

    Not good, he should have stuck with Nike, where I think he did get his own boots. I thought it was those white metallic red ones. But, that’s what I thought was made for him. But dont get me wrong, those Reebok boots look pretty sharp…

  16. says: Peter

    Listen to yourselves… arguing about what boots henry is wearing. When it comes right down to it, all that matters is he goes out on the pitch every week and struts his stuff. No one with time for other important stuff cares if he’s wearing flip-flops out on the pitch, as far as he’s banging in his regular 30 a season.

  17. says: Jeison Iyasu

    The boots are either Reebok Strikezone Pro FG or Reebok Pro Rage FG. Not exactly sure, I could be wrong. And please, do not attack me with your words now.

  18. says: Josh

    At the end of the day he probably fancied a change and Reebok offered him the all round best deal. I dont think he cares about what football boot he wears as long as they are playable, The Vapours were nice but very thin and fragile, the anti racism campaign + 9 million quid, cant get better than that. + I think big timers like fiddy cent and Jay z etc all wear Reebok I think he fancies himslef as a bit of gangsta lol.

  19. says: jon

    There’s nothing wrong with Reebok football boots! The great DENNIS BERGKAMP wore Reebok throughout his footballing career..

  20. says: Jacques Le Bon

    Who actually cares….You lot are so sad; Get an interest in something! No one cares about Henry’s boots, he is still good so get a life losers. What a waste of time this forum is!

  21. says: Alan

    Jacques Le Bon – I’m sorry you find this blog a waste of time. Although, for you to take the time to read the article and pass judgement on the comments, shows that you must have had some interest? Particularly as you have already left a previous comment on this subject…

  22. says: Clive Banks

    The football boots Henry wears are nice. Whatever anyone says about Reebok being a second class manufacturer, Henry has chosen to go with them so it doesn’t really matter, the boots are nice. But Andriy Shevchenko is going to score more goals than Henry this year!

    1. says: Matt K

      Can I just say Shevchenko didnt score more goals than Henry last season…they both had rubbish seasons…Some of you may think Henry didn’t play his best because of his new boots!!??
      Personally I loved him in vapors but it is up to him if he wants to change..I may still buy vapors..Henry doesn’t change that….GREAT PLAYER

  23. says: steve 5 ATFC

    It can’t be totally about racism, otherwise he wouldnt of had to have been paid 9 million. He would have done it on his own accord..!

  24. says: Lamby

    If?Thierry Henry wants to move to Reebok then fair enough. He’s a class act and a great man and?I think we should respect his decision because at the end of the day if you was with Nke and Rebok offered to give you your own boots and advertise you the way you want to be advertised,then your would go to Rebok aswell.?Ijust hope the boots don’ change his play because he’s UNBELIEVEABLE!

  25. says: D.Neptune

    It’s funny the foolish things people say……
    Thierry Henry is a good player, it’s a fact. But ….he is also very jealous of other players in football and that’s a fact too, because of statements made by him towards players like Ronaldinho, Ronaldo and others when he is on the losing side (CL fiinal).

    It’s funny how players like Ronaldinho always find ways, amidst all praises, to compliment other players like Thierry Henry and many other stars…. That’s why I would always say Ronaldinho is the best, because on and of the playing field he acts like it.

    When you are the greatest you are rewarded for it;

    Zidane, Ronaldo, Ronaldinho, Figo, Weah, Romario, Rivaldo and others were …..they all can be named in the same sentence, not Thiery Henry, he has nothing to show but trivial EPL titles, who cares about that? Or, Ronaldinho was the only player to get it back to back so take note Henry fans because he has nothing to show.

    Why did he go to Reebok? Well, for the money, because I would too….I’ve seen the close ups to those boots, how Vapor like they are, to prove my point.

  26. says: cr9

    I know Thierry and he is a great man, as well as the best player in the world! He has changed to Reebok because of their anti-racism campaigns, his recent and on goining foot problems and he was unhappy about the way Nike treated him…… the way they advertised him. Also I would like to say Ronaldino is a great player, but is highly over rated. His manager is realising this and that is why he has been dropped from Barca’s starting eleven. The great Thierry Henry also has a right to his own pair of football boots…..and with Nike he didnt have that!

  27. says: Jord Fitz(Gooner)

    I dont agree with D.Neptune being negative about Thierry Henry. He scores at least 30 goals a season and by saying he has nothing to show for it is a joke. One man can not win a champions league title on his own, and your talking about Figo and Weah, they weren’t half as good as Henry. Plus he still has years ahead of him to win a champions league title with Arsenal!

  28. says: Day

    Can’t believe he moved to Reebok! I had a bet with a mate that he was still Nike & was convinced I was on a winner. He has & always will be a great player no matter what he wears , Pele never worn fancy boots & look?? It’s just when you think Nike (Vapours) you think Henry. Reebok you think erm?? Bolton Wanderers?? And to D.Neptune Henry has nothing but praise for his fellow pro’s Steven Gerrard for example. And any half decent football player who plays & watches the game on a regular basis will know, KNOW that Henry is a better all round player than Ronaldinho, Not only has Thierry been top goalscorer in the games best league, he is also a player who can assist just as many as he scores. Top player & I can’t blame him for taking the 9 million deal at the age of 30, not many players get that deal.

  29. says: chazze

    I think henrys boots are best because henry always wears good boots and these boots are so fllaaaaaaasssshy and brilliant way better than his nike vapour well done henry come on u gunners

  30. says: JTUK

    I second D Neptune, those boots are so Vapor like. I think he’s just wearing unbranded Vapors because they are the best football boots for him. Reebok must obviously still be in the process of developing his new football boots. I can’t see Reebok topping the Vapors without copying much of it, they are the lightest boots around bar the Puma V1.06s. The Reebok boots Giggsy wears, the Strikezone Pro’s, are a bit chunky, but do offer quite a bit of protection. Something Henry doesnt need as most people cant catch him.

    The Vapor III are made for Henry, and Nike just got the other stars to endorse them, thus adding to their exposure. Same with the Total 90 series with Rooney the icon modellor and many others sporting them.

    As with Ronaldo and Ronaldinho, worldwide, they are probably bigger than Henry and have had limited edition boots adapted to them (the R9s and R10s).

    As for Henry only winning the EPL, being a very key player amongst a small squad against a tough league not dominated by only 2 clubs is not to be ignored. Dont forget Henry is a world cup winner and came 2nd placed in the Ballon d’Or awards with only Ronaldinho beating him both times.

  31. says: Dan The Man

    Huh, to D.Neptune. It’s a pity and sad case that your unaware of the constant charitable fights Henry has always championed…Huh, to call him a great player itself is a great travesty…Huh, by right he is overall a great man for championing such dignified causes….just look at the ‘STAND UP, SPEAK UP’ campaigns…guess who gave the idea and initiated it ?….the man himself Thierry henry… He should be respected for bringing attention to the world-wide plight of racism itself…c’mon, do u see much of these so-called ‘great’ and self-indulgent players ever giving a rats-ass about causes like this these days ?… I sadly don’t think so…. He took the honest initiative to start this campaign…. Therefore an effort like that should always be respected and looked up upon….and by the way, on your un-supported comments about him ‘not being among the world’s best’… Huh, you may have got your facts wrong… for a start, just read this whole thread itself and you’ll see how many lay-men commenting on just how good Thierry Henry is… and yeah he’s been top-scorer in the EPL for like….the 6th time in the row…he’s assisted as much as he’s scored those brilliant goals, which you can only afford to drool about and hope other players to actually have his God-given abilities to do so….he’s missed out on the FIFA world player award TWICE…well, that’s just plain bad luck…. Hey, I wonder why’s he in the top 3 in the first place? Even Ronaldinho was begging him to join Barca if i can remember a few months back…. Now, now, as far as i know (and the rest also), only the world’s best would be summoned upon Ronaldinho’s request to join a club like Barca….and guess whom he was begging to ask for….the man himself…Thierry Henry. I also wonder what Eric Cantona (the King himself), said about Henry once (think it was calling him the world’s best striker)…besides, he’s most of the time a one-man-show, one-man-army at Arsenal so you can’t expect him to carry the whole team up to the Champions League trophy can you? Well, he tried and he hasn’t given up yet. I applaud that kind of determination and spirit he exerts when he’s on the field, brilliant and to round it all off it was him who wiped the smirk off Ronaldinho’s face when he scored that marvelous goal during the quarter-finals of this years world cup. Au revoir and bon voyage…there goes Brazil’s hopes again and France go marching on to Berlin from there on, with compliment’s from ZiZou’s sublime cross.

  32. says: rude

    I was going to to comment about his football boots and what I thought of them, then I saw D neptune talking all sorts of stuff about the Legend. To name all those players and then say that the King is not as good? Let’s put it like this, not one of those players that you mentioned played in the Premiership at the time when they received the world’s best player award that alone tells you it’s a fix. If he had played in Italy or Spain he would have won it a long time ago, eg the season when he scored 30 league goals and went unbeaten all season. No one and that includes ZZ or Ronaldinho came clsoe to matching his performance’s and as for Figo the less said the better. Back to the football boots, I was a bit shocked when I heard about it, but why not if RBK payed you or me 9 million to sign with them i’m sure we would. We can only judge the football boots at the end of the season, although I prefer Nike and Adidas myself.

  33. says: Enow shilton

    Big ups to Henry.I think it’s good for Reekbok to have him and with the campaign they are starting its good for soccer. Nike has too many good players advertising for them and so i think its another way of distinguishing himself and with the big money contract. Make the money when you can still make it. Let me throw this to all those arguing about how good players are. ETO’O for world best player this year. Second African player after George Weah won it. He is the best so far and has been one of the best ever since he moved to Barcelona. Scoring vital goals when it matters. You can’t touch him this year. Thiery Henry even said it in an interview.

  34. says: Tobz

    Reebok are huge in America. So anyone who says they are second rate are clearly wrong. The fact they had £9,000,000 to splash out on one player says enough anyway.

  35. says: that smelly Pole

    Reebok is only huge for basketball in the U.S. and I have no idea why you think Thierry Henry?would ever even take a second glance in any direction besides his want for more money. Long story short: Reebok needs to get pulled out of the hole, they drop big coin for big players to get younger players to buy their gear, the end.

  36. says: Chris

    I think its pretty good that he has found a new brand. It is a really good way to distinguish himself. The only other well known RBK wearer is Giggs. Its like the only well known Puma wearers being Eto’o, Ljungberg, Buffon and a few others. The bottom line is that he deserves his own football boots, because the other players who have their own are just as good:
    Ronaldinho – Nike R10
    Ronaldo – Nike R9
    David Beckham – Adidas DB

    Im just surprised that Nike didnt give him a label because he has worn Nike for as long as I can remember.

  37. says: stav

    His football boots are very nice, does he wear the bronze Reebok football boots as well? I would buy them but I really want to get Henry’s all white boots,does anybody know where i can get them from?

  38. says: Daey

    No matter what he wears.. he is still Thiery Henry.. IMO Nike is not truly a brand for football.. it’s an American brand for general sports but not football.. they just like to advertise and brings in star players..

  39. says: Bujar ( RBK Fan )

    I usually buy RBK stuff, I just like this brand and I dont see any big deal or difference between Nike and RBK, especially last years.
    Thierry Henry is my favourite striker, but he is more than a striker his assists are unbelievable, simply the best of the bests and no doubt he deserves this year’s World Best Player award, what can I say , keep it up HENRY !!! … I AM WHAT I AM

  40. says: roberto

    Does any one know the name of the white football boots that Henry is wearing on the picture above. Name or website where i can find them. thanks.

  41. says: pd

    Thierry Henry is a good player when he wants to be but he dives too much now. Nike suited him more since like Nike, is very well known but has a bad side e.g. His diving + complaning and Nikes child labour in countries such as India.

    So guess its bad for Reebok as I (and hopefully many other people) have no respect left for him after his shameful diving displays in the World Cup and his complaining after the Champions League final. What happened to the honour and respect in the great sport known as football?…………

  42. says: GABRIEL MUNDIA

    I think he chose those football boots because they are comfortable and they are very light when you put them on. Yes they are Vapor like and they protect him from the unnecessary unkle injuries. Above all he looks nice in them, the colour is cool and nice.

  43. says: kendy

    I own Rbk Strikezone td .. fg and Nike Talaria 2 fg

    Nike is way better than Reebok..

    Nike: ads are quite ??? see C Ronaldo, likes to dive, see jogo bonito ads (Cantona mocks diving)..??
    Maybe Henry really dislike the advertising by Nike.. thats one example..

  44. says: Thierry Henry

    These football boots are more suited to my game, as one of you stated I have had an Achilles problem and the Vapors were not helping me with that situation, so I decided to switch, money was no option for me because I don’t need money, Reebok also has the same values as me and that is why I chose to go with them because I feel racism has no part in the game, neither does it in our lives.

  45. says: Izici

    Having worn both Reebok’s Baleni IV and Nike’s MV II, I can only say that there is a world of difference between them. The fact that my Reebok is still in excellent condition and in the corner of my closet while I’ve worn out a pair of Vapor II, a Talaria II and an Air Legend speaks for the quality and comfort of Nike over Reebok.
    The reason Thierry Henry was paid so high for the contract could be because Adidas (having bought Reebok) wanted an image change for Reebok.. and Henry is an image well worth investing in. I just hope that Reebok comes out with models and quality worthy of Thierry Henry and not repeat the disaster with Iverson (some of the most uncomfortable and ugliest Basketball shoes ever produced).

  46. says: arsenal till i die

    Hey why don’t we just leave the decision to Henry I mean he made the choice himself for reasons best known be it for anti racism, more money and his own football boots, he has changed. We should all get on with life.

  47. says: TOBY

    I always played filt in my mitre boots until I just simply cut the crap and improve my skill. I play good now because I depend on my ability, not football boots. Henry is the best striker no matter what boots he plays in.

  48. says: titifan

    d.neptune: henry didnt just win EPL rewards he won a lot of other things and hes just an unbeleivable player. Henry can change to reebok if he wants, its not the fans to choose for him. and u never no y he went to reebok so plz dont start to think u no y becuz u prob dont. the only one who does is henry himself. he has his reasons and i have faith in wutever he does

    -his biggest fan

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