Every single day we get loads of great questions submitted by all you football boots-loving individuals to our ‘Ask Geeks’ section.

Soccer Boots Week in Geek

Questions range from ‘What boots is my favourite player currently wearing?’ to ‘When do you think we’ll see a new version of my favourite football boots?’.

In other words, it’s all interesting stuff that we think everyone should know about!

So, we’ve created the Week in Geek, a weekly feature of the top 5 questions that have been asked in our Ask Geeks section. We’ve got our full team of geeks working round the clock on the ‘Ask Geeks’ section, so you might come across some interesting boot spots and juicy gossip (as well as helpful advice, of course) so keep your eyes peeled!

Craig asked:
did puma sign up Arteta, because he was wearing white puma kings i think against west brom but he usually wears adizeros?


Puma King Diego Finale

Influential Everton Midfielder Mikel Arteta has been in a variety of football boots since the end of last season, normally an adiPure man, we were shocked to see him in the leather adiZero back in August.

We were even more shocked to see him over the last 3 games in the Puma King Diego Finale (with the tongue cut off)! Puma can’t confirm tying the creative Spaniard into a contract, but watch this space as Puma have one or two big announcements this week!

Gary asked:
I’ve got a slight problem in the fact that my right foot is actually about half a size smaller than my left and i am almost exclusively right footed. I’ve always been aware of this and bought the correct size for my left foot purely for comfort.

However with new boots having fins, pads, strike zones etc i’m having a hard time finding a pair that will give me the comfort on my left foot with a snug enough fit on my slightly smaller right foot.

Reebok have always been my first choice but I’m noticing their range shrinking every year and even they are adopting new tech on their power boots. I need new boots and have exhausted my limited knowledge. Any suggestions?

P.S. anything but Nike.

Reebok Instante Pro II

Hey Gary – if you’re a fan of Reebok, have you tried the Instante Pro II? You basically bake the boots in the oven and then let them cool on your feet – the idea is that they then cool around your feet and the foam liner moulds to the shape of your foot.

We’ve heard good things about the process (i.e. you won’t burn your feet!) and it might be just the thing to cover that difference.

If you’ve got a bit more cash to splash. the miAdidas service allows you to choose two different sizes, so whether you’re a Predator_X or F50 adiZero man there’s probably a boot to suit your game in there somewhere!

Sean Jerick asked:

Hey guys! I was planning to order new adiPure IIIs. Do you think I should go ahead and order them or do you think I should wait until they release the rumoured adiPure IV. Are those even coming out any time soon?


Philipp Lahm in Blackout adidas F50 adiZero Prime 2

Hey Sean! Having recently seen Philip Lahm in a suspected pair, we can potentially expect the adiPure IV sometime within the text 2-3 months! The adiPure III has been on the market a full year, so we can expect an update soon – Which means you can wait a little while longer for the latest football boots – OR – you can hang on until they’re announced and the adiPure III will take a serious price cut!

James asked:
What boots did Dennis Bergkamp wear during his playing days?


Football Boots

Great Question! The Arsenal legend was a big fan of Reebok boots while at Arsenal, but didn’t wear any of the Synthetic Sprintfit range, preferring the classic leather of the old Integrity series. The closest football boots you’d find nowadays would be the RG800 . Hope that helps!

iPodkiller asked:

I got wide feet but i don’t want heritage shoes. What’s my choice of shoes??? Price is no limit.


Hi iPodKiller, if we answer your question will you not kill my iPod? Okay – deal!

If you’re serious about the price have you considered NikeiD or MiAdidas? NikeiD are relaunching their service (keep an eye out for that!) to include more boots with selectable widths, so you might find the answers to your prayers there!

Also, Italian & Japanese brands like Lotto, Asics and Mizuno have a reputation for having wider fitting boots – why not try on a pair of Wave Ignitus or Lotto Zhero Gravity for your next pair of football boots?

That’s it for The Week in Geek! We’ll have more of the best questions next week, but in the mean time – if you’ve got a football boots question that needs answering, head over to the Ask Geeks section!

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  1. says: Geo

    what were the blacked out boots that Vicotr Valdes was wearing against Madrid yesterday? He’s usually a tiempo guy but from what I could tell they didn’t have the tongue. Any help? Thanks

  2. says: takatiko15

    @iPodkiller: Not sure how wide your feet are, but Mizuno is generally a wider fit overall than other brands because one of its major markets is Japan. Within Mizuno, the Amador line is a super-wide fit, although it is not necessarily the easiest thing to get a hold of if you don’t live in Japan. But I was able to off of BigSoccer forums has a lot of info on how to purchase.

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