Ever since disappearing into bankruptcy last year, the Concave brand has all but disappeared in the form we once knew it. But in Australia, however, the performance-boosting boot could be preparing to strike back.

Concave Aussie Rules Football Boots

The ‘demise’ of Concave as a force in the UK and US was as fast as it was unexpected. One moment the brand was signing (then) Manchester United duo Wes Brown and John O’Shea, expanding it’s distribution to Kitbag and other online retailers and setting up demonstration stalls across the country – the next it was financially inviable.

But – much like Nomis before them – Concave still exist in their ‘native’ Australia. But whereas Nomis found solace in Rugby League, Concave have proven to be a firm favourite amongst Aussie Rules Football players.

In a game that requires huge kicks and huge hits, it seems the Concave ethos of 15% more power and metatarsal protection has finally found it’s niche.

Concave PT Legacy

Dealing more with independent sports retails and their own, Concave seem to have avoided one of the major pitfalls of their previous foray; a binding retailer-exclusivity deal with UK chain JJB Sports.

As well as the PT+ and the (sincerely excellent) PT Classic getting a second chance at life, Concave also have a new boot in the works. Set for release later this year, the Concave PT Legacy offers a new take on the tried-and-tested concave technology.

Concave PT Legacy

Set on a foldover lace cover – similar to the Puma v1.11 – the PT Legacy seems to have a much more generous instep than it’s ‘boxy’ predecessors, whilst retaining the excellent K-Leather that chacterised the PT Classic.

Whilst we’re glad to see Concave getting new boots on the market, we want to know – would you be swayed into a pair of the PT Legacy? If so, could you see Concave getting a foothold in the football market again?

Let us know in the comments!

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    1. says: Fifinho

      well UnderArmour is already a well-established company, just not in football boots, so they’d be able to survive for a while although i agree with you on Pele. Despite the fact i think their boots are pretty damn good value for money, i honestly haven’t met anyone else who feels the same :/

  1. says: Keith

    I live in Australia and an avid AFL watcher and club player on the weekends. I’m not really sure where you got your stats from but these boots are not popular at all in AFL circles. The major brands Nike, Adidas, Puma and to an extent Asics dominate. What Disneyland is Concave living in to make such claims? The whole cover over the laces has been done to death and has been dropped by pretty much every big boot maker and for good reason. In warmer climates like in Australia your foot becomes a hot sauna, the weight goes up and water retentions (which adds to weight) no matter what treatment is used on a leather boot goes up. These boots would of been ok 10-15 years ago. The game has moved on since then and if concave really want to compete they need to move their game also.

  2. says: Luca

    I tried the first release of these boots and they were awful.

    My mate got a pair of the later ones which were much better.

    I’d like to know what you guys think of them, can you do a test review please?

  3. says: AndyT

    I’m with Keith…who is wearing them??? They look like a much cheaper version of the last model that is now 4 years old….so out of touch with today’s boots. Compare them to even the new Warrior boot designs and these look like something from the 80’s. Same old story, same old marketing lines….time to come up with something really new, or fold again. Like Nomis, might be a half decent story for the home grown market, wave the flag and ask us to buy….but can’t see them ever selling abroad. I would love to hear from a pro player out there that is wearing them in either AFL or footy, and having him tell us how good they are versus the nimwits from the company who keep trying to sell us a line of garbage…which from my perspective is where those boots belong. One question for the company….are you nuts trying to ask us to pay 0ver 225 for those boots, when we can buy top of line from any major brand out there for far less??? REALLY….come on boy’s give your head a shake. Those things look so cheaply made they should be a 60 dollar boot.
    Maybe they need to bring back “king” Kenny as their spokesperson…..oh I forgot he has faded away into a black hole as well.

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