As part of the Messi’s trip to the UK, our friends at adidas made sure that got some time with one of the greatest players in the world today. Less than 24 hours after scoring 2 goals in the UEFA Champions League for Barcelona, Messi had to face an even bigger challenge – answering your questions!

Images from our day with the World's greatest player - Lionel Messi

FB: You’ve worn the adidas F50 range for a long time – why choose them over every other type of football boot?

LM: For me, they have always been the best – the answer is simple, for me they are the best boot I have ever worn.

FB: What’s your favourite thing about the new F50, the adidas F50 adiZero?

LM: The lightness when it’s on your foot is very good. And also, the fact that I was constantly involved in the boot’s development was very important – I enjoyed helping design the boot.

FB: As a professional, you must get to try out new types of football boots all the time. When you get a new pair of boots what’s the first thing you do to break them in?

LM: My favourite thing to do is get a direct touch with the ball, I will play with the ball very close to my feet and see how the boot feels on the ball. Touch with the ball is very important to me, so when I get new boots, direct touch is always first.

I will also sprint without the ball, as I like to know how the boot feels when I’m running; it’s important to know if it is comfortable when running.

Images from our day with the World's greatest player - Lionel Messi

FB: After you have played a good game, do you have any superstitions or traditions that you carry over to the next game, such as wearing the same shirt or boots?

LM: No, I don’t actually have any! I know many players do that, but I don’t have'  any!

FB: What keeps you motivated to play, even after you have won nearly everything with Barcelona?

LM: I always want to repeat the feeling of winning the titles, winning titles makes you want to do it again and again because it is very special.

In football, every time you play on the pitch, you should always want to win.

FB: Who’s the best players that you have played with and against?

LM: Deciding would be very difficult, if I am being honest I would have to say that I have had the chance to play on the same pitch with so many truly great players, I cannot decide.

FB: Who are your favourite players in the English Premier League?

LM: I like to watch Wayne Rooney and Steven Gerrard!

FB: Finally, why do you think speed has become such a big factor in the modern game?

LM: Because being quick can really make the difference!

In the final area of the pitch, in front of goal, even if I do not have the ball if I am quick I get in the right places. For me I know I have scored lots of good goals from being faster than the other team in front of their own goal.

Messi signing a pair of gold football boots for a fan

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  1. says: DaveM

    Awesome! I like what he said about his touch in the boots, I’m the same. I like to be able to get good feeling through my boots.

    So its not just being a great player that me and Messi have in common!

  2. says: BiyiAdetunji

    apparently most of it was a big fail, the only thing he could do was give out boots, not his fault though, not really that well organised by adidas.

  3. says: brian

    messi is the best rigth now,no doubts at all. And the adizeros are revolutionary boots.Ive seen a lot of players actually improving their performance wearing these boots. Take for example, Anelka…he runs much faster than he did when he wore puma boots.

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