It’s been a massive few days for Nike with the launch of the new Mercurial Vapor V and Superfly football boots.

But even before the Mercurial V hit the press pages, we detected that Nike might be getting a little ahead of themselves. The reason? A long running debate which has resurfaced big time. So, Footy Boots thought it only right to try and settle the current Mercurial argument. In other words, forget the MV V and the Superfly for a moment and take a view on the REAL question – which Vapor is best, the III or the IV.

The Great Mercurial Vapor Debate

On Footy Boots last week, we featured Yossi Benayoun who continues to wear the Vapor III in red, black and silver despite the fact that the boots came out nearly 3 years ago.

However, judging by your comments, it seems many of you agree with the choice of the Israeli international.

The Great Mercurial Vapor Debate Vapor III

Exhibit A – the Vapor III

So, after the hullabaloo that the Vapor V has made, here’s your last chance to stick up for your Vapor of choice. The III or the IV. Indeed, you might even want to issue a rallying call for the Vapor I or Vapor II.

The Great Mercurial Vapor Debate Vapor IV

Exhibit B – the Vapor IV [poll=20]

Having cast your vote, why not make a comment below making the case for your favourite Vapor and we’ll make a judgement call on which football boot receives the better press over the next few days before declaring a winner.

Let battle commence.

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    1. says: cullen

      Vapor 2. They were the lightest at 7.1 oz. and had the best range of colors including the orange ones, and the gold ones.

    1. says: rico

      The Mercurial Vapor II is the best vapor ever. Ever since those they have gotten worse and worse. Added more and more weight, a stupid lace cover, and they have gone away from the sleek design. Ever since Henry left Nike they have sucked. The Vapor II’s are a class ahead. And the Vapor IV’s are by far the worst vapor ever made. They suck. They are heavy. All of you Moron’s saying Vapor IV’s are basing it on the colors. The boot SUCKS.

      1. says: everett

        yeah i totally agree with rico, except i was going to say vapor 2 and 3 are equally good. they fit my foot so good, i don’t even need to tie them and they stay on perfectly. I just got vapor 5s (because i couldn’t find a single vapor 3 for sale my size) and everything that i liked about my 3s are changed… its disappointing…

  1. says: Gung

    I like VAPOR II coz of the styling and lines at he side of boots that always make me feel that’s built for speed ….. also more comfort than VAPOR III

  2. says: darren (pipaldinho)

    its gotta be the vapor IV cos of the cool colour peeps, if i had to buy a pair it would deffo be those boots.

  3. says: Kim

    I love the III maybe the most, but the Vapor SL(not mercurial SL) are simply fantastic, the IV normal sucks and gave me blister and pain like f**k in my heel.

  4. says: kassandra lover 10-30-07

    Well the 4’z w/o a doubt are a little more comfortable.. But for meeh I go with the 3’zz.. They look more stylish and they have a bit wider fit. The weight is not a big difference tough..

  5. says: cabbage

    i’ll go for the MV IV .
    its nice to kick once its seasoned.however,the only problem is that blisters will appear at the back of the heel.i think nike must solve this problem

    1. says: Ryan

      yeah same. i have the iv in lime green and they give me bad blisters nd i have only trained in them once. i hope they have solved this problem on the new ones

  6. says: Gaston

    I’ve owned the Vapor III and IV and they both have their advantages and disadvantages.

    In my opinion, the Vapor III are aesthetically better looking and lighter than the Vapor IV. I’ve never been a big fan of the lace cover from the Vapor IV.

    However the Vapor IV provide more protection around the foot and are slightly more comfortable than the Vapor III, especially when wearing for long periods.

    Which is better? Personally, the Vapor IV edges it as they perform better, but they are not as good looking a the Vapor III.

  7. says: Clarkie

    Vapor 3s by far.
    ive had every version of the vapor and nothing compares to the 3s. Its a shame you cant buy them any where though!
    Bring them back!!

  8. says: Jake

    a teammate had 3’s and they were sick but i have 4’s.. i owned original dark blue/baby blue edition. i got mad blisters so i couldn’t even walk! but i went to tha red gold edition. perfect! however lace cover is annoying. as it is ripping away anyways. im going 3’s next purchase (20 days)

  9. says: Matt

    My personal favorite is the Nike Mercurial Vapor II. The design had a very sleek look to it and it was a quality boot with a great fit.

  10. says: Quaresma

    Mercurial Vapor III are the GOD of Vapors. They are the best ever, both by style and performance. Although people argue over how much protection they provide like all Vapors.

  11. says: mj

    well i think the lace cover isnt really a big problem and isnt really a big help either.. so, having it there, i wouldnt mind.. unless when i’m washing it.. dirts tend to get stuck in the lace cover.. but with it, it looks much cooler.. i hav both vapor 3 and 4.. i’ll go for 4.. coz the 4 has the carbon fiber around or above the heel level, i mean the height.. therefore offering a really tight fit feeling which i need it.. 3’s heel part gets loose overtime.. it’s true that 4 gives blisters and 3 din, for me.. but some shoes do need to be broken in so, i’ll definitely go for the 4.. plus, it’s the 4 that looks sleeker.. it’s a very shinny and appealing cleats..

  12. says: Roman

    Vapor IIIs are by far the most comfortable boot I have ever worn. Style wise, I have to say my favorite of all Vapors-boots in general-would be the original Vapors with the silver and red; the ones Henry wore with France in the opening 2002 World Cup game against Senegal. Still best shoe, is the Vapor III.

  13. says: nicky mentiply

    im all over the new superflys…these will be amazing!! they look like they meen buisness..cant wait to have a pair 😛

  14. says: Scottie

    The IIIs are where its at. I’ve got a pair of IIIs and IVs and I’ve gotta be honest, the lace cover ruins the look of the boot. But the IIIs just have a much better fit. Gotta love the classic(ish) look o them. And on that note, bring on the Superflys!! I’ll DEFINATELY be buying a pair on release day.

  15. says: francisco

    Well I have both tha vapor III and the vapor IV..and I have to say that the vapor III are tha best ones..they bot are good but I feel like the vapor IV focus to much on lookin good..

  16. says: mohammad masri

    I have both vapor 3 and vapor iv. It’s just insane how the vapor 3 is lighter than the vapor iv. I’m slowly beginning to agree with the people that say Nike is starting to go backwards. They say every shoe is built for speed then why do they keep adding weight to the boot. They added weight to both the iv and now the V. The 3 is even lighter than the iv sl. So that says alot!

  17. says: ruben

    I have the mv III cactus and the IV in red/gold and the difference between them is gigantic III´s are so much lighter an comfortable

  18. says: Seth Zellers

    i’d have to go with the MV III. by far the most comfortable boot of the series. i’ve had MV III-V and my favorite is still the III

  19. says: G7SOK

    i have MV III and IV and i love the IV cuz i get the best power out of em and the III’s r to thin first day i got em i clipd a players back stud barley and my toenail came off

  20. says: matt b

    i have had the IV and the III and the III are a nicer look and dident give me plisters like the other. so mv III for me

  21. says: Drhooverman11

    I still play with both of these cleats and id have to say the vapor iii’s have a sick shot but the iv’s have way better touch

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