Getting fit and ready for the new season is one thing, but what if your first game was against a team of national heroes? Well, Nivea have challenged one regular Sunday League team to get good enough to take on a team of England Legends as part of the Great Football Experiment.


They’ll not be alone in their quest, though – Terry Venables is the man tasked with turning a team more accustomed to the likes of Hackney Marshes to be ready for Wembley stadium – the question is, can it be done?

Set over a series of episodes, Nivea will be trailing this lucky team to see if ‘El Tel’ can whip them into shape in time for their unlikely match-up with the Three Lions greats, and the highs and lows of the preparation.

Will this real life team of friends be in for a hiding for the record books?

Or will a bit of Venables magic be enough to see them pull off an upset for the ages? You’ll have to find out by watching on Facebook!


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