The Power Poll is closed and the results are in!

After 2 weeks of intense voting that saw over 1,700 football boots fans contribute to the tally, we can finally reveal the Results of the Power Poll!

3rd Place – The Puma PowerCat 1.10

Football Boots PowerCat

It was always going to be a tough ask for Puma’s newest to go up against two of the biggest, most well established franchises in the football boots history.

But the PowerCat 1.10 gave it a good go – for a boot that only launched 2 months ago it’s already got 227 people on this website that prefer it to the mighty Predator and Laser lines. That’s a huge statement!

We think that it’ll turn a few heads in in some of the new colourways we’ve seen, and it’ll definitely grow to be a very popular boot for Puma.

2nd Place – Nike T90 Laser III

Football Boots Laser T90 III

In the tightest of tussles – the Laser III was edged out by the Predator_X by a mere 2%!

We watched the poll very closely and just after our half-time report we saw a surge in votes for the Laser III, looking like an upset was on the cards, but it just wasn’t meant to be!

Many suggestions on the comments seemed to imply that voting might have been different had we put the Laser II up there instead of the Laser III. Controversial!

Winner – Adidas Predator_X

Football Boots Predator_X

The original Power-enhancing boot: the Predator line went into the contest the favourite and has taken victory by a narrow margin!

Though, in terms of footballing cliches you could probably say ‘The scoreline doesn’t tell the whole story’!

The Predator_X was under constant speculation in the comments, with some saying that they were comfortable and glove-like in terms of fit; whereas others were saying they were the only Predators ever to give them blisters.

Such a huge contrast of opinions means it’s actually no surprise that it was so close between the Laser III and Predator_X.

Football Boots

Here’s the full results of the Power Poll 2010:

Power Poll Results

Lastly, a huge thanks to everyone that voted – the only reason we can run polls like this is because you keep voting, so a huge thanks from everyone here at!

Leave us a comment below and tell us what you think of the results!

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  1. says: fido

    Nike should make a cheaper version of laser III but with calf leather or something. similar to what adidas and puma has.

  2. says: Barriecuda

    @fido: They did, it’s the Shoot III.

    Slipped on a pair of Laser III’s the other day, surprisingly comfortable, although I’ve yet to play in them. Still really fond of my recent purchase of the Pred’ PowerSwerve’s (IX) though.

  3. says: martincillo

    i voted for the lasers !!!
    second place the pumas, maybe the pred X is better than the puma, but why take out the extra grams of the sole plate

  4. says: fido


    shoot III? i thought the shoot and strike III are synthetic? that is what i can conclude.. can somebody confirm this?? =)

  5. says: channo

    @fido: they always have. instead of “laser” it’s called “T90 shoot” and “T90 strike”. there’s even a cheaper version called “T90 exacto”
    the spec on every generation are different though. sometimes they made it cheaper leather like u’ve suggested -but most of the times they made it synthetic.

    congrats pred x, my fav boots of all time!
    great poll footy boots 😉

  6. says: Simon

    Love it great poll.
    I voted predator x but wanted the powercat 2nd. That T90 doesnt deserve to be on the podium.
    More polls like this please.

  7. says: alexx

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