Today the FA launched the latest in it’s long line of campaigns to get the British Public in to aspects of the Beautiful Game.

After the undoubted success of previous FA campaigns such as ‘Are you losing it?’,’Respect’ and ‘Get into Football’, the FA are on something of a hot streak at the moment!

Looking to capatalise on the furor around the 2010 FIFA World Cup just about hitting fever pitch, the FA have timed their latest release – ‘Get into Coaching’ – to perfection.

The series of videos sees England stars, including James Milner, Robert Green, Ashley Cole and James Milner talk about coaches from their junior teams who inspired them to get where they are today.

The aim of videos is simply to let everyone know about the range of coaching options available to them, including the FA Youth Award.

Fabio Capello says of the scheme:  œI am lucky to work here, for this country, for the passion of the fans and I appreciate the great work coaches do with young players and children. For me it™s a mission.

He adds: œWe have to work together, to play together, to get the spirit of the team. You can win and you can lose, but it™s really important for coaches to help young players to enjoy the football.

Stuart Pearce, coach of England™s U21s, said: œThe really great thing about being a coach is seeing that improvement in players, seeing them being coached during the week and putting that into practise in a game. What better time to get more quality coaches into football than when the nation is inspired by England competing in the FIFA World Cup.

“The FA Youth Award receives the full support of Fabio Capello and the England team who want fans, players and parents to take their first steps into coaching this summer.

We’re, once again, thrilled to see the FA putting so much focus on getting people into the game at it’s most basic levels, it’s just a shame that so much money is required for coaching qualifications and CRB checks.

Who was your first coach? Do you remember any of the things they taught you?

I’ll start the ball rolling – mine was a fellow called Colin, who was part of an adidas Predator training scheme we were lucky enough to have come round our school, probably explains why I grew up so focused on football boot brands, now I think about it!

If you’d like to watch the rest of these virals (and why wouldn’t you?) head over to the FA’s Youtube Channel

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