Just over 48 hours after his move to Warrior football was confirmed, Tim Cahill gave his new football boot-suppliers something to celebrate with a place for himself (and the Warrior Skreamer) in the record books.

The Australian talisman took a mere seven seconds to get on the scoresheet in the New York Red Bulls game at Houston Dynamo, setting the record for the fastest goal ever scored in Major League Soccer.

Not a bad way to open your account for some new footwear, we’re sure you’ll agree.

But that got us thinking – which other players have given their new cleats a game to remember when wearing them for the first time?

We’ve compiled a last of seven other debuts that we think stand up next to Tim Cahill’s extraordinary achievement:

Date:' 6th January 2013

Venue:' Estadio Santiago Bernabeu

Match:' Real Madrid 4 – 3 Real Sociedad

Debut:' Cristiano Ronaldo, Nike Mercurial Vapor IX

In his first official game as captain, Cristiano Ronaldo helped a 10-man Real Madrid overcome a determined Real Sociedad side in his first game wearing the Mercurial Vapor IX.

Cristiano Ronaldo scores a free-kick in the Nike Mercurial Vapor IX CR

In an usual twist, Nike launched a ‘Ronaldo Custom’ version of the Vapor IX before it’s debut to mark Cristiano Ronaldo’s achievements throughout 2012 ahead of the announcement of the winner of the Ballon D’or.

Whilst Ronaldo might have lost out on the World Player of the Year title, he did dispatch two goals – one a signature free-kick – to win the match and give him a tally of 171 goals in 171 games for Los Blancos.

Date:' 9th March 2012

Venue:' Emirates Stadium

Match:' Arsenal 2 -1 Leeds United

Debut:' Thierry Henry, Puma King SL

Not many players get to re-write their place in a club’s history, but Thierry Henry did just that when he returned on loan from New York Red Bulls to Arsenal for a spell.

Puma King SL - worn by Thierry Henry

An Arsenal legend, some were raising questions over welcoming Henry back to the Emirates.

However, Henry allayed any fears he might damage his legacy in North London, stepping off the subs bench in a pair of then-unreleased Puma King SL to score the winner over a stubborn Leeds United in the cup.

Having been billed as ‘The Return of the King’ by Gooners, it was masterful marketing of Puma to get their then-new signing into a pair of their latest Puma Kings.

Date:' 1st November 2011

Venue:' Doosan Arena

Match:' Viktoria Plzen 0 – 4 Barcelona

Debut:' Leo Messi, adidas F50 adiZero miCoach

After a shock trial outing in an international friendly, Leo Messi was in imperious form to give the adidas F50 adiZero miCoach it’s competitive debut in the Champions League.

Lionel Messi in the new adidas F50 adiZero miCoach football boots

The Argentine was in no mood to take prisoners in this Champions League away tie, bagging a hat-trick to complete a perfect debut for the first miCoach-powered F50 adiZero.

Bonus fact: This was also Cesc Fabregas’ first game in the Puma PowerCat 1.12, and he was also on the scoresheet to give his new boots a great start to their shelf life.

Date:' 18th March 2010

Venue:' Craven Cottage

Match:' Fulham 4 -1 Juventus (5-4 on aggregate)

Debut:' Clint Dempsey, Nike Mercurial Vapor Superfly II.

The Europa League can sometimes pull a few surprises when it comes to football boots. With games played on Thursday nights, some players will often sneak a pair of the weekend’s new releases on to the pitch, leaving sponsors more than a little frustrated.

Dempsey Superfly 2

There will have been no ill-feelings from Nike towards Clint Dempsey, mind you, when he laced up the Superfly II for the first time in Fulham’s Europa League semi-final against Italian giants Juventus.

Starting the match 3-1 down on aggregate and making things even harder on themselves with an early goal, Fulham needed to bag four to avoid penalties.

After his team-mates had obliged with enough goals to see the game brought to 4-4 on aggregate, Clint Dempsey (who by and rights should have been laid out with an injury) dinked a majestic chip into Gigi Buffon’s net to create one of Fulham – and European football’s – most memorable upsets.

Date: 12th January 2008

Venue: Old Trafford

Match: Manchester United 6 – 0 Newcastle United

Debut: Cristiano Ronaldo, Nike Mercurial Vapor IV

An amazing display by Cristiano Ronaldo saw him secure his first ever hat-trick for United who scored all of their goals in the second half.

ronaldo in vapor IV

He opened his account with a trademark free kick, added a second after a superb move which included contributions from Wayne Rooney and Carlos Tevez before bagging his third two minutes from time, his 22nd strike of the season.

Date: 27th May 2009

Venue: Stadio Olimpico

Match: Barcelona 2 – 0 Manchester United

Debut: Lionel Messi, adidas F50i

Twenty minutes are left in the Champions League final and as United fail to clear, the ball falls to Xavi. He strolls forward and sends his cross towards Messi who has split the United centre backs. For a moment it looks as if the pass is too high, but the diminutive genius seems to hang in the air and expertly sends his header in to the corner of the net. 2 – 0.

messi debut adidas f50i

Never one to miss a trick, Messi wheels away in celebration, takes off one of his new boots and gives it a kiss. Cue adidas bonus!

Date: 4th October 2009

Venue: Emirates Stadium

Match: Arsenal 6 – 2 Blackburn Rovers

Debut: Cesc Fabregas, Nike CTR360 Maestri

A peerless performance by the Spaniard who tore Rovers apart.

He started by providing an assist for Thomas Vermaelen to score Arsenal’s first equaliser before two slide rule passes set up further goals for Robin van Persie and Andrey Arshavin as the home team went in to the break 3 – 2 up.

fabregas debut ctr360 maestri

Fabregas then got on to score sheet himself with a sweet left foot volley before twice being involved in a sweeping move in which he ultimately set up Theo Walcott for Arsenal’s fifth.

His debut was all the more pertinent as it was only a few days before that Fabregas had been on hand to reveal the new ‘playmaker-focused’ boots at the official launch day.

So, they are our top 6 debut picks. You, of course, might have a different view. If so, let us know by commenting below.

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  1. says: fifinho

    yeah the CTR’s debut were the best. But with all due respect to Fabregas, two of “assists” didn’t really count. Like a simple pass to Vermaelen before he struck a long range strike and getting a touch onto a ball moving across the box before it reached Walcott when it would’ve still reached Walcott easily. However that being said it was a very impressive debut indeed

  2. says: Callum

    For me its ronaldo, first ever hat trick for man utd, and he was world player off the year at the time. Best player ever Ronaldo!!!

  3. says: Mati

    meeeeeeeeessi…the boot even fell off when he leaped over that mastadon rio, and then he gave it a peck…it doesn’t get any better than a UCL final to me

  4. says: Hugh

    CTR’s for me cos vapors were already big before that, yes it was a good release for the vapor 4’s for ronaldo but it wasnt as big as the CTR PR campaign. Also, so many players began to take up the CTR’s and played well with them. players such as Ashley Cole have switched boots and decided to choose the CTR’s so it was a very impressive debut as well as the impressive few months after the debut with Fabregas

  5. says: kuuku

    Easily by far fabregas and the ctr 360.

    How can an assist “not count”? Whoever passed the ball to the goal scorer has assisted, simple as. Fabregas might have passed to someone else instead of vermaelen or gone for goal himself. Same with the walcott situation, He could have feigned passing to walcott and instead controlled it and used walcott’s run to give himself space to shoot. But he didn’t do any of that, he passed to the player, the player scored from the sweet pass (could have been over or underhit) and therefore fabregas gets an assist. Simple as. Saying the assist doesn’t count is a very grevious disrespect and a belittling of the player’s ability. Sometimes it’s the simplest passes that are the hardest to do.

    CTR 360….for what it claims to do, has the best debut with a stunning 4 assists and a goal in a single game.

  6. says: Splinter09

    It has to be Messi’s, despite the fact that he scored the second goal with a header. He played really well and I think that had a bigger impact than scoring a lot of goals against much weaker sides.

    @Collum and no C. Ronaldo is not the best player ever, he has a long way to go mate. If you ment fatty Ronaldo I’ll have to agree. LOL

  7. says: mark

    like kuuku said, it’s fabregas and the CTR360’s by a mile. it did exactly what nike said the boots were for: playmaking. the fact that he did that three times and scored a goal for good measure demostrated that nike had hit the jackpot with these boots.

  8. says: channo

    yeah, CTR360 are made for assists and the debut really represents.

    about messi though, he didn’t “took off his boots”. the boot slips off his feet when he landed on the ground. the kiss is just an improvisation i guess…

    and apart from people saying that the kiss is over-exaggerated, i think the kiss was very natural. messi is a human just like us.
    when i got a new pair of boots, i’d be happy. and if i score a goal with ’em, i’d be happier and feel confidence about the boots. i may kiss ’em too!

    it’s totally natural. messi is just a happy kid who got a new pair of boots, nothing wrong with the kiss 🙂

  9. says: Kyle

    Channo – Very true! However I’d only do it if I was playing on a super fine pitch…

    Trust me, nooone would want to give my boots a kiss after 15 minutes of playing on the pitches I play on!

  10. says: Inzider

    Messi was actually wearing a “fake” F50 with the F30 molded plate + it was Kangaroo Leather. It doesn’t take anything away from his performance but you can’t really call this a “boot debut” when the player doesn’t wear the actual boot.

  11. says: channo

    hahahaha, someday Kyle, someday… if we play on champions league final’s stadium 🙂

    @Inzider: shouldn’t take it too seriously lad, pro’s do that ALL the time. Beckham wears powerpulse instead of powerspine, Keane wears different soleplate, Dempsey wears special colors that’s not even on nikeID, come to think of it… almost ALL OF THEM wears special tailored sized boots (Nistelrooy wears wide vapors that supposed to be a narrow boot, etc) 😉

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