After putting the T90 Laser III through Electric Greens, Challenge Reds and Neptune Blues it looks like Nike are getting back to basics with this solid new White/Black/Chlorine colourway for their signature ‘Power’ football boots!

Nike T90 Laser III Football boots in White/Black/Cyan to be worn by the likes of Wayne Rooney, of Manchester United

Looking crisp on the mostly-white upper, we’re impressed from the off with the clean look of these new T90 Laser III ‘s!

Far from being boring, these new football boots offer up an awesome looking pattern on the heel counter and sole plate, that’s certainly going to be a welcome change for players looking for something a little different from their next pair of Lasers!

Nike T90 Laser III Football boots

The strike-zone on the instep is back in it’s classic black, and in a first for the T90 Laser III ‘s so are the silicon pods on the upper!

Whilst one of the things we praised in our original review for the T90 Laser III was the red pods gave a great visual indicator of the best place on the foot to strike the ball – we’ve got to say, having both the rubber-fins and the pods in black gives that previously obnoxiously designed area of the boot a really sleek finish.

Nike T90 Laser III Football boots in White/Black/Cyan to be worn by the likes of Wayne Rooney, of Manchester United and England

Whilst we’re sure we’d have loved theme football boots just as much had they been monochrome, the splash of cyan round the Nike tick on the outstep and sole are a perfect finishing touch on what might be our favourite T90 Laser III colourway yet!

These new football boots are part of Nike’s Summer ’11 range and will land in stores on April 1st, with pre-orders starting this week!

What do you think of this latest T90 Laser III colourway?

Let us know in the comments section!

NIKE T90 LASER III – WHITE/BLACK/CHLORINE, 3.4 out of 10 based on 27 ratings

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  1. says: channo

    this colorway is good, definitely the colorway of choice for players who opted for white boots like me.

    but it devalues nikeID T90s -since the last time i checked nikeID, it’s the only place where u could get black rubberfins and pods.

    which brings me to this: nike and adidas are releasing SO(OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO) MANY colorways lately, the nikeID and miadidas are loosing its value and purposes.

  2. says: nicoacademia

    you know nike is in trouble when – using simple classic colours – they have turned the boot into a damn ugly thing.

    the rest of the boot brands use classic colours and come up with something professional or svelte or just oozing class.

  3. says: kuuku

    The look lovely. They tick all the boxes in terms of looks: Clean look but with something interesting up-close. Very nice colourway from nike, they should put out more like these instead of the ones for the superfly.

  4. says: stuart glover

    they look like the old style total 90s which dempsey commented and i prefer that none of this blue black and yellow on the one boot bring back the old white/black red/white gold/white style ones haha

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