Nike are gearing up for one of the most extensive football boot campaigns of the year, the release of the new Mercurial range. With the new football boots from Nike’s Mercurial range soon to hit the market, some of Nike’s top footballers have been spotted testing out the new models.

** Update: Mercurials have now been launched **

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Nike Mercurial Vapor Superfly


Cristiano Ronaldo was recently interviewed by France Football at a Nike Mercurial Vapor Superfly photoshoot where he was photographed sporting them in action for an upcoming advert.

Ronaldo superfly

English Premier League

As you would expect, Nike’s posterboy Cristiano Ronaldo has been seen in a pair of blackout Nike Mercurial Vapor Superfly’s at Manchester United’s Carrington Training Centre.

Chelsea striker Didier Drogba and Arsenal’s new Russian international Andrei Arshavin have also been caught sporting them in training.

Andrei Arshavin training with Arsenal

Spanish Primera Liga

Dani Alves of FC Barcelona has taken great liking to the Superfly as he has been wearing custom Vapor IV’s with the Superfly soleplate.

Italian Serie A

In the Serie A Juventus’ Amauri and Inter Milan pair Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Adriano have both been seen wearing the Superfly’s ahead of the release, no doubt to get accustomed to the new Superfly and to feedback to Nike.


On February 11 the Ivory Coast took on Turkey in an international friendly. Chelsea striker Didier Drogba marked his return to international action with an injury-time strike which earned Ivory Coast a 1-1 draw. During the match Drogba’s blackout Superfly’s were torn as he was stepped on while challenging for the ball. Let’s hope this won’t be a recurring problem with the Superfly’s.


Didier Drogba’s ripped Superfly

** Update **

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  1. says: martinccillo

    the superfly dont looks resistent in that photo, but watching in detail that photo we can see that was a very hard foul, cause the shoe ripped and the sock get rippep too and there is blood =O, im not protecting nike but was a hard tackle .

  2. Can’t wait to see the new Mercurial’s when they come out, the black ones with the yellow tick look really cool, I think for the first time I’m considering getting a pair of plastic football boots. lol

  3. says: Ad-one

    Nike has taken another giant leap backwards with the Vapors v’s, i think 80% of vapor wearers fell in love with the Vapor 3’s the heel cup system that allowed for most to wear them without blisters.

    Nike shunned this cup in the vapor 4’s which led to the same problems that the vapor 1’s and 2’s had. major blister problems.

  4. says: the pro

    im thinking of getting these but i prefer ther vapor 3 the blue ones they are probably the best boots i have ever had and nike should go back to that style. and if anyone could help by telling me wear i could get the vapor 3s i would be grateful

  5. says: Batuhan

    ßu kramponlar dayanıkılı ama bu krampona krampona cok basılmıs o yuzdendın benımde en sevdıqım ayakkabı nıke mercuruıal pembe ve nıke ctr360 su anda ctr 360 bnde var

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