The Nike Superfly III.

Here’s the lowdown on the third incarnation of Nike’s leading speed football boot.

Nike Mercurial Vapor Superfly III

Nike Mercurial Vapor Superfly III Football Boots - to be worn by Cristiano Ronaldo


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The new Nike Mercurial Superfly III represents the pinnacle of Nike’s football boots research and development, designed around innovate technology and shaped by feedback from top professional players, including; Cristiano Ronaldo, Didier Drogba, Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Franck Ribery.

The foundation of these celebrated football boots comes from their unique FlyWire upper – which is basically dozens of highly durable strands which offer ultra-lightweight, dynamic support, enabling the Superfly III to offer an unparalleled level of fit, comfort and performance to the wearer.

Nike Mercurial Vapor Superfly III Football Boots - to be worn by Cristiano Ronaldo and other top stars - unveiled March 16th

Housing this one-of-a-kind technology is a 3-layer Teijin-designed upper, consisting of Teijin synthetic leather, microfibre substrate and polyurethane for comfort. Working together, these materials allow the Nike Superfly III to set a new benchmark for synthetic football boots when it comes to ball feel and support.

The base of this structure comes in the form of a full Carbon Fibre soleplate, which offers exceptional strength and energy return, whilst being light and flexible enough to be used on Formula One cars and aircraft.

Nike Mercurial Vapor Superfly III Football Boots - to be worn by Cristiano Ronaldo and other top stars - unveiled March 16th and released on April 1st
The Superfly III – de-constructed! (Click for a bigger version!)

Nike’s real show-piece comes in the form of two NikeSENSE ‘Talon’ studs on the forefoot. Capable of extending by up to 3mm when used on softer turf, these dual-density studs offer a previously undreamed level of dynamic, adaptable level traction for even the most athletic of athletes.

Coupled with a bespoke off-the-toe traction pattern, directionally positioned blades and T-Bar stud construction the Nike Mercurial Superfly III is designed to enhance first-step acceleration and speed in a way no other football boots can.

Nike also re-engineers the science of visual acuity specifically for their football boots; by placing contrasting colours on the heels of the Superfly III, players wearing them instantly become more visible to their team-mates when running, increasing the likelihood of their team mates spotting them in time to make a killer pass or through ball.

Nike Mercurial Vapor Superfly III

Now, if all this sounds familiar, it’s because Nike have more-or-less re-engineered the Superfly II for their new generation of football boots, in the same way that adidas reinvigorated the adiZero with a new upper design and price point, rather than a full silo update.

The good news for Superfly fans is that the Superfly III will not come with a new price point, and will hold steady at a launching RRP of £275.

In case you haven’t guessed by now, the Superfly III’s weight will also remain the same as the Superfly II – 210g in a US size 9.

The new Nike Superfly III will be debuted officially by Cristiano Ronaldo and Mesut Ozil when they take on Athletico Madrid in the Madrid Derby on Saturday the 19th of March 2011, and will hit retailers on April 1st at the aforementioned price point of £275.

Nike Mercurial Vapor Superfly III Football Boots - to be worn by Cristiano Ronaldo

Available in two launch colourways; Plum Red/White/Neon and Marine Blue/White/Orange, expect to see the Mercurial Superfly III take over pitches across the world in the coming weeks.

Nike are broadcasting a serious statement of intent with the new Superfly III; rather than doing what everyone expected and joining adidas in a battle for the lightest football boots, they’ve instead taken the stance that they’re more technologically-focused football boots will offer players the greater benefit to their game.

So now it’s over to you, what do you think of the new Superfly III, will they be in your shopping basket?

Are they a perfect rejuvenation of the Mercurial range from Nike, without needlessly hiking the price? Or an interesting shift of focus from the American brand, moving away from weight-focused football boots?

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The only way to get your voice heard is by using the comments below!

SUPERFLY III, 8.3 out of 10 based on 446 ratings


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  1. says: PhilV

    So Nike see adidas take away the lead from them and all they can do is release new colourways?

    That’s basically what this boot is, just a new colour and pattern design, not lighter, not better in anyway than the Superfly II so why release it at all?

    Nike are an epic let down.

  2. says: Dean

    Nike have nothing to offer with this launch. So they launch the SFIII, which we all can see is the SFII with a new paint job, so of course its going to stay at the same price because its the same boot!

    Why does Nike not just drop the NikeSENSE studs. The pro’s dont want it on their boots so clearly it doesnt work for them, so why continue marketing it?

    Nike are losing players to the Adizero and have seemingly given up on trying to better their “speed boot”. Adding a bright instep colour does not make technologically-focused boot.

    Nike, you have let us down.

  3. says: sam

    All this rubbish about how the boot is far more technological and that makes it better etc. etc. is nonsense. The whole point of boots like the Adizero was stripping away all the nonsense and just having the lightest, most streamlined boot possible. The Sense studs are rubbish, they offer nothing whatsoever and the thicker upper (compared to the Adizero and V1.10) means you can’t get the same feel for the ball. This is a poor attempt by Nike to re-invigorate all the fan boys they have, but I’m afraid they can’t pull the wool over my eyes.

  4. says: nicoacademia

    200g full luxurious leather in a professional looking adipure SL for ÂŁ180 compared to ÂŁ275 for the heavier superfly.

    i save more by going for the lighter, leather boot from adidas.

    if i want to save even more money i can go for the even lighter 175g with flashy colours adizero leather ÂŁ140.

    i say ÂŁ140 at pds i can buy two adizeros before getting a heavier superfly III.

  5. says: perrygroves

    At least we have the sensible comments on here, all the fan boys seem to be on soccerbible with comments like “sick” and “omfg”…

    Lets get serious the only update to these boots is the paint-job. And even then Nike are telling us it helps with passing i.e. your team mate can find you quicker. So first of all dispite telling us that a year ago with the SFII does that mean the colour and design on the SFII didnt work in the same way? And with so many forward players wearing a variety of bright boots these days how is one player in a plum/neon SFIII going to stand out any better than someone in the warning Adizero?!

    Why Nike have you not come up with some new stud configurations or mabe a new cassis, upper or last to make the boots a bit lighter and/or comfortable?

    Im not a Nike hater but if I was working for Adidias I would be (to use fanboy lingo) laughing out loud rolling on floor at these especially knowing they have the Adipower and Adipure SL on the way…

  6. says: adipowerman

    i agree with perrygroves.. superfly 3 n fans at s*ccerbible suck! nothing special about this boot… adidas forever~

  7. says: kuuku

    Sam said it best: “This is a poor attempt by Nike to re-invigorate all the fan boys they have, but I’m afraid they can’t pull the wool over my eyes.”

    Anyone with half a brain should realize this. I can’t believe they did NOTHING to improve the boot apart from a new graphic (which coincidentally does the same thing the old graphic was supposed to do, does that mean the old graphic was a failure?)

    At least when adidas did a re-design of the adizero they had the grace to maintain that it was just a re-design and not call it the adizero II. Adidas also have the decency to release blackouts and white-outs for the consumers to enjoy.

    When will you learn, nike?

  8. says: Nike Fan

    If I take this new Superfly III launch at face value, this is what I see.

    1. An update on the colour and graphics.
    2. Maintaining what I believe is a good boot, not changing what isn’t broken.
    3. Same price point – high yes, but at least there is no increase.

    I’ve had Vapors and recently Superflys and would consider this boot when I need a replacement.

    I’m not going to go all out and try and get in this boot as soon as possible like I might have done if there were significant advances on the last model.

    Many people have compared this boot to the adizeo and its obvious why – they are both the speed boots from the biggest boot co’s. I think if a comparison is made, then of late the adizero seems to be becoming more popular and price is a major part of that. But, if like me you have always gone with Nike boots that decision takes more time.

    I have until the summer to choose, but the adizero is edging closer.

    I’d love to hear from some other people that have switched from Vapor or Superfly to adizero??

  9. says: andrew

    that was probably the most disappointing I’ve read in a while. This is more like a Superfly 2.5 if anything and I’d be hesitant to even call it that.

    It’s like a car company releasing a car, then a year later releasing the same car with a different paint job and calling it the next version.


  10. says: channo

    absolutely agree with kuuku: at least adidas have the decency to maintain the name: adizero.
    cuz this is outrageous, the adizero prime had helluva more upgrades from the standard adizero, if compared to the upgrades this thing here have from superfly II.

    the first i saw the prototypes, i was disappointed seeing there was no significant changes. but i was still hoping that nike would save something sort of secret technology that would surprise us all… turns out, what am i thinking back there… damn, sorry home boys. sometimes your player slips.

    again i would like to agree with Dean. the SENSEstuds is NONSENSE. pros are barely using them -and just drop the “they’re playing in a much better quality grass than the rest of us” comments okay? i wanted to wear the exact same damn thing that my hero wears. if he’s not buying it, than neither do i.


    i hate admitting this… but actually, this is a great move by nike. by not giving the war to adidas.

    if nike make a super light superfly III, adidas would just make an even lighter adizero II. and then the super duper lighter superfly IV, and lighter than feather adizero III. at some point the weight limit gotta hit a wall, and they’ll just go back to heavier boots, probably saying that “heavy boots are all the hots right now, it gives u protection and power behind every shoots. unlike those old light boots”

    but in doing this, okay if they didn’t wanted to drop the god-forsaken SENSEstuds. probably they wanted to prove that their invention is working. but the least they can do is to redesign the goddamn upper! move the laces sideways, give em lacecovers, reposition the swoosh logo. anything!
    anything to tell us that “this is nike’s newest invention and it’s better than being light”. MAYBE we’ll buy that and maybe adidas’ll start pulling their hair in frustration.


    i say we boycott this horrendous sequel.

    if nike don’t give crap to angry fans comments on boots websites, maybe numbers on sales reports would give them a slap in the head.

    by buying it, it means that we justify nike’s action. they’ll just keep selling colorways and no technology improvements.

    if you want a better superfly IV, don’t buy this shit. everytime you thought about buying these, think about superfly IV.

  11. says: Dylan

    I wouldn’t mind with the weight issue, I have been using the Adizero but I feel like this boot isn’t for me. While wearing the superfly 2 is sorta uncomfortable on my feet. It hard to breaks in and the upper is too slippery for dribbling the ball. Unlike the KNG-75 upper that nike used on MV 4.

    I feel like the more and more missing the MV 3 – 4. For me those are the best MV I have ever had. Putting heavier upper materials is still considerable for the comfort sake.

    If the nike sense studs making these boots more and more expensive I would rather to advice nike if the can have option to release the old vapor sl studs. It works well rather than the nike sense studs IMO. and oh I guess Drogba is agree with me too.

    Now the release of SF3 with only colorway changes is a defo something wrong with Nike’s designer. I guess a little wait for great outcomes is better than being rush for something similar than the previous. Saddest thing for nike if they realize that the opponent takes away the momentum with the right boots, the revolutionary design and the right price everyone will leave mercurial line slowly but sure…

    Time to moving on to Adidas and maybe Puma powercat1 as well.

  12. says: sorrapob

    It looks good.
    But i think this is nonsense marketing.
    Nike should tell the world that ‘This is new colourway of Superfly II’.
    Nothing is New. Same technology with SF II.
    adiZero Prime is lighter speed boot. But Nike don’t care.
    Nike Still use the old technology, same weight with SFII.
    Nike will lose this fight finally.

    Adidas adiZero is the winner for me.

  13. says: recklessturtle

    I am disappointed since the weight stayed the same but to me it looks much better. It’s funny how everyone switches to the adizero because of the weight. A couple of ounces don’t make a difference it’s pure advertisement and most people fall for that, adidas fanboys hate on these shoes then when a cool colourway or release from Nike comes out they jump on the bandwagon haha.

  14. says: misterbroom12

    You all do realize that you’ve just completely bought into all the advertising hype around boots and not what makes the boots different or better for some people? Nike hasn’t bombarded you with “brand new awesome technology” so they’re obviously headed the wrong direction. Adidas have got it right because they told you they are the lightest and the fastest and their new Primes shed a whole .6 oz! You all are just clamoring for something new for the sake of it being new.

    I agree that based on this write up the SFIII is a bit of a let down becuase not much has changed, if anything at all. Have any of us tried these on though and played in them? The shape could be slightly different and the upper a bit more form fitting. If not, the SFII/SFIII are still a more comfortable boot than the adiZero. Nike also don’t find their boot so uncomfortable that they feel the need to give the buyer an extra set of “comfort” insoles just in case the ones already in the boot aren’t good enough.

    I know everyone has a different boot preference but to say Nike have failed means that the SFII is an awful boot to begin with so the SFIII has to be as well which isn’t really a fair assessment. The fact that there isn’t anything new from boot to boot is a bit of a shame but it isn’t automatically a bad thing. It seems the only people Nike have put off by this move is the people who weren’t buying the SFII and weren’t planning on buying the SFIII regardless, which isn’t a loss.

  15. says: Tito993

    So if the price remains the same, AND the weight, the Nike sense stud and the flywire technology, exactly what has Nike released here? Superfly III or a new colorway?

    Can someone from Nike please specify what just happened here.


  16. says: generalagent

    Miserable try to beat the new adizero´s. If that´s all the guys from beaverton can do in order to gain market share again, some people you get fired…

  17. says: Frezixo

    I left a comment already why does it not always get shown?

    these are sick man

    **Hey Frezixo,

    Thanks for contributing with your comment. Whilst we try and be as flexible with comments as possible, we don’t tend to publish comments that do not add anything in terms of conversation or opinion.

    We’ve had a number of similar comments to the one you tried to post that we’ve not published today.

    Hope you’re not offended!

    Footy Boots Ed

  18. says: channo

    @misterbroom12: no offense mate, but we’re boot fans, and boot fans doesn’t have to be “bought into all the advertising hype” to talk about football boots.

    should honda or kawasaki came up with a bike that’s doesn’t improve whatsoever from the previous model, bikers community will curse and swear just like we do now.

    and yes SF II is a let down to begin with. ask any REAL mercurial fans, most of them will answer that vapor II-IV are the best mercurials. i’ll testify to that.

    and what’s with this comfortable crap?? mercurial series IS THE MOST UNCOMFORTABLE BOOTS on nike’s silo. what’s worst? tiempo? no way. T90? hell if it is. CTR? they’re the most comfortable boots for crying out loud.
    anyone with a little bit of boots knowledge would knows that mercurials need some serious breaking in. ask clint dempsey, there’s an article here about why he switched to T90 for a while after his injuries.

    by the way, i’m not trying to be a hater. so peace 🙂
    i’m not with adidas either nike. so i’m really seeing this from a totally objective point of view: nike are currently ripping us off.

  19. says: Ben Harris

    all they have done is change the color and lower the price. Nike doesn’t deserve to be the top manufacturer in the world, all they do is rip people off. I say its time we boycott ALL nike products.

  20. says: Peter

    @misterbroom12 i’m fairly sure there are a lot more people complaining about the comfort of the superflys than the adizeros

  21. says: Alex

    I’m as big a Nike fan as there is, but I see absolutely no reason to buy these, unless you want to fork out $400 for a new colorway. Just get a pair of SF II’s, which are now going to be steeply discounted.

    I also agree that the whole lightweight movement has probably reached its terminus. Unless you’re gluing individual spikes to your feet, a 3 oz or less weight difference isn’t even perceivable by your feet. One reason I like the SF’s is because the have a little extra padding in the heel; it’s worth the weight. For me, personally, the adizeros are uncomfortable to spend any lengthy period of time in.

    But, you can’t argue with the price. If you like Adidas, get them instead of these. As much as I like SF’s these are just too expensive. Eventually, Nike is going to price itself out of the market. If these only cost $250, they would dominate, and would more than make up for the drop in price. I’ve spoken to literally dozens of players in my leagues about this, and they all wanted to get the SF’s, but didn’t want to drop all that money on them.

  22. says: MisterBroom12

    channo, I’ve owned every Vapor from the I to the SFII with the exception of the MVVI and I have found that the SFI is the most comfortable. I also own the adiZero and while another good boot, I find the SFII to be vastly more comfortable. I do not expect everyone to agree with me because everyone’s foot and preferences are different. I was simply stating that everyone on here by comparing the SFIII to adiZero and saying it is worse because no weight was stripped, have basically bought into the advertising that is pushing the concept of “lighter is better”

    To your bike example, neither bike or boot purchases come with a contract that binds you to purchase the next generation of the product. There’s no reason to be up in arms about minor aesthetic changes, if it doesn’t appeal to you, don’t buy it. Again, it doesn’t mean both generations are poor products.

    Most vapor wearers hated the toe box on the IV and the addition of the lace cover, hence the reason it was dropped on the SFI and now even on the regular vapor series as a whole after complaints of its inclusion from the IV-VI. That being said, it goes back to preference from person to person. I’ve had less blisters from my SFI and SFII combined than I’ve had on the I, II, III, IV and V separately for each.

    As for calling the SFII the most uncomfortable boots in Nike’s silo, while I don’t agree based on how well they fit my foot, as a generalization it’s true but doesn’t condemn the boot to being uncomfortable in itself. We could all say Messi, Rooney, Fernando Llorente are listed from best to worst in that order but that doesn’t mean Fernando Llorente is not a great footballer.

    I guess I’m just trying to point out that most people here are taking their disappointment in the lack of change from SFII to SFIII, which is primarily a product of self-created hype, and using it as a basis to bash the boot as a whole, rather than just stating that it’s disappointing Nike haven’t provided us with more of what we may have expected or liked to see changed.

  23. says: Coppah

    Really looking forward to this boot but must say now its here- RUBBISH! Looks like CTRs and F50s for my southern hemisphere season boot buys.

  24. says: LR

    ha ha ha nike are really falling behind adidas! The only thing nike has going for them is the ctr360, and that boot alone can’t make up for every boot silo adidas has. This “new” superfly is just a fancy new paint job on a boot that sucked last year,and looks like its going to be terrible again!

  25. says: zpucks

    Its so funny…how long will Nike and these other corporations be able to keep raping pples wallets so blatantly?!! I mean the whole “speed boot” concept is ridiculous to begin with, but these little stunts by Nike are just unbelievable. I suppose this will go on as long as geniuses out there keep buying into the ads with the pretty boy and his bycicle kicks and poses…What ever happened to companies really listening to their customer NEEDS and DEMANDS instead of telling them what they should need and WANT?!!… dirty capitalism and big corporation advertising at its worst

  26. says: zpucks

    m…So since when does a simple colour way deserve a whole new Boot Edition? These corporations keep lowering product quality and standards while still making us pay the same amount (somtimes even doubling their prices) and we just keep taking it and taking it. Are we as consumers just masochistic or just plain morons?..

  27. says: kuuku

    MisterBroom you are fighting a losing battle trying to defend these. Any neutral observer can find no reason to support the superfly.

    Most people don’t like the adizero just because it’s lighter. It isn’t a matter of “lightest is the best”. For most of the characteristics a player finds important in a boot, it beats the superfly. It is cheaper, it is lighter (which might not be important but is not bad having) and it is generally comfortable for the majority due to the sprint-frame and wide last. If it was not better than the superfly, why is it that a large number of high profile professional players who used to play in superflies have switched to the adizero without any prompting from adidas? After the redesign I’ve heard less stories about poor durability.

    Think about it logically. That extra price contained in the superfly….what are you getting for that? Comfort? Most definitely not, there are more comfortable and cheaper boots out there. Durability? Is durability worth that much money?
    All you’re really paying for is the superfly ‘status’. You’re paying for those garish colours and flicker designs and a swoosh. If that’s worth about $150 to you then go right ahead and buy. But for most sensible people a superior boot for less money always makes more sense.

    Anyway you look at it, rationality and logic and an unbiased viewpoint will dictate that the superfly III is DEFINITELY not worth the money. Only hardcore superfly fanboys can support this product. I love nike for their maestri but I cannot condone this “superfly III” in any form or fashion.

    You say people bought into the lightness/technology thing but I think you’ve bought a bit too deeply into trying to debunk those people and have lost your grip on the reality of this superfly situation. If I’m not mistaken you earlier opined that the superfly could not just change colours and has to have had some improvement. It didn’t, all they did was change the colours. I think the fans are well justified in being enraged about that simply because they dared to slap a new moniker on the boot without a significant upgrade. If a new version of a product is released I should expect significant new features shouldn’t I? That’s what a NEW VERSION means. Even when the adizero was re-released people showed their anger that the only change was in design. Even then, adidas did not call it the adizero II, they admitted it was a trivial change, I didn’t see you there defending the adizero then…….


  28. says: BM

    “thee new Nike Superfly III represents the pinnacle of Nike’s football boots research and development”

    The writers of these articles should truly attend an elementary school and learn the word “hyperbole”. Nike is so far behind in terms of technology in the Speed market. If you need more evidence, this boot should be it.. they have changed the COLOR of the boot. EVERYTHING is the same. It’s not any lighter, its not any cheaper, it looks as ridiculous as always. What do people need? The Nike PR team to come out and have an announcement saying “Sorry guys, we’ve been lying to you the whole time, this boot has no technology to it and we are simply getting our salaries from dummies like you willing to OVER pay for a boot that is mediocre.”

  29. says: Dylan


    Well the key to the new release is to expect to see lot of improvementsor another fresh idea.
    If only nike would listen to their loyal customers; nike would have been improving the mercurial line better. The tradition to improve a silo has always been exciting all the way around.
    Nike could have been improving product by reading some plus and minus customers based experiences on the boots. For example the sense studs. The ads said it’s useful to use in any kinda pitches but the reality is many SF’s stars leaving the whole idea behind and change to mix studs or even Drogba who choose to have the previous Vapor’s Studs. Did they listen? I agree about the personal preferences but it has always taken mentally effects to the buyer who bought SF2 or 3.. “should I buy these if many pro’s choose not to use it??”

    In other perception there are some things needs to be change and some thing remain the same.
    But to keep on the same idea and rename it so it will looks new and yet still cant beat the opponent’s price…. well let every one judge it.

    I my self has always been a vapor wearer , III and IV only though, but am afraid I won’t continue to buy the latest mercurial line. I will decide buying old vapors on ebay or switching to other brand until nike do something about the fresh idea.

  30. says: MisterBroom12

    @kuuku, if you read all that I said I condoned and actually joined in on the disbelief and disappointment that nothing was changed. I’ve been as neutral as possible by stating multiple times that everyone has their own opinion as well as stating that I enjoy the adiZero myself. I was pointing out that most people were using their overall disappointment in a lack of change as a basis to make the entire boot look as if it were an over advertised version of the Mercurial Glide.
    I guarantee that anyone who has owned the SFII will attest that it is a very good boot, even the pros who switched away probably loved it. For them though, when you can be form fitted for a boot, lightness becomes more of a factor as comfort can be adjusted.
    I also did not once agree with the price Nike has laid on these boots. I have been disgusted with their pricing ever since the rise from $300 to $350 between the SL and SFI.
    Yes I did speculate that pictures could not fully confirm for us that this was just a paint job and again as I have said before it is a huge disappointment. I didn’t go “defend” the adiZero when they made their switch to a different look because people did not use that as a reason to completely trash the entire adiZero line over it. They thought there was going to be more than a paint job, there wasn’t, people were a bit let down and they moved on. There was no one going on and on about how that means adidas are an awful company for marketing this simple aesthetic change and that the boot is now one of less quality.
    I am with everyone who is pissed that the SFII and SFIII are basically twins but again that doesn’t mean either are crappy by any means.

  31. says: zizou wannabe

    “Nike are broadcasting a serious statement of intent with the new Superfly III; rather than doing what everyone expected and joining adidas in a battle for the lightest football boots, they’ve instead taken the stance that they’re more technologically-focused football boots will offer players the greater benefit to their game.”

    Is this from their press release or does Footy-boots agree and think so too…

    What is the technology again? And what is the user benefit???

    I scratch my head….

    I agree with those of you who say PAINT JOB!

  32. says: nicoacademia

    just had a brainwave – maybe nike’s next move is to paint the mona lisa on superfly IV.

    or call it the superfly ML.

    no technology upgrades required – and they’re able to market a higher price point that maybe i can buy 3 adizeros for 1 superfly ML.

  33. says: steven

    geez guys its a football boot. i didnt realize people type up 5-10 paragraphs and pour out thier heart and soul in a pointless review

  34. says: Tyler

    In a nike production meeting……

    “so you guys heres a crazy idea. What if we made our new superflys with a ridiculously gay launch colorway”

    “Sounds familiar but a great idea, any other innovative ideas bob”

    “Well so I know this is crazy but what if, you know the old superfly 2, if we did that, but added lightning bolts”

    “Youve got a gift my friend”

    Seriously Nike, seriously, what a joke, I will take my 400 dollars somewhere else, some where cheaper somewhere where boots are not a complete rip off. Somewhere like the Adidas f50 or the Adipure SL

  35. says: kuuku

    Understood MisterBroom. It’s the radicals that got your goat. I see. However they do have a basis for argument. Fact is, adidas didn’t say it was the adizero II. But Nike HAVE said hat this is a superfly III. So therefore the masses are disappointed, they feel they have been let down by this new version of the superfly, making it a worse line in general from their viewpoint.

    Technological advances aren’t a must, but after the adeizero I think it’s safe to assume people expected some sort of riposte from nike and the furore is mostly from disappointed superfly fans I assume.

    Ah well, it is a very pretty looking boot. ^_^

  36. says: channo

    @MisterBroom12: i completely understand everything that u’re trying to say, mate 🙂

    but as my main man kuuku have said: u’re fighting a losing battle trying to defend these.
    everything i’ve said before, i said it from a completely neutral point of view. and seeing from most of the posts here, i’m afraid that the majority have spoken.

    but let’s just keep it that way, shall we? u like em’ – i don’t 🙂 it’s totally normal to have divided opinions these days, right? 😉

  37. says: sam

    The thing that gets me the most is the fact that this is just a new colour on a boot that not only is heavy (MisterBroom12, I get what your saying, but Lightness is pretty damn important in terms of speed in my eyes) but it is based on flawed technology. When the SF2 came out, I said the studs are a gimmick that have pushed the price up, but don’t actually offer anything, and I must be right because all the pro’s have dropped the SENSE studs from their boots! So not only is the original boot flawed, but the hype and the marketing is too, as they are pushing this flawed technology. Yes, they may be slightly more durable, but I have owned f50.8’s, f50i’s and now AdiZero Primes and I gotta say in all that time, playing week in week out on rubbish pitches, in snow, rain, hail, burning sun, on baked clay, sandy turf, long grass, astroturf and mud, I have never had a problem with my boots, so I don’t see how the SF would better that in my experience. The price tag is a joke, I can pick up 2 pairs of Adizero’s for the same price, and then I can have my own flicker technology of one orange boot, one chrome boot if I so desired!

    Nike have really missed a trick here, even by thinning the boot down and shaving grammes off it they’ll still be way, way behind Adidas, Puma and even Lotto in the speed boot market

  38. says: cyborg_ninja

    not as impressive compared to the adizero prime spec… or the adizero for that matter. price still sucks though. if not for the amazing endorsers… the product would totally fail. still, no pro believes in the gimmicky sole plate… tsk, tsk. 😛

  39. says: kyle

    @Norbert – not intentionally buddy!

    Did it have any links in it – sometimes out filter blocks out links to external sites?

  40. says: matthew

    this new superfly III everyone should just not buy this boot so nike will figure out that they should re-release the superfly 1

  41. says: mike

    Pathetic. It is a new colour, not a new boot.

    Boots are becoming a joke. Give me comfort any day of the week thank you. I tried mercurials and they nearly killed me with discomfort and pain. I like soft leather thank you very much.

    1. says: Mags

      Yeah ! Soft Leather is good ! But i think Nike Mercual is pretty good ! A new coller is alsow a new design that people may think is nicer then they buy them. The most Importent thing is that they fit on the foot !!! DONT buy them beacuse they are soo awsome, and OK on the foot ! 😉

  42. says: Luis Fer

    @Nike Fan I personally wore MV 3 and 4’s and was pretty pleased, as you all nike wearers know, it was hard to break in MV, but well worth it 😛 Just around the World Cup my MV4 needed replacement, so I went out to pick up a new pair of MV5… When I got to the store I saw the leather AdiZero, tried them on, and took me around 40 minutes to make a decision! LOL finally I bought Adidas. Now of course nothing is perfect, here are my thoughts…
    AdiZero: Very light, Very easy to break in (played a whole 90min right out of the box, and NO complaints), BUT a little too wide…
    MV: GREAT fit above all… a little less touch than AdiZero due to the upper…and finally a bit pricier..
    So after all, I guess I will stay on AdiZeros….
    cheers everyone!

  43. says: bob

    Screw superlfy and adizero, tthose grams aren’t going to make any of you people faster anyway, and technology is rubbish too. No pair of boots will make you better footballers, just pick a pair that feel ok and stick with them. People dissing eachother just for liking/not liking a certain boot… I’m getting a pair of ctrls cause they felt like heaven on my feet, nothing else really matters except for the appearance.

    1. says: Magnus

      I Use Nike Mercual Vapor beacuse they fit like  heaven on MY foot.. U cant say just buy som shoes that fit.. Nike and Adizero an NIKETOTAL90 And all of they are different Class and different shape.. some does maybe feel SO GOOD on the foot but you can have them for 2 months and they are broken.. u have to have a god pare of shoes. Not only that they fit well. Just wanted to say. (:

  44. says: AhzhaK

    Only real difference is there is an extra flywire grouping on the outside near the heel which the SFII doesn’t have.

  45. says: Muhren Ekard

    Like some of you, I’ve also had every Vapor since the first one. And Vapors II and III were by far the best for me. Yes there were blisters, but once they were worn in, they were the most comfortable pair of cleats I’ve ever experienced in my life. At least Superfly I was 180g and Nike’s lightest Vapor to date, but the regression from there has been substantial and ridiculous. The colours of disturbing. The innovations have lead to an overpriced, overweight product, that has defeated the purpose of the boot’s creation in the first place. That being a seriously lightweight, “second-skin” boot, made for attacking players who rely on speed, and rather favouring a slimmer foot. I paid way more than the price of a new Superfly just recently to purchase a new pair of Chrome/Photo blue Vapor II’s online. R9’s of course, for whom the boot was designed for originally. The Chrome and Gold variations were by far the best colourways and identified the great from the good when watching a football match. Having played in Superfly’s last season, and playing in Vapor II’s now, I am reminded of why I loved the brand in the first place, and how far the mighty have fallen. I hope, as I’m sure most Nike lovers do, that Nike eventually come to their senses. Because not only do Adidas have the best players (and in particular, the best PLAYER) in the world sporting their speed boot, but they also seem to be enjoying a majority in this regard. Quantity and Quality. Well done to Adidas, but Nike please, provide at least some competition…

  46. says: bob

    I think that nike has a plan to sell such shitloads of juniorsized superlfys to kids who have to have the same boots as ronaldo and that that they only have to sell a few pair of their overpriced superflys to grownups to still make a profit. That would explain why they look like the hot-rod toy-cars u used to get with the happy meal at mcdonalds..Shame on u nike to use the poor impressionable youth!

  47. says: dany

    Sunt cele mai tari mercuriale din cate am vazut la cristiano ronaldo imi plac foarte mult le am si eu. CRISTIANO RONALDO NR.1 IN LUME!!!

  48. says: Yourmom

    theyre so comfortable! and dont give blisters! whatever they are made with are awesome! you cant go wrong with the superflys!

  49. says: Jose costa

    good marketing is what it is! to pay fees to big shot guys, nike has to buy sheap stuff and sell for massive retail price, adding there a good publicity!

    Get real guys! get what really makes you feel better and go!

  50. says: Patrickperon95

    when i first saw these i honestly didn’t like them too much.. i mean the whole lightning bolt design on the interior is cool i guess but it just seemed weird, plus I’m not a huge fan of purple cleats.. comfort is definitely important and i think weight is very important as well but when were talking about .5 ounces more or less from vapor to vapor superfly  the difference isn’t great.. also flywire is pretty amazing… mercurials in general are narrow type of shoe and thats why comfort might be a problem to many when trying on these shoes… i have a pair and at first they were difficult to get used to and break in but about 2-3 weeks later they were great cleats to play in. although i have to say that for me the absolute best mercurial were the nike mercurial vapor III (third generation) along with the 4th and 2nd generation. the traction and feel of those shoes were like no other plus they were already pretty light back then too. just felt like i shut leave my opinion from one soccer player to another. viva il calico/ viva futbol!!!

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