The new Nike Superfly III hits store shelves today, and Nike are celebrating the launch in the best way possible – by giving us their flagship football boots to play with on Nike iD – but there’s a twist to this release…

Football Boots Nike Superfly III on Nike iD customisation service

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The first thing you’ll notice on your custom football boots is that the graphic on the instep is completely different to the current Superfly III ‘lightning’ instep pattern.

Now, we don’t want to spoil any surprises, but we know that this graphic will feature heavily on the instep of one of Nike’s upcoming ‘signature’ football boots, so it seems that this special graphic is there to let everyone know that they’re wearing a pair of boots specific to a player – or in the case of Nike iD, specific to you!

As for what a Nike iD Superfly III offers over the retail version, for starters it comes with a either a solid balck or white upper, which might be disappointing for some, but the huge variety of colours available for the branding, instep graphics, laces and logos make this one of the most customisable football boots ever to launch on Nike iD.

Football Boots Nike Superfly III on Nike iD customisation service

Fancy playing like the Pro’s? Well, the Nike iD Superfly III offers you a couple of options that are normally reserved only for the world’s elite.

When choosing the sizing of your custom football boots, you now have the option to have your boot built upon a wide last for no extra cost. So, if you’ve had trouble getting the Mercurial Vapor series to fit before, this could be the perfect solution for your wide-foot problems!

Unlike the launch of the Nike iD Superfly II, the Nike iD Superfly III also gives you the option to have a 6-stud SG soleplate, should you wish to shun the NikeSENSE stud technology and join the many professionals who go for the renowned Vapor studs at this tricky time of year.

Football Boots Nike Superfly III on Nike iD customisation service

As you would expect, this service doesn’t come cheap – at £315, the Nike iD Superfly III is probably the most expensive pair of football boots you could buy at the moment.

But with many stores selling the standard version of Nike’s latest for £285, getting exactly what you want would certainly a justifiable extra expense, especially if you’re buying an SG model or have wide feet!

Let us know if you end up buying a pair – we’d love to see some photos of your Nike iD boots on our Facebook page, if you have any!

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  1. says: KK

    It seems odd to me that both Nike and Adidas have decided not to put what are, arguably, their most successful boots up for customisation. The CTR II has been out for a while now, but it’s still not on available through NIKEiD. Adidas have the new Adizero up, but only in the one horrible colourway. I assume it’s only a temporary thing, but it’s been there for what, two months?

  2. says: Splinter09

    I kinda like that Black and Yellow Superfly III. I wish I had the dope to buy one. Prices for it here in Brazil out of the question for a Sunday league player like me.

  3. says: Garrett

    is this only on the united kingdoms?
    it’s not an option on the american nikeid…
    if so are they going to do both eventually? or is it english specific?

  4. says: kyle


    It’s UK only right at this very moment, but expect the US NikeStore to catch up very soon.

    If it’s not up by tomorrow, I’ll see if we can ask Nike when the rest of the world will be getting the Superfly III on Nike iD

  5. says: Garrett

    thanks kyle
    i was just curious.
    I wear adizeros, but would love to make a black/white pair of these. i’ve wanted an almost blackout superfly for awhile now and the orange didnt work for me.

  6. says: kyle

    No worries!

    Agreed! I’ve been playing with it all morning, I can’t decide whether I like Black with White or White with Black better?

    Also, the iD instep graphic is much better for custom colourways, than the standard Supefly III, don’t you think?

  7. says: zpucks

    6 Months too late…Tejin Uppers, along with the rest of the synthetic uppers, are on their way out at this time of year. With winter and its sloppy wet muckyness waving goodbye, at least in most parts of the world, the synthetic uppers start coming SECOND to to full grain leathers. As the pitches begin to harden and the sun begins to kill the grassy pitches LONG six studed PLASTIC shoes wont do the job FULL GRAIN leather upper with FIRM GROUND SHORTER-stud sole plates will.
    Anybody that battles it out on the pitch week in and out knows how important having the RIGHT shoe for the right pitch is. Nobody in their rigth mind will run out onto a HOT hard & patchy field with an SG soleplate and melting plastic upper.
    Bottom line, synthetics and sg plates are for winter NIKE. Shoulda started with this back in september of 2010. Why don’t you begin hustling your other model lines at these times of the year. The LEGENDS are due for a tweak no?..

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