Time to pull on your protective eyewear – we take a look at the lead colourway of Nike’s 2011' Superfly III football boots – Plum Red/White/Neon!

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Continuing Nike’s trend of distinctive lead colourways for their football boots, there’s no doubt that the new Plum Red/White/Neon Superfly III is a contender for the most distinctive ever!

We’re not sure whether we’re getting used to Nike’s continuously flashy choice of colours for their football boots, or whether this is genuinely an improvement over ‘Violet Pop’, but we’re definitely liking this scheme much more than the Superfly II’s original colourway!

Nike Mercurial Vapor Superfly III football boots, to be worn by Cristiano Ronaldo

Which is just as well, as we’re about to see a whole lot of this colourway! As the main colourscheme for the Superfly III, expect to see it on everything from training kits to magazine adverts (as well as the football boots, obviously!), and one thing’s for sure – it’s designed to draw attention.

All Nike Superfly III colourways will follow a similar pattern to the Superfly II – one primary colour contrasted against an opposing secondary colour; in this case Plum Red and Neon Yellow.

Nike Mercurial Vapor Superfly III football boots in Plum Red/White Neon to be worn by Cristiano Ronaldo

The intention being that as a player runs the two colours flash against each other as one foot moves past the other, making the bolder colour of the two even more visible.

This effect means that it’s easier for a team mate to pick out a player wearing these football boots, potentially increasing the likelihood of a successful pass being made.

Nike Mercurial Vapor Superfly III football boots

Whilst many are still to be convinced of the benefits of this visual technology, there can be no doubting that the launch colourway of the will make it exceptionally visible on the pitch, and will most likely catch the TV camera’s lens!

Set to be debuted by Cristiano Ronaldo and Mesut Ozil in the Madrid Derby on Saturday the 19th of March, the Superfly III will go on retail release from the 1st of April, priced £275.

What do you think of the main colourway for Nike’s latest football boots?

Let us know in the comments below, or use our patented boot-o-meter!

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NIKE SUPERFLY III – PLUM RED/WHITE/NEON, 6.4 out of 10 based on 77 ratings


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  1. says: nicoacademia

    honestly i’ve never noticed the flicker effect even on one of the quickest players in the world – ronaldo.

    it is very sad to see nike hasn’t done much to improve the superfly III.

    the sense-studs are a reflection of that too.

  2. says: channo

    @nicoacademia: absolutely true.

    one of my teammates wears the violet pop superly II -and he’s quite fast nevertheless. how many times i passed the ball to him because i catch a glance of his boots?? ZERO times.
    the only reason i pass the ball is because he’s on good position, or making some prospectful sprints to open spaces.

  3. says: BBFunnyMan

    What a waste of money. Something should also be said to the fact that very few pros actually wear the only selling point of this shoe, the sense studs. This shoe is all marketing and gimmick and no performance. Not even close to being the lightest boot on the market.

  4. says: bipo

    oh yeah, flicker effect. i thought our coaches told us to play the ball with chin up, not looking to our feet. if we do so, why bother with those flicks. different jersey color is already more than enough to pick where to pass.

    and like channo said.

    the only reason i pass the ball is because he’s on good position, or making some prospectful sprints to open spaces.

  5. says: chocolate rain

    This should have been released as a new superfly II colourway instead of a new superfly, nike should have released the superfly III when it had a difference other than the colorway.

  6. says: zpucks

    um…So since when does a simple colour way deserve a whole new Boot Edition? These corporations keep lowering product quality and standards while still making us pay the same amount (somtimes even doubling their prices) and we just keep taking it and taking it. Are we as consumers just masochistic or just plain morons?..

  7. says: zpucks

    Funny…how long will Nike and these other corporations be able to keep raping peoples wallets so blatantly?!! I mean the whole “speed boot” concept is ridiculous to begin with, but these little stunts by Nike are just unbelievable. I suppose this will go on as long as geniuses out there keep buying into the ads with the pretty boy and his bycicle kicks and poses…What ever happened to companies really listening to their customer NEEDS and DEMANDS instead of telling them what they should need and WANT?!!… dirty capitalism and big corporation advertising and gimmickry at its worst

  8. says: Dempsey_8_23

    They should have done what Adidas just did with the Adizero. The Adizero just got a new color design, they didn’t call it the Adizero II.

  9. says: Alfredo

    Honestly I like mercurial myself but all Nike did was change the color pattern color of the studs and get new colors and called it next generation. On the other side adidas managed to make the then lightest football boot even lighter. It’s not about weight but about improving the boot.

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