Offering players a slightly different flavour of lightweight speed football boots to the new Plum Red/White/Neon Superfly III' is' this version in a fetching Marine Blue/White/Orange!

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Nike Mercurial Vapor Superfly III football boots

Despite the fact that this is the ‘secondary’ Superfly III launch colourway (meaning the Plum Red is the one you’ll see in all the adverts in 2011) we definitely think there’s plenty to love about this Marine Blue incarnation.

For starters, the Mercurial Vapor has a history of looking fantastic in blue; from Ronaldo’s Photo Blue Mercurial Vapor II’s in 2004, to Drogba’s Argon Blue Vapor III’s in ’06, there’s no disputing that Nike’s signature speed football boots have always got it right in blue.

Nike Mercurial Vapor Superfly III

Secondly, there’s something more understated about the Superfly III in Marine Blue – whilst 5 years ago there’s no doubt that this shade of blue would have turned heads, when you compare it to the Plum Red Superfly III, it’s practically inconspicuous!

One thing that we’d have to point out is that the Blue and Orange aren’t anywhere nearly as contrasting as the Purple and Orange of the other Superfly III launch colourway, so we’ve had to question whether the ‘flicker’ effect works as well as on it’s launch-day counter part.

Nike Mercurial Vapor Superfly III football boots, released on April 1st

All that said, we do think that as a result of being slightly less contrasting, the Orange and Blue do work really well together as a result, showing off the new heel design of the Superfly III in a very slick manner.

Whilst there’s no doubt that you won’t see as many of the Marine Blue/White/Orange Superfly III on the feet of top-flight professionals, we’ve certainly got a strong feeling that these will be the football boots of choice for many amateur and lower league players, thanks to their less garish appearance and more complimentary colourscheme.

Superfly III football boots, released on April 1st in Marine Blue/White Orange

Anyway – that’s all our opinion, time to give us yours! Tell us what you reckon to Nike’s latest football boots using the boot-o-meter and the comments section below!

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NIKE SUPERFLY III – MARINE BLUE/WHITE/ORANGE, 7.7 out of 10 based on 62 ratings

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  1. says: sorrapob

    It looks good.
    But i think this is nonsense marketing.
    Nike should tell the world that ‘This is new colourway of Superfly II’.

    Nothing is New. Same technology with SF II.

    adiZero Prime is lighter speed boot. But Nike don’t care.
    Nike Still use the old technology, same weight with SFII.

    Nike will lose this fight finally.

  2. says: bob

    I don’t care if they used these colours before, there is good reason why they keep releasing them THEYRE BLOODY GORGEUS. BUT I still cant get over those damned lightningbolts on the heel, just cheapens the whole boot and makes it look ghastly… Without the orange lightning: Strike, 10/10, a must-buy. With the lightning, frustrating since they ruin the whole boot IMO and I won’t be buying them cus i dont want to get laughed at..

  3. says: zpucks

    um…So since when does a simple colour way deserve a whole new Boot Edition? These corporations keep lowering product quality and standards while still making us pay the same amount (somtimes even doubling their prices) and we just keep taking it and taking it. Are we as consumers just masochistic or just plain morons?..

  4. says: zpucks

    so funny…how long will Nike and these other corporations be able to keep raping pples wallets so blatantly?!! I mean the whole “speed boot” concept is ridiculous to begin with, but these little stunts by Nike are just unbelievable. I suppose this will go on as long as geniuses out there keep buying into the ads with the pretty boy and his bycicle kicks and poses…What ever happened to companies really listening to their customer NEEDS and DEMANDS instead of telling them what they should need and WANT?!!… dirty capitalism and big corporation advertising at its worst

  5. says: BM

    Awful color combination, and the SF III is full of gimmicks (sense studs, flicker effect, fly wife). This boot is a okay change for the pros but for the average footballer playing in their local amateur league, this football boot is just another attempt from nike to extract money from our pockets for a useless product. I see no changes part from Nike except implementing the use of the lighting bolt (Flicker effect) on the heel.

  6. says: Taylor

    Nike is just doing this to get more money out of all the people who are so dedicated they won’t switch brands. At least when they come out with new Lasers, Legends, or CTRs they change the look of them of the design somewhat. There is no change. They combined the first Superflys with the second Superflys. They added flywire to the side of the Superfly II’s and called them the Superfly III’s. Just a waste. There is a reason there are so many previous vapor and superfly sponsored professionals that are all switching to Adizeros. They want change and improvement and Nike is doing nothing to give this to them.

  7. says: harry

    these boots are better looking than the plum superfly iii. I have to agree they are just a pair of superfly ii with a new paintjob

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