Wow! It doesn’t take some players long, does it? Chelsea star Didier Drogba was spotted by our ‘man in the field’ DDChile as he prepared for the last 16 clash FC Copenhagen in a custom pair of the unreleased Superfly III!

Superfly III


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The prospect of seeing Drogba in the Superfly III was already mouth-watering enough; as one of the speed football boots key wearers, so it was only a matter of time before we clocked the big Ivorian in a pair of Nike’s latest creations.

Cited by Nike as one of the most important players in their football boots development, Drogba’s comments on high-visibility footwear that inspired the ‘flicker’ designs on the last two incarnations of Nike Superfly.

Training here in the Purple/Neon colourway (complete with ‘Drogba 11′ embroidery), we can presume that the’ Superfly III isn’t too far away from release – though we’re not expecting to see the Chelsea striker wear them at Stamford Bridge tomorrow night.

The most surprising thing about this spot, however, is that upon closer inspection Drogba’s studs are black instead of the neon yellow we saw on Standard Liege’s Franck Berrier at the weekend.


From this, we can safely assume that Drogba has had his custom soleplate put on his new Superfly III’s – which he exclusively revealed to Footy-Boots.com back in November is a carbon fibre replica of the FG sole from the Mercurial Vapor II – once again leaving the NikeSENSE studs ‘on the bench’, so to speak!

Seasoned football boots fans will probably be unsurprised by Drogba’s particularity when it comes to his cleats; whether it’s superstition or personal preference ‘The Drog’ has been known to wheel out a variety of football boots from his locker, seemingly at random, often playing in the much-loved Black/Black/Volt Superfly I’s despite them being well outdated.

The rest of the Chelsea squad were also in a whole host of Nike’s new releases, with Defender Alex back in action in the synthetic T90 Laser III in White/Black/Chlorine:

Nike Mercurial Vapor Superfly III

And both Ramieres and Josh McEachran getting to grips with the new White/Black/Tour Yellow CTR360 Maestri II.

Nike Mercurial Vapor Superfly III football boots - to be released March 2011

All in all, a great days football boots spotting at Cobham, we’re sure you’ll agree!

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  1. says: BM

    When i saw the leaked images of the SF iII’s i was quick to jump to conclusions and label them as ugly, but despite the strange “flicker” design, they don’t look too bad on the pitch. Although i don’t agree with Nike on the new design for the boot, it was simply a color change and an addition of the ridiculous new piece of “tech”(flicker effect). Nike needs to step it up when it comes to this range of boots, Adidas is vastly over passing them.. they have even a heritage boot which weighs less than the Vapors..

  2. says: chocolate rain

    i hope nike have a supersecret technologic suprise for these boots, because the only thing that looks different is the colorway and instep design, and i hope its not that visual BS.

  3. says: Xavier Scott

    i agree with BM. but sadly the “flicker” effect that has been a key promoting point is not a new one. the WC nike range all had the same flicker effect and to some degree so did the superfly ii

  4. says: iPodkiller

    Lol, a minor design change.
    This is really a ugly design, it’s just the design from the superfly 2’s with a big ugly stipe on it. Cm’on guys how can you like this? Nike is scared to make major changes , they can learn alot from Adidas…

    I’m very disappointed aswell. I liked the Mercurial series alot but when the IV model came with budget models i can see that Nike only want’s cash. Where are the Talaria’s and the So expensive vapor’s years ago?

    Nike please wake up..

  5. says: Simon Sundstrom


    1. says: kyle


      Only kidding, thanks for the tip – it really is appreciated, watch this space for big news coming in the next few hours…

  6. says: viva

    The current Talarias cost as much as a new pair of Adipure II’s.. what is up with Nike’s prices.
    There is absolutely no way the SF IV price went down, if anything, it has risen. A big SMH at the Nike Football design team

  7. says: bpurvisTX

    what other colorways are going to be released for the new Vapor? I’ve seen the purple ones Drogba is wearing, and the Blue/Orange ones. What else are they planning on?

  8. says: Connor

    I must say these are starting to grow on me. Its like the SF2’s, a little bit “ugly” but nike are pushing the design factor seeing as the who quest for the lightest boot is starting to top out. The footy boot industry is starting to catch up with itself which is why i like that nike isnt always shaving ounces off of their boots everytime they come out. It leaves room for growth in the future. Although Adidas are kinda ontop right now, never rule Nike out. Expect once these offically drop, Nike will do something to blow your head off.

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