**Update! Nike have announced that the Windchill Superfly II will be worn by Cristiano Ronaldo after 3 months in his signature Safari range. Expect to see them being worn by the Real Madrid talisman on January 16th (the same day Messi is set to d'©but the new Prime – coincidence, we don’t think so!) **

Nike have put a lot of love into the designs of their flagship football boots since their launch in February, including throwbacks to the Pink Vapor IV and Cactus Vapor III – but many fans have sounded off in our very own comments section, asking for something a little more adventurous from Nike.

Superfly II football boots from Nike in Windchill Black Chlorine

This seems to be the response from Nike to those fans who want something a little different from their Superfly II‘s – and that difference is the addition of a Chlorine Blue fade down the instep of these speed football boots!

Superfly II football boots from Nike in Windchill Black Chlorine

We’ve got to admit, the White upper is pretty smart on it’s own, compared to some of the louder Superfly II‘s we’ve see on the market, and a solid black tick does a long way to not overcrowding the design.

As for the fade, we hope to see it come back on other Superfly II‘s in the future as it’s pretty tidy looking. Blue to Purple isn’t exactly the colourscheme that would have been on the top of our list, but it does give these football boots an icy feel; certainly explains the ‘Windchill‘ name!!

Superfly II football boots from Nike in Windchill Black Chlorine

We know that wingers have a history of loving white football boots, especially when it’s on the Mercurial Vapor series; which is why we reckon we’ll see the likes of Mesuet Ozil and Aaron Lennon giving them a run out before too long.

Superfly II football boots from Nike in Windchill Black Chlorine

When can we expect to be able to get our hands on these Superfly II‘s? Unlike the rest of Nike’s current slew of releases, these football boots will begin their pre-orders now, but won’t hit shelves until early February – meaning you’ve got plenty of time to sell off any rubbish Christmas presents to pay for these!

As with all other Superfly II‘s, expect to pay up to £275/$400 for these on launch.

Superfly II football boots from Nike in Windchill Black Chlorine

What do you reckon to these imaginatively-designed boots from Nike?

Let us know in the comments below!

UPDATE: SUPERFLY II “ WINDCHILL/BLACK/CHLORINE BLUE, 8.6 out of 10 based on 179 ratings

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  1. says: BiyiAdetunji

    too much, too soon, i thought nike would have taken the money makin route with this, they should extracted all the sales they could from the black superfly and then released this. it sounds harsh but thats what they normally do.

  2. says: channo

    THE BEST vapor II colorway so far!
    the purple section kinda ruin the mood for me, it would be drop-dead-solid-ice with just blue. but the purple breaks it by adding a little loud pimpin’ to the silent coolness (i’ve tried designing one exactly like that in nikeID).

    nevertheless it’s a nice effort doing two-tone from nike (hint: maybe they do this so it won’t match the one we could easily make in nikeID??).

    @Biyi: i have to disagree mate. i despise that kind of colorways propaganda tactics… should i have the power to do this, i’d make ALL colorways released at the first launching. so no more fans got disappointed & ended up saying: “man, this colorway looks better than mine. i wish i’ve waited a little longer before i buy that XXX colorway…”

  3. says: ricardo7

    Beautiful. Better than the other black colorway. Weird because I saw real versions of these boots but no two tone. It was only White/ Ice without the purple. Looks like Nike made a last minute change. Now if only they took the red/gold colorway from the Vapor IV and made a Superfly of that. Can’t wait for the orange v1.10s though, they are going to be awesome.

  4. says: Delmin

    I thought these were being released with the black ones last month? What changed? Nike following Adidas’ lead with signature boots nowadays?

  5. says: E@zy


    I suspect so.

    First Messi got his own colourway. Nike respond with cristiano safari line.

    Next up Messi doesn’t get his own colourway but makes it clear which colourway he’ll adopt as ‘his’. Nike respond by trashing cris’s own line after 3 month’s realising it was a disaster and choose this to be cris’s adopted colourway on the same day Messi dons his.

    Nike, wtf?

  6. says: 2018

    If I become a soccer player, ill make a boot that is just worn by me only and will not go on sale, it will also only be a very rare design so i can wear them for a long time.

  7. says: channo

    ronaldo scrapping his own safari would be just stupid. pure stupid.

    does beckham ever wear any of the other predators besides his own range? no sir.

    we know predator DB will always look good, we know that becks will stick with them. he’ll represent. that’s why we buy them.
    so when we watch footy on tv with all the guys, there’ll be this one guy who realize and say “hey, look man. there’s ur boots on beckham’s feet…!” (well, it happened to me)

    i don’t know about you guys, but i ain’t saving money for some boots that by the time i finally collected enough money to buy it, my hero already change to other boots.

  8. says: Nicoacademia

    I got a shock when I saw the follow up to the rest of the boot.

    Damn ugly I say. Should’ve just left it as a white blue boot.

    That said. Who’s sick of the Superfly II already?

    Nike haven’t struck back at the Adizero and that’s pretty worrying.

    Then again Adidas have mucked it up(and jacked up the price) so maybe Adidas will trip on their own success.

  9. says: Joe

    I’m personally an adidas guy,but when i first saw these a few weeks back, im not gonna lie, i really like them. they have the classic white with black outside, but the the inside has the bright color fade. but then again the price is too high for me. i will stick to predators and f50s

    P.S. can you guys check out my blog, about soccer news in general. i just started not to long ago and i want to get it popular. thanks guys

  10. says: shiv

    honestly these just dnt do it for me…the purple ruins it and just makes a nice white boot look tacky =/
    better colourways….haven’t been able to emulate the MKIII and MKIV…those were the golden days for mercurial and nike =/
    superfly iiis look pants, and unless nike launch the white/silvergrey/black colourway, i dnt see me buying these

  11. says: Alfredo

    This boot colorways is awesome. I have this color on my mercurial glide. When Im walking down the field, everybody turns and looks at my boots jkjk but they’re very nice

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