The Sunday League Kitbag Tackles… Football Boots

The Sunday League Kitbag

In a fresh series of articles, we’ve enlisted the help of Nick a.k.a The Sunday Leaguer to compile the ultimate Sunday League Kitbag.

If you’re a footballer who plays for fun but still wants to perform at their best, Nick’s articles aim to be the perfect way for people who don’t know their HybridTouch from their KangaLite to get up to speed with all the latest tech on the market. Without further delay, we’ll hand you over to Nick!


On a Sunday morning, I have seen a growing number of players embracing new products, technologies and techniques when it comes to the equipment in their kit bags.

Some are still a long way behind; either stubborn and set in their ways, or completely oblivious to the huge advantages that are there to be had from more modern products.

Whilst there’s nothing wrong with a pair of Copa Mundials and a petrol station sarnie before a game, I’m a self-confessed gearhead.

If there’s something new available, or a different way of doing things, I’m trying it.

The Sunday League Kitbag: Football Boots

I’m going to take you through the in’s and out’s of my Sunday League kit bag. Some things will be considered a luxury (maybe even a gimmick) but some are just downright essential.

I’ll start with the obvious: The Boots.

To each and every game I play, I take 3 pairs of football boots. One pair of firm ground boots, one pair of soft ground and a pair with a mixed stud plate.

Obviously, I know that the majority of Sunday League players won’t have 3 pairs of boots, but if you don’t at least have a pair of firm grounds and a pair of soft grounds then you are going to struggle at times!

You don’t have to buy 2 pairs of premium boots for £120 each. There are some great take-down models out there and older colourways/models at bargain prices, so do yourself a favour and get a reasonable pair of each style of soleplate.

Sunday League isn’t cheap; You’re paying enough to your club to be able to play for the season, you may as well be able to stand up and run properly. Not to mention the obvious dangers to yourself of playing in soft ground boots on hard ground.

The Sunday League Kitbag on BootsI have a fair amount of boots to choose from, but on a Sunday morning, I only select those that I have worn in properly at some point and that I’ve used recently in training because I know how hard it is to play in boots that you just aren’t used to.

My recent weapons of choice are adidas Predator LZ (FG), Nike CTR360 Maestri (SG) and my Nike iD Mercurial Vapors (Hybrid).

As you can see, my boots are in very good condition. Some are quite worn as to be expected – that’s just breaking in – but are still in good condition nonetheless.

That’s because¦wait for it¦

I clean them.

Come on people – this is an impassioned plea – ‘ how long does it take to clean a pair of football boots?

Letting your boots get muddy and wet, and not cleaning and drying them properly afterwards makes the upper material really hard and seriously limits the flexibility of the boot.

In short, it makes them really uncomfortable and can easily ruin a good pair!


And if you want to bring your boots back to their best; be sure to read out ultimate guide to cleaning your football boots, here.

Next week, Nick will be tackling socks and shinnies – if you’ve got any tips for fellow Sunday morning superstars, drop ’em in the comments.

In the meantime – why not see what’ The Sunday Leaguer is up to on Twitter?

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  1. says: Jose Reyes

    While I play at a high level of competition, I do agree that every player needs multiple pairs of boots. It is simply a necessity, especially for players who compete on different surfaces. I also make sure I have lots of back up socks and water bottles. An extra pair of shin pads can also be very useful, not only for you but also for people on your team who are clumsy and forget to bring their own!

  2. says: Karl

    I clean mine too and they last so much longer. So awesome to find someone else who does care for them without the traditional “tough love” approach. I play social football, but I always make sure I have 2x pairs all the time – SG and FG

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