The Sunday League Kitbag Tackles: Baselayers, Compression & Accessories

Sunday League Kitbag - Baselayers & Acessories

In the final of our new series of articles, we’ve enlisted the help of Nick a.k.a’ The Sunday Leaguer‘ to compile the ultimate Sunday League Kitbag.

If you’re footballer who plays for fun but still wants to perform at their best, Nick’s articles aim to be the perfect way for people who don’t know their HybridTouch from their KangaLite to get up to speed with all the latest tech on the market. Without further delay, we’ll hand you over to Nick!


Talking of compression, I seem to have rather a lot of it; especially now the rule to have matching undergarments has filtered down to Sunday League (even though most referees really don’t care!).

Right now, compression garments offer plenty of functionality and even though they’re not for everyone, they are becoming more and more popular in Sunday League football.

Apart from the fact that they hold everything in place (the shorts, anyway¦), I find the benefits of wearing compression layers are too great to ignore. Firstly, I find the compression property itself makes a huge difference to my recovery time after a match or a training session.

Sunday League Kitbag - Baselayers & Accessories

After a particularly gruelling game, recovery can take up to 3 days without any compression gear as opposed to a single day, which is generally my recovery time when wearing compression.

This is down to the compression of your muscles reducing the buildup of lactic acid. The other key function offered by most compression garments is the ability to regulate body temperature.

They are designed to pull the sweat away from your skin, keeping you drier and warmer in the cold months ” and it really does work! I tend to wear short sleeved or sleeveless compression tops in the warmer months, for the extra ventilation.

Even though the long sleeved options I have do have meshed areas for air flow, I find wearing them difficult in warm weather. In terms of shorts ” they do offer the same benefits.

I have lots of different pairs of compression shorts, the only real differences being length and the thickness of the material which again means I have preferences depending on the weather. As mentioned before, I also have compression socks.

I couldn’t recommend compression gear highly enough. It’s not just out there for the pros to wear ” they wear it for a reason; it works.

For everyone.

Blister Plasters

OK; These things are insanely good.What a product.

If you suffer from frequent blistering after a match, or you are breaking in a new pair of boots and want to make sure your feet stay in one piece then I guarantee that there is no better solution than these little bad boys.

Sunday League Kitbag - Baselayers & Accessories - Blister Plasters

Firstly, they stay in place. Most regular plasters just end up screwed up in the bottom of your socks after coming off during the match. Not these. And after you take your socks off, you’ll get a bit of a shock the first time you use them as they essentially turn into a sticky layer of skin; in terms of looks and feel!

They’re pretty pricey at around £5 for a packet of 5¦BUT fear not, as I managed to grab a pack of 50 for £8 from eBay, so make sure you look around for some deals, and get some of these in your kit bag right away.

It’s pretty essential to have a pack in your kitbag if you play more than once a week; If you experience some blistering during a game on a weekend, you can still play in comfort come mid-week training with one of these on.

Ankle Guards

Sunday League Kitbag - Baselayers & Accessories - Ankle Guards

I have some in my kit bag, but I don’t use them as standard. However, when you pick up a knock on a Sunday just because some arrogant full-back thinks you’re owed a good kicking just because you’re wearing bright orange boots, then these become pretty vital in the next game you play.

There isn’t much worse than getting knocks on that nasty ankle bruise. Let it heal by wearing some of these. If you don’t find them too uncomfortable, then why not wear them for every game.



They say prevention is better than the cure, so if the blister plasters we mentioned don’t sound like your idea of a good time, get a tub of petroleum jelly.

Throw it on your feet, your socks and your boots to reduce any rubbing. It works a treat, and no Sunday League kit bag should be without a tub.


And that wraps up our mini-series from Nick – have you any ideas of what you’d like to see next from‘ The Sunday Leaguer? If so, drop us a comment or let him know on Twitter?

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