In an unprecedented move, Spain could be the first European nation to participate in the traditionally South American Copa America competition following an invitation from the organisers this past weekend.

Could Spain play in Copa America? The World and European Champions have been invited to play at the competition in Argentina this Summer

The reigning World and European Champions have been offered the chance to square off with the likes of Brazil, Uruguay and hosts Argentina this coming July following the withdrawal of Japan.

Japan were one of two invitees set to play in the competition (the others being Mexico), but the Samurai Blue have been forced to withdraw out of necessity after the devastating earthquake and Tsunami that hit the Far East earlier this year forced them to reschedule their domestic league matches.

This left the door open for another participant; traditionally the United States or Canada would be invited, but are often forced to withdraw due to the overlap with the MLS – so the organisers have seen fit to invited Spain.

Spanish football federation president Angel Maria Villar said they were seriously considering playing in the competition;

“Yesterday we received the official invitation, and we can’t rule it out,” Villar said at an event in Barcelona, “Next week or the week after we will determine at a meeting of the board of directors whether we will accept the invitation,”.

Villar continued “I don’t rule anything out when the request is made with affection and love, but at the same time taking into account the difficulties,”

“That doesn’t mean we are going or not, but as president I have the obligation to take it to the board.”.

There’s no doubt that getting the World and European champions along to the Copa America would not only increase attendance at the matches and the size of the global audience watching around the world – but could inviting Spain be a horrible mistake?

Inviting the Canada, Japan or Costa Rica is one thing, but inviting a team that could potentially defeat Argentina and Brazil could lead to horrible embarassment!

What do you think of Spain potentially playing in the Copa America?

Get your opinion heard in the comments below!

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  1. says: Geo

    I don’t like the idea of Spain playing in the Copa America. This is a South American competition and should stay that way. Like the article says they should’ve invited the US or Canada. How about UEFA invite Brazil or Argentina to Euro 2012? That would never happen so why bring the Europeans to Copa America?

  2. says: laserbluemini

    Inviting the world champions could potentially bring a financial benefit to their tournament and greater world exposure.

  3. says: Garrett

    I agree with geo but who doesn’t want to see spain vs brasil or Argentina u can never get enough of great soccer

  4. says: harry

    its the latin spirit and it would be money spinner for fifa. i hear what geo says but at the same time i would like to see how spanish players handle the climate b4 the world cup takes place in brazil and also if they were 2 win it, it would make them undisputed world champions which would be cool to watch

  5. says: guti1991

    i would definitely enjoy seeing spain get pummeled in south america, dont forget mexico has already reached the final as a guest twice, and both times lost to the host, and their club teams do well in the copa libertadores tourney also, so i dont think conmebol cares too much about an invitee winning the tournament.

  6. says: TIm

    thats like the premier league inviting ac milan to play in england, it just doesnt make sense. copa AMERICA is for AMERICAN countries, inviting an european one just doesnt make sense at all.

  7. says: nicoacademia

    sounds good. its almost like a nations champions league.

    imagine creating a tournament for the top 4 teams like the
    tournoi de france back in 1998.

    and yes it will definitely capture the imagination of the latin world!

  8. says: Splinter09

    I don’t agree with that! Euro Cup is for European teams, Copa America is for south american teams. That is why we have the World Cup. What is going on with football these days?

  9. says: fla

    japan still has till the 15th to reconsider, as i hear that conmebol and the afa have offered a possiblity of sending some of the proceeds to relief charity. japan has always had good connections with south america, which is why this is the 2nd time they’ve been invited. i do agree that a concacaf team should go in japan’s place, but if not, they could at least invite another afc powerhouse like s.korea or australia. if spain went, this would be their 4th consecutive summer without a break…

  10. says: kyle

    @fla – I’d not even thought about that!

    Euros, Conderations Cup, World Cup and then the Copa America?

    What’s the point in all that success if you can’t even have a summer off to enjoy it!?

  11. says: Jose Luis

    Spain was invited because Japan could not make it, due to the recent natural disaster they suffered a couple of weeks ago. It is the spirit of the Copa America to have guests from other conferences, Mexico is now a regular player and it would be great to have another latin country in the tournament, and if they are the World Champions, what else can we desire?

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