It seems that FIFA aren’t looking too kindly on players wearing neck-warmers out on the pitch at the moment, and are proposing a ban on Snood pending the results of a debate in March

Football Snood
Snoods: No laughing matter, Cristiano

Whilst the debate on Snoods among the general public and managers alike seems to have simmered down, it seems FIFA are out to bring it back to the boil in March at an IFAB meeting.

Scheduled for the 5th of March, the same IFAB meeting will see the top minds in world football decide whether to implement goal line technology amongst other pressing issues.

It seems, though, that the agenda has room for discussions on the now-standard neckwear as a FIFA spokesman stated earlier today, “We want a debate over the snood and whether it could be dangerous.

“There may be a safety issue – if for example a player was running through on goal and an opponent grabbed his snood, that could pose a potential danger to his neck.”

Football Snood
Real Madrid would be loathe to see FIFA exclude the Snood

55% of readers said they wanted a Snood for themselves in our recent poll, with an additional 25% saying just let the players wear what they want to wear and be done with it – so at the moment it’s safe to say the footballing public at large have come to accept the pseudo-scarf.

Whilst we understand that FIFA have a right to ensure player safety and bring uniformity to the beautiful game, we’d like to point out that if players are grabbing each other’s necks when they’re through on goal, there’s bigger problems to worry about than the snood!

Do you think FIFA are over-reacting? Or do you think it should always be a case of ‘safety first’ for football?

Drop a comment and get involved!

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  1. says: Tito933

    I think FIFA really has got some screws missing. Banning the snood, really? Is this necessary?

    Instead of having better training for referees so that ridiculous calls during WORLD TELEVISED matches in the WC can be avoided, FIFA and Mr. Blatter feel the pressing issue to be a piece of fabric meant to keep players warm during the cold months in Europe.

    This is aboslutely ridiculous, this is where the future of our game is going? Sooner or later FIFA is going to want to ban any tackling to avoid players getting injured. Or maybe changing the color of the goal post to avoid harming the eyes of players that have eyes that are sensitive to the color white.

    Why dont you guys sit down and discuss why you keep trying to change little INSIGNIFICANT issues instead of addressing the real issues within the game.

    “the same IFAB meeting will see the top minds in world football decide whether to implement goal line technology amongst other PRESSING issues” Yeah pressing indeed.

    “Hey Mr. Blatter where’d you get that cool tie?”
    “Well lets have an IFAB meeting and I will tell you the cool story”

    Said it before and I will say it again, enough is enough FIFA, you are destroying the game more than you think you are saving it.

    -A very unhappy fan.

  2. says: E@zy

    If this goes through what next?

    “There may be a safety issue – if for example a player was running through on goal and an opponent grabbed his hair, that could pose a potential danger to his neck”

  3. says: LS10

    i personally have played in the coldest conditions including snow and my neck has never been cold enough to have to wear a ‘snood’. some professionals need to man up

  4. says: Connor

    Football is a rought sport but when their banning a neck warmer for it being a hazard to your neck, dont u think they should crack down on stuff like six studed metal cleats that cause somuch more injury??? Its all part of the the game FIFA just need to learn to live with it and quit being stupid about little things like that. BTW im all for the Snood!!

  5. says: channo

    i’m agree with FIFA that snoods should be banned!!

    why?? because it’s threatening especially to goalkeepers. you know during an intense game a snood could get a little out of position and covers the keeper’s nose. and because of his gloves, he can’t fix the position and then he could get suffocated to death -cuz he can’t scream for help from his teammates either. imagine a horrifying death like that…!

    oh, and all football players should play naked!!

    why?? cuz there’s this time when i was running through on goal and an opponent grabbed my pants, and that really hurts my balls… life’s been really hard on me ever since…

    btw totally agree with Connor there! six studed metal cleats should soon replaced by six yummy marshmallows!
    and carbon fibre soleplate should be replaced by cotton candy!
    and no pointy edges on football boots, goalposts, corner flags, anywhere on the stadium, and 500 miles around it. spiky hairstyle is definitely a big no no, they could potentially hurt somebody’s eyes on any header situations!

    and, and… and u already got my point….

  6. says: gino

    @ channo
    but goalkeepers gloves should soon be made of wool to protect them from frostbite! and there should be time outs and orange slices at halftime!

  7. says: waka

    or they could use some sort of rubberband to hold the snood in place comfortably on the players neck,that way players are warm and fifa can rest…wat u guys think?

  8. says: BBFunnyMan

    FIFA bans earings and jewelry for saftey reasons, and because they are unncessary accessories for players, the Snood is a loose article worn around the neck, logically it is not different than a large necklace.

    What if a player pulls a guy back with his snood? Is that a red card because he can seriously harm someone’s throat with one yank? Or is a yellow because it is treated like a jersey.

    On that note, how is a snood any different than a knit cap? You can’t wear those during games at that level. Prop players need to man up and wear some underarmour or something warm undernearth

  9. says: hoRMa

    I can’t believe so many people are for the snood. I agree with BBFunnyMan. The other day I saw a under 11’s game and they all had tights, snoods on etc.When i was that young even wearing gloves was laughed at.

  10. says: bob

    I dont understand why people even bother, if someone wants to use snoods because they think their warm and comfortable why is it any business of yours`? “Man up” why? this whole discussion is so ridiculous let people wear them if they want to, and if u think its lame and “unmanly” to use them then u dont have to, but please stop acting like some dumb macho pls.. And how could snoods be considered a larger hazard then metal-studs, shouldnt they be banned to?..Ridiculous..

  11. says: Charles T

    This is ridiculous. Shirt collars post the exact same danger! Carlos Tevez likes snoods why? Cuz he grew up in ARGENTINA and its DECEMBER in Britan. In fact, its so ridiculous that I am thinking that this is another of the FIFA’s plan to force players back to their home countries where they are used to the climate. Mr. Blatter should really retire.

  12. says: Uskaka

     I think Fifa should start worrying about things slightly more important than an article of clothing! What if someone pulls your neck warmer! What if someone pulls your shirt it’s the same thing! And anyway the snood is fitted to your neck not loose! The only way I can see it posing a threat is if you are rugby tackled, your assailent plants his knee in the small of your back and forcefully pulls on your snood.. (possible Stoke tactic) even so the weak fabric would snap even before you were irritated by these actions. Sepp blatter is crazy and so are his goons! Wait I’ve solved the problem.. have velcro snoods, if someone pulls hard it falls off? BTW pulling on your kneck should be a red card, get better refs maybe!!

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