In the promotional push for Nike’s newest football boots, the Nike T90 Laser IV, we’ve seen Rooney smash in bicycle kicks, Higuain slam them top corner and Torres hammer home from long range.

But Wesley Sneijder has used his video to offer a contrasting point of view.

Whilst the World Cup finalist and Nike T90 Laser IV-wearer does talk about his favourite free-kick technique and that ‘golden’ moment when a ball leaves your football boots and you know it’s hitting home, the man from Inter Milan also talks about the importance of any goal.

The hype surrounding the' Nike T90 Laser IV has focused on the idea of ‘The Perfect Strike’; that one goal that could come once in a season, once a month (or even once in a career in’s case) where you know you’ve scored a blinder.

Sneijder however, says that some of his favourite goals aren’t necessarily 30-yard screamers or unstoppable volleys, it’s about the goals that win things for your team, “If they’re important but not so beautiful, that doesn’t matter to me” muses the Dutchman.

Have you ever bundled in an important goal? Would you agree with Sneijder?

Let us know in the comments!

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  1. says: Grong Grongleton

    I was always short of confidence, so I rarely played for a team.  However, when I was 17 one of my mates was playing for a club’s 3rd team who were short of numbers for a preseason game against the same club’s 2nd team.  I was asked to play the first half for the 2nd, where I didn’t make much impact.  In the 2nd half I was playing for the 3rd team and after about 10 minutes the ball broke down our right and so I moved in from the left to join the attack.  The ball was played in, both our strikers missed it, but I just got there before the defender to scuff the ball in.  That was enough to earn me a place in the team, so it means a huge amount to me

  2. says: PJ Garcia

    back in grade school my team was playing a game that if we won the game we won the league title, and with about 5 minutes left in the game we got a corner kick.  as the ball was played in the keeper and another player on my team collided and was pushed in to me as i jumped to get a head on the ball.  I got spun around and the ball hit me in the back and of the neck and found the corner of the goal.  I never saw it go in, but we won the game and the title.  I’ll never forget that goal

  3. says: Kieran

    There;s one goal I’ll always remember. It was in secondary school and it was in P.E. There was about three minutes left of the game and we were behind by a goal. I got the ball on the right hand side of the pitch, about the half way line and ran at the defense. I beat their LW and then turned inside, about twenty-odd yard out and with my left foot; swung at the ball and smashed it into the near, top corner.

    I almost shat myself because I’d never scored anything like it. I liken it to the goal Robin Van Persie scored about a week before hand for Arsenal.

  4. says: Karl

    I must agree!!

    We played the top of our table team once (for our social division!!), and the scores were tied at 1-1. I’d poked home from a ball over the top in the first half to equalise, and we looked to be heading for a draw…

    10 minutes to go, and a long through ball got put down the middle – latched on to it about 50 yards from goal, ran another 15 and then realised the defenders were going to put the tackles in, so I took an almighty swing and knuckled it.

    Wasn’t a perfect strike by any stretch of imagination, and really the goalie should’ve done better, but seeing my ball dip at the last second past the despairing keeper – best feeling ever.

    Got swamped by team mates and we won 2-1. Will always live on in memory!!!

  5. says: Tzatara

    how about a goal that happened when i was playing in high school, the ball came in from a corner and it hit the cross bar then fell right in front of me, all i had to do was used my stomach to push the ball in, which was a winning goal!!

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