Shevchenko in Reebok and Mizuno Football Boots

Andiy Shevchenko made his Premiership debut yesterday.

Following his high profile football boot sponsorship launch with Reebok last week (Shevchenko Football Boots), Shevchenko was also due to wear the Reebok football boot for the first time, as Chelsea cruised to a 3 – 0 win over Manchester City.

Shevchenko actually played the first half in Reebok football boots, but for some unknown reason played the second half in Mizuno Wave Shrinken football boots.

Shevchenko in Reebok.jpg Shevchenko in Mizuno.jpg

As previously reported (Shevchenko Football Boots), Shevchenko cut short his football boot sponsorship deal with Mizuno earlier this month, said to be because of Chelsea sponsorship agreements. Shevchenko now wears Reebok football boots.

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  1. says: Mutsa Magadah

    I actually just came online to say the exact same thing. I’m watching a re-run of the game on sky sports and noticed Shevchenko wearing his white black and blue mizuno boots. Surely REEBOK can’t be happy with that!

  2. says: GAZ

    The boots do not bear the Mizuno logo/badge. Therefore he wont be in trouble with Reebok. Lot’s of players wear other branded football boots that don’t bear their sponsors logo.

  3. Looks to me like Shevchenko is finding it tough getting used to the Reebok football boots, which is why he has reverted back to the Mizuno’s. I am sure Reebok will be working on getting a current pair of boots personalised for him, whilst they develop a boot in his name.

  4. says: Jason

    Saw a few display posters of him and Thierry Henry with the words ” Same City, Same League” etc etc with the same boot displayed for them both as well ( those copper coloured ones with 6 screw in studs) so it looks like both will be wearing those.

  5. says: rude

    I dont think Henry and Shevchenko will be wearing the same football boots, in Henry’s press confrence he stated that he and RBK designed his football boots. That was one of his reason’s to go to Reebok, it lets him have his own individual style of boot.

  6. says: selmani

    andriy shevcheko ma mir me dal ne milan atje ku ka qen njeher edhe a e ke qu mir atje ma mir i bjen me dal ne milan

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